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Hedi Slimane used to wear APC new standards he tapered instead of his own DH jeans, well most of the times anyway. Many designers don't wear their products for one reason or another, maybe they design with a different wearer in mind, maybe they want to keep a distance etc etc.
Yeah, there are some surprising durability issues with some brands/itemsthat should be highlighted but the rest is pretty much obvious and comes from different design approaches and goals. I have a pair of grey zip CCP tornadoes that are pretty much indestructible while the much better constructed Massaro suede zip boots I also love to wear are rather delicate. This is obvious to anyone who glances at both item and isn't a complete fucktard (i.e shape and material suggest...
Vintage Levi of one kind of another (various yrs and styles) pretty much remain a prized vintage staple though, nothing new here. Vêtements is an attempt at a post-Margiela, deconstructionist brand (with a bigger emphasis on gay refs though) so these jeans are both congruent with the brand's stated goal and a nice exercise in re-cutting. I don't see a problem with them.
Nice jacket, wouldn't say they're that nice as far as quality goes though, good enough but not better than any other designer jacket in that range. I don't really care though, as you probably know I wear an old Margiela 5 zip the most and it's not a fancy make either (good hide though).
They're re-cutting the jeans and probably adding some hardware. Just see it as a new designer piece with vintage (so rarer) fabric. Maybe $1450 jeans are stupid in themselves but these aren't more stupid than other $1450 jeans....
They just call for expensive fabric, chest hair and a lack of shower.
About reviewing your "F" grade and giving your look a B-.
Pick up smoking and we'll talk.
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