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Not sure TBH, sounds complicated and I am lazy.
french: commeuncamionjapanese: there's a japanese site similar to 4chan and they discuss fashion in there, forgot the name.
I had an account last year, can't login now, nothing happens. Is the site down/having problems?
You were going to one of those semi-formal Italian lumberjack business meetings that are all the rage?
Connery is wearing a three piece with a knit and a spread collar, in a movie, probably set and filmed in the 60s. Our friend is dressing now, with jeans and a lot of casual elements. Same advice as above, ditch tie, replace shirt.
I don't get this outfit, it would work much better with the more rugged elements if you removed the tie and had some thick oxford button down. BTW is the shirt blue with a contrasting collar or just plain white?MC trick: if it's casual don't wear a tie, jeans are casual, corduroy is casual, those boots are casual, etc.
Bid again and don't pay and again if he relists.
The gov is severely limiting the outflow of money and the availability of foreign currency. Basically the Argentinians don't trust their own currency. I'm not an expert but considering they followed the kind and disinterested advice of the IMF in the 90s they had a steep climb ahead of them to do anything positive.
How does this alibaba shit work?
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