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Woah, Wales wasn't Brexited by Belgium, I am shocked.
We need a racial breakdown and a chart that goes to 100% and the fun will begin in earnest. Note that I have no doubt more hardcore racists support Trump but I don't see why the average supporter would be more racist...
Wait, are you implying that different nationalities have diverging genetic propensity to crime and that it would explain varying crime rates in the USA?
What are the odds that Lighthouse has read Locke versus reading his little tidbit in a Breitbart article?
Boris Johnson is a Chris Farley skit that escaped in the real world.
Can you imagine sitting on a committee of the world mattress championship and giving awards?
Guys, Hasten mattresses are a Veblen good; there is no fucking difference in sleep quality between most mattresses quality levels. Luxury mattresses are a scam in the sense that a suit is a suit, sure if you care about the stitching and how good the fabric looks on your mattress pick some artisan mattress but it is a lot sillier than caring about those characteristics for a suit. Fuuma's guide to buying mattresses part...
Does one of our posters belong to the category of useful morons?Sorry for the Mitch Hedberg humour.
I found this interesting, even though I care very little about the magazine, magazines in general or the people involved. http://jezebel.com/what-happened-to-kate-lanphears-maxim-1782348606
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