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We met so you can guess how big I am, I have "S" in both my SNS and would say they fit fitted on a 46(it).
Basically you're ok with it if it is completely different? I agree
I'm not down with the MMM full zip stuff (aside from certain jackets like the 5 zips and some wool ones) so I can't really say much. Your angle is also weird and when I can't see hairstyle there's not much left. I like pretty much all your suiting and tux shirts variants though and you're perfect for the wide shouldered jacket they sometimes make. I tried on the new suede jacket you have several times at the boutique and also liked it a lot, very easy to wear and one of...
Well you're on vacation with limited stuff and it def isn't jarring. I just find loafers more congruent with the place and look.
Two things to avoid:office all the way but slacks replaced by raw jeans aka the Ralph Lauren employee look;Office on top party at the bottom aka the lumberjack accountant look (navy blazer+ knit tie+blue spread collar shirt worn with raw jeans + sturdy boots)
Can Johnson name 2 newspapers? #aleppo
Just a guess but anglo-saxons tend to think of this sentence first unless they already speak German.
Well jacket + birks, ze German I know did it today. He also wears socks with his birks from time to time (older german).
I like noragis in isolation, I'm just not sure people just wear them as styling pieces. Yours look quite nice and the Visvim one is ridiculous (and not a fashion version, just a modern copy).
He's referring to the Kennedy speech...
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