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Google sells ads on one side and your personal info on the other. Otherwise their ad selling would be almost valueless. The whole company is just one big threat to privacy. I'm sure their phones are made to the highest ethical standards...
Google makes phones? What do they call it, the data-collection fuck your privacy device?
Anything but Apple? Phones are exceptional/luxury products is stupid. Find a cheap deal and get that, so many phones do the same shit anyway. If I was more motivated about transfer I'd get some chinese company phone next time, not some tax evader's white bullshit generic design dream.
Just call her Nike/Niké (of Samothrace), that's where the shoe company name comes from, she also inspired the Rolls Royce emblem.
For wojt and suited (who say cultural Marxism is a thing).
In reality I like polacks way more than anglo-saxons...
Trump isn't going to be president anyway. He can be the weak tyran of a Trumptv.
Weak dictator thesis (Hans Mommsen).
Wearing sweater+pants today. Just found this pic and remembered it was a runway look.
I don't see age as much as the specific look to be a mitigating factor.I mean if you dress like this you,re a ridiculous dad no matter the boot colour:His ex-wife looks a'right though:
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