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Just wanted to pop in and say that you guys will sometimes need to wait an extremely long time. My shoes (8.5EEE Merlot McAllister) are not yet ready to ship after having sent payment on February 5. That's 9 weeks and counting.
PM sent for Oxxford
Well then I suppose it's a good thing that they don't have to deal with you.
What is the consensus on an economical conditioner that does not darken leather whatsoever? I'm not sure I want to jump the gun on Renovateur at ~$20 a jar. Is Bick 4 as good as everyone else claims it is?
Gracias much. How does the brown burnished calf compare?It sounds like I can't really go wrong with the merlot McAl. If something doesn't change my mind I'll probably bite the bullet in the next few days.
Need some recommendations for my next shoe. I have the black Fifth Ave and the walnut Strand, but am stumped on my next shoe. I think I want either a merlot or dark brown shoe as my next one, with maybe a medium brown after that, but I'm not really sure. My list of potential candidates: Larchmont in dark chocolate Larchmont in bourbon (the darkened toe looks awesome but overall may not be dark enough to fit between the black and walnut?) McAllister in merlot Rutledge in...
Hey, looking for either Rutledge in brown burnished calf or Larchmont in dark chocolate calf. Please send pricing.
Picked up a Samuelsson navy suit, 2-piece 2-button fully canvassed from Harry Rosen at Yorkdale Shopping Centre (Toronto). Was on sale for $799. Good deal?
Your tie... it's like I'm looking at Mandingo from a strange camera angle. Also, the shoes. And I agree that the jacket is too short. Also, gain some weight. The pants look like carrying pouches for chopsticks.
Do you ship to Canada?
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