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I'd tell you about it but then I'd be taken off the mailing list.
The ambiguity to be found in the quote seen above is that Gibson's writing is obviously very much concerned with the arcane details of various technological and fashion products, many (most?) of them having a military lineage, from encryption devices, to vintage navy deck shoes repros. As a writer he is obviously a terminal gear queer and this can even be said about William Gibson the real world person (tm).
Indeed, it is interesting to note that Acronym's two founders were consulted for the writing of Zero history.
“Our best analyst thinks it's not a tactical design. Something for mall ninjas....Young men who dress to feel they'll be mistaken for having special capability. A species of cosplay, really. Endemic. Lots of boys are playing soldier now. The men who run the world aren't, and neither are the boys most effectively bent on running it next. Or the ones who're actually having to be soldiers, of course. But many of the rest have gone gear-queer, to one extent or another.”―...
Dudes, just try to recover your money if you aren't fine with getting a jacket at an undefined and possibly very far away date, otherwise just wait. Nothing else to do really. In pother words contact your financial institutions, they fuck you enough over the mid and long term to have your back when you need your $800 back.
MMM Gats > any car
His apt is there...
Vintage YSL safety pins (usually gold though) could be a nice choice.
"outsourced"? Suiting is produced at factories, like with every fucking brand. Brioni suiting is "outsourced" to the factory that produces it. Difference being some of these Italian brands are either mills of factories first and then developped a brand. In fashion you can say something is outsourced if the whole design and production is handled by another company, for example Margiela perfume is outsourced to Loréal. Sunglasses and perfume are often outsourced.
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