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Hey! Alpha is very 80s skin, maybe you needed a more fashion one. I personally don't like MA-1 that are too soft (not enough filling) so that's my pet peeve. Sometimes it is by labels that want to slim everything (slim suits, slim jeans etc.) and it sucks. APC usually have nice basics, better to get at discount though, prices have risen a lot.
I have a hard time appreciating something that goes against everything we look for in a sneaker unless it really integrates into a designer's full vision (CCP drip) and can hardly be considered a sneaker.
MA-1 are round, what do you expect? Extended body and square like Rick or hardly filled like several other fashion ones is a deviation that I wouldn't wear myself although they're allright. If you don't like the by default shape of MA-1 maybe wear something else?
Not using horween leather? Not being beige?
NeoMarxisme guy? Yeah he's a good social analyst. I never bothered posting the Montana pics, sorry., Demeulemeester book is definitely recommended. Non-fashion but much more interesting is The Spirit of District Six by Cloete Breytenbach
I'm aiming for a hamburglar look, takes a lot of Ann.
Those people on the roof of that condo block seem to have a lot of preppy white people fun.
Well Levi, Lee etc went alternate between some baggy and slim cuts depending on yrs, whatever. Maybe people just want baggy and get slim or the other way around. I like some of the Levi jackets myself but my old APC levi copy was kidnapped by someone and she's not giving it back:butbut: so I dunno what Id get now. Old jacket was made in France and the cut was great (from 2004 or so) I didn't like the new ones I tried.
Did they have some special dress code? Cause you're wearing a suit, no tie and some boots.
Yeah I posted it for the pants, dislike shoes and would have liked something else beside a tee. Coat is nice too.
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