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Hey- I'm looking for a nice gift for my attorney girlfriend who recently started at a firm after clerking for the last two years. I was with her this weekend and she was lusting after a Prada bag. I believe this one... It is called the Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote. The problem is $2k seems excessive. Anyone have a recommendation at about half the cost? Looking for something that will last a long time, that is nice, but not over the top, and not super...
You've got a PM.
Hey- My buddy is getting married and is asking me about advice for the groomsmen. I'm trying to talk him up, but for now he wants to keep it under $250 each. Wedding will be inside, but in the summer. The ideal would be some sort of slim cut light gray. Any suggestions? I know the budget is limiting... I've been telling him to go LL Bean Signature for $325. Thanks!
Best breakfast in Vegas.
Hey- I made the mistake of buying a new piece of furniture without measuring my AV equipment. But its about time I upgraded to an HDMI based system, so I may double down and get a new receiver. Right now, I'm looking at the Marantz NR1501. It's on sale on Amazon, and it'll fit beautifully. Any thoughts? Other options? Thanks a ton!
Can you take a few more photos?
How would you recommend using this with a Blu Ray player?
I'll take the Seiko if it is available, PMing you now.
Hey- I hope all is well. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with or thoughts on the Filson Leather Field Satchel? I'm a young attorney who walks about a mile to the office every day and I'm starting to bring work back and forth. Not a ton, but a good amount of paperwork. I'm looking for something interesting, classy, but not too delicate looking. My concerns are that it might be too small, and that it might be too heavy. I can't find a shop in my...
SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey everyone, I just started a new job that requires I carry a blackberry, so I'm getting rid of my iPhone. I purchased this last month and it is practically new. I don't want to deal with the sketchiness of ebay, so I'll sell it to you for a pretty good discount here if you're reputable (high posts or references), domestic (USA), and generally cool (don't screw with me). It isn't unlocked or anything, and I'm going to wipe it clean before I...
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