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I knew at least one of them worked as a SA on that street,nice shop too.
Who the fuck are you anyway? Like I give a fuck if you're a lawyer or not, if this is what you are implying.
Huh? I'd think making a case regarding harassment should be quite do-able, keeping in mind I am not licensed to practice law in California (or anywhere else).
I'm not you but yeah, definitely creepy.
This is really creepy and not funny at all. Stanley Van Buren should hire an investigator to see who is doing that and sue them.
I know thurston is a stable and well established seller and that everyone will get their jacket, I just mean that if I have to wait months for the sample + months for the jacket it isn't worth it for me, I'm not into long drawn out processes for clothing.
That sucks, I'm not waiting a year for something, even though I'm not filling a need in my wardrobe. Ah well.
Stan Smiths (ubiquitous) would be fine, even the designer versions. All-white GATS would also be ok. Bigger/more in your face (say Balenciaga) no.
I removed the eye protectors one hour after the operation and had people for dinner a few hours after that, next day I was pretty much back to normal. I guess it varies a lot.
I usually pair mine with a black MMM (MM!) elbow patch sweater, a white shirt and some black jeans + black boots or white sneakers.
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