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Is Craig Green offering ventile stuff, I'd see it on you with a cap and it would be fine.Talking about women and caps: it is apparently cute that I buy them but I am not authorized to actually wear them. Same with streetwear sweats or whatever, Margiela sweats only and with a collared shirts. No skinny jeans etc etc. and I apparently am used as an example to other "fashion dudes" so imagine what they think of their styles. Biggest turnoff seems to be a dude in full...
Woman on the left looks like basic ameriwhite who loves Starbucks, the one in the middle is too Editor style and probably has a bag fetish and the one on the right is 12. With that said I know a lot of girls who work in fashion and basically hate what every guy into fashion wears and have very specific no-nos. It is mostly said in jest but you can sometimes see their disgusted faces when they see some sad cases.
Sleeves are really long and no elastic cuff means they often fall down on your hands. Nice jacket though.
Looks really boring, don't be a fanboy, buy another brand.
I don't like capitalism......or the planet earth. Not too keen on Pluto either.
This is a survey not some economic analysis....On styleforum 500K is a fallback job.
There's also a lot of people who think their large village is a city.
Perfect place to meet whites and asians from all walks of computer programing life? There's also Mr. Moo if you want to dadmeet. Not sure where the uncle-nephew thing happens though, that must be the place.
You do understand that such standards refer to bourgeois good taste, a phantom limb of taste that died in the 80s but has yet to be acknowledged as KIA.
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