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I know a guy (not from North America) who dressed well when doing business but whose casual outfits consist of a fat Rolex or Panerai with some Harley Davidson polos and jeans (he loves his Harley). I think Luisaviaroma is so Eurotrash ready to go to Ibiza to snort some bad coke and listen to filtered house that it is worse than that.
The basic riders that are the most common and usually made of lamb except for the one just posted. In other words you'll see a lot more jackets in lamb than calf but if you were to look at every model presented in the collection, most of them are in calf. That's my experience but I'm not a SLP nerd, just went to the places where they sell those in Paris (Printemps, SLP stores) and in various SE asian cities (I like to look at luxury brand stores in asia, it's just so weird...
Fuck luisaviaroma.
Cool, LAGuy has to do the update anyway. That we'll get pricing, measurements, leathers and lining available, price of mods, pics etc. in one post.
A true gentleman is only aroused by wingtips rubbing savagely against loafers or, for streetwear&denim afficionadoes, a nice youtube vid of someone cutting up his Nike tn.
Ok but why are we missing out on those very important penis enlargment ads and make 100,000$ from home doing nothing ads? My small penis and miserable bank account are waiting for SF help.
the double rider is the daredevil? Can we update the first post with all the fino, leathers, lining etc.
You only need this one and its variants anyway.
Is it small enough to put your stuff on if you're sitting down or by the bed? I'm quite ok with it.
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