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Went up a little bit but nothing scary yet, well lots of startups there now so maybe they'll fuck it all up like they do elsewhere. Prices are nothing compared to Paris where €10,000/square meter is quite common.
No, really. Just move, being around these people is toxic enough as it is. If I was 'Murican I'd go work in a scrapyard in Iowa before living in SF (sorry guys).
You can only buy bagels in NYC and Montréal and maybe Boston if you're feeling really lucky (do you, punk!) anyway and they're like 50 cents a bagel. Anywhere else eeewww.
TBH the heavy shawl cardigan thingie that I have mostly gets worn at home so very dad-move.
That's very dad right now. Maybe it is cool where you are and you want to be comfy but yawn. Also if it is cold why are you wearing slipons?
Yeah, why not? I'm mostly anti cuffs or ankle length slacks or jeans. I mean on a suit a small cuff is ok if it is your preference but that's about it. Yours are small so it is no offensive but can't stand the workweary huge cuffs.
She forgot to say there weren't enough black people. I def don't come at it from the same angle as her...
A quick google tells me it is a "five star" review, didn't read it though.
It was ok I guess. Perfume ad look, hammy symbolism (her blue/cold world versus the red/hot world of the south) and long punishing scene to add the #serious hashtag.
Shirt is lovely, really nice design and fabric.What's good with vintage shirts is theyn often end up being larger than what you'd purchase from designer and it makes fit so much cooler.Nice greatcoat.
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