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1) Step 1: do I want this pair2) Step 2: can I pay this price3) Buy or notI don't think of how this one is made by hand by a Romanian dwarf while the other one was a quick glue job from some drunk factory worker named Giorgio. I'm not trying to know if it is a good deal or if it was made in a way that make it worth it or etc etc, just if I like it, if I can pay it. From the point of view of an MC person I'm buying "overpriced fashion shoes cause I'm gullible blablabla" but...
Not much horse left at this point.Here is the Fuumalicious (tm) secret to lookin' good:-I buy shoes I like and don't really think of price as correlated to anything. I either want to pay the price or not for the specific pair I'm interested in.
He appears to want to dress in some sort of casual J-crew prep style, not my thing but it's better if we suggest things that are related to his goals, like the bags that I just linked to, nice and can integrate with some dress shirt+raw jeans+desert boots aesthetics.
You will look like an absolute cretin with your briefcase and ushanka, some formality levels don't mix, briefcases are usually used with suits.Get a backpack and "business bag" from here:http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?Sec=5&Sub=21
That's a different look, no beanie.More seriously: don't dress like who you aren't, as Tsujigiri said if you're american, like american style and brands and already wear them just keep on keeping on. Remember that Paris is London-lite so rainwear is a must, a beige trench, slightly shorter than tradition dictates, is the style most commonly worn by men.
Fuuma's guide to dressing like a germanopratin douchebag: -longish hair -3 days beard -black or brown velvet jacket (Paul Smith, The Kooples) -dress shirt three buttons opened (Sandro, Melinda Gloss) -raw jeans (APC or APC or maybe APC) -brown and black suede boots or pointy shoes (Jean-Baptiste Rautureau, Zadig & Voltaire) Creepily approaching girls at café and talking about your summer in calvi is a must.
SLP calf is much more substantial than the lamb they use and I noticed less variations in leather quality from jacket to jacket, YMMV.
I never do any treatments on leather jackets but I keep thinking I should just use saphir rénovateur once a year and be done with it.
Sorry, missed your post. BTW I just got the genius idea to write a romance novel with an S&M relationship, you think women will bite for that shit?
But Margiela is structured, as you point out yourself. I don't see unstructured Italian brands helping him attain the aesthetic he's got going on now. I personally don't wear too many MMM jackets because I usually want something slightly less padded but I certainly don't like the unstructured Italian look on myself. Suiting from Thom Browne, Jil Sander and Old Helmut Lang is much closer to what I want to see than something from Barena or whatever. The whole unstructured...
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