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Ya, exactly. Nothing wrong with the Juhls but isn't that setup a little bit too much like a classics overdose? I understand that since you do make original furniture yourself things may balance out but still...
Yeah I love it too.
I like Juhl but I'd pretty much need to get rid of everything including my place to integrate that chair. No Danish modern in da house...O, I must admit that the idea of an empty place with just that chair and a few books since sorta interesting.
SLP isn't great for basics unless you want your basics to have zipper and leather inserts. Margiela is better. Maybe Stephan Schneider?
Oh yeah bird is in there because I like the seating height and angle, I've never sat in the Linea, which is a bummer cause they cool products.
Yeah I know, I need the stuff to be relatively low though, going to be on a rug with piles of artbooks nearby. People keep sitting on the floor so I'm solving it with a low chair where they can either chill or read. Any other suggestions?I'm also considering the Loop by Casamania, cause who does not want to see a chair/rug centaur in their place?:
Eat muffins?
Tom Dixon bird versus Paola Lenti Linea (see below for this one)?
Yawn, Dries is good in stores but I'm almost never enthousiatic about his runway shows, too much print madness when you pile it all up. Harness and shape of coats is A+ though.
Most of Europe have a different union structure (sectorial negotiations instead of company-wide negotiations) which means the minimum wage was traditionally negotiated that way.
New Posts  All Forums: