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Just a guess but anglo-saxons tend to think of this sentence first unless they already speak German.
Well jacket + birks, ze German I know did it today. He also wears socks with his birks from time to time (older german).
I like noragis in isolation, I'm just not sure people just wear them as styling pieces. Yours look quite nice and the Visvim one is ridiculous (and not a fashion version, just a modern copy).
He's referring to the Kennedy speech...
I want the book.
Don't you have 5 burgers to eat and a mass shooting to prepare?
Look Andrezj, you traded hot girlfriend for nice bottle of Zuborwka bought $$ from most good sheep stealing business (much success) but this isn't how it works in civilized countries.
I'm sorry to tell you that is now how it works. All this shit is typically under the table, done by recent migrants from poor places/former colonies and up to how many peeps from these countries are in your city. Some places your maid lives with you and you pay like $200/month, others to have them live with you is basically 40K and heavily regulated but cleaner services not so much. You very often deal with individuals not delcaring the revenue and you pay cash.
I dunno, do you belittle women who do not meet the specific (feminine) standards you appreciate? There's a difference between liking something and seeing it as the one true way. There's also different audiences: in some milieux merely liking clothes (see this forum) makes you a total fag.
You just need more migrants. Maybe if you vikings colonized more people (more durably) you'd have cheap labour to clean up your messy legoplaces.
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