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Engineered garments?
I do believe I had that conversation with someone on SF, probably you...In The Rules of Art: Genesis and Structure of the Literary Field Bourdieu made the argument (see intro IIRC) that explaning the social determinations of a field (in this case the artistic field) does not remove the inherent "magic" present in said field and it's non-reflexive appreciation, it's just another very important angle that completes our understanding of what is going on. I don't think reading...
Most artists are really bad at discussing art, especially theirs. This doesn't mean the art itself does not have a sociopolitical dimensions, it is just unavoidable, they live in and reflect society. Ar for the writing, well, not really a concern of mine as far as universities are concerned so I can't say. Not everyone gets to be Blanchot.
Who cares, I corrected it anyway because Greenberg had a social angle (true art versus kitsch = progressist versus retrograde). The point is that there isn't much art produced today that doesn't take some kind of social stance, it is almost unavoidable. The default function of art is a social one anyway, modern (european) art attempted a separation at some point but it never gelled completely.
Art doesn'tremain separate from politics, 19th century art for art's sake is dead.
I dunno, I was sorta taken aback by MrPorter supporting ISIS but their editorial with black flowing clothes was really cool for once, except for that "be Dīn at the office in style" editorial pairing RL chinos and penny loafers with a Rick Owens black headress.
It's not an actual "design" problem AFAIK, you want unique designer pieces, sure you might not be able to maintain them in their initial condition, I have the Raf Simons X Adidas response trail 2, not only is the sole almost impossible to replace but they only look good in pristine condition. Not going to complain: it is the aesthetic and design I purchased. If durability was an issue (it isn't) I'd complain about that but it is a separate problem from aesthetics.
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