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Post good duvets, quilets, blankets etc.
Everything is tickety-boo when you use it in the UK...
Tokyo is cheap as hell!!??? C'mon, factoring everything that just can't be true. I know rent is relatively reasonable but then apts are so small and construction shoddy and ugly for the most part.
Apple is unwilling to share its customer privacy to the FBI because it is too busy exploiting it for commercial ends along all the other apps you use...
I have other problems with Churchill:http://www.theguardian.com/world/shortcuts/2013/sep/01/winston-churchill-shocking-use-chemical-weapons
It is critical to modernism, yeah. I'll grant you it is absurd nowadays where sampling and a subjective experience are the current paradigm.
I usually keep my knives in ok condition, maybe not as much as some more dedicated people but I'll be all right. It should be obvious that anything discussed here is "good enough" and that the more important thing is how you like the weight/shape/handle. I also have a strong dislike for the James Bond lifestyle, only the best (like there is one) bullshit I sometimes see on SF (lots of fat kids with the best dunks on our basketball court), although I'll readily admit it is...
No, people who go to shows looking like time-travelling cyber-fisters also wear Rick runway pieces.
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