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There's this chick who's really into Jean-Luc Nancy and Jacques Rancière who was hanging out with the Olivier Zahm crew, she was apparently quite depressed about her life. You should be watching films by Tariq Teguia and you're going to see Interstellar, don't fucking complain you had a bad experience!!
I mostly agree but I got some 7-10 yr old shoes and they aren't from low quality makers, some things just age much differently on the mid to long term. For most pieces who cares but shoes are the worst example to pick.
Hedi is pretty much cockslapping them in the face every season, not sure his dick counts as quality.
Haha, where is that from? I know this poor boy and he's not gonna live it down...
Maybe they use different factories with diff ways of working and providers, I dunno.
I have a white rick leather, it doesn't really get dirty.
Women's still have the big MRS...
Depends on what you mean by boxier, I mean Dior Homme and now SLP are cut in a box shape, just a very thin box. The old jackets are drapier and the new ones have a more current slim fit, meaning they're slim all over. Mine is deer (produced for A/W 06) and it is def different from the current offerings (I'm usually a 46 although with Margiela I oscillate between 44 and 46 and the 5zip is a 44, in the new ones I'd probably prefer a 46 so tts).
One way to see it is that people are providing content that make the site interesting for other people. I don't see myself paying to provide content. I also don't feel any sort of moral obligation to subject myself to ads, here or anywhere else. Of course I know we're (not talking about sf specifically) now halfway to a blend of ad and content that isn't really reassuring but that can hardly be blocked piecemeal.
Engineered garments?
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