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This calls for a collared shirt, even if it is a mao collar or I dunno. Look would be so much better if you didn't carry your little bag around, did you really need the little bag?
I like this. Do this again.
Good look (would prefer the sleeves as suspenders; cool feature) but what's with the bro haircut and facial hair? You work in tech, vacation in Vegas but dress artisan?
Time to stop sporting bombers and a Hitlerjugend hairdo dude, this is 2017 and you're not an edgy kid from the suburbs.
Looks fine, especially the coat but why do you always look so short? Is it because you workout and/or are quite short or just cause still take shitty pics with weird angles?
Would like this better with high-waisted non drop-crotchy pants. Something giving a more buttoned-up and rigid feeling.
SNS sweater is out of place and zips are ugly anyway. I like more and more blue jeans with black boots, especially paler blue jeans but it is ok here. Good dissonance.
Nice scarf, really like it. You're really old aren't you, can you change your forum name to streetweardad or something?
Oh and dudes walking around with a bag obsession look GQretarded* unless they're our own pink dolphin master. *I have 2 bags today, winning the prize for most stupid looking sf-member
Dude, they're jeans, here is what you do You have space on some shelf so you fold them You don't have shelf space so you put them on some fucking hanger, anything will do unless you really are too stupid to use a hanger, in which case please ingest said hanger If someone needs more easy life advice just ask me.
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