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Yeah, stupid typo. BTW don't try to google it, DO NOT WANT!!!
That's not sleazy that's creepy. Weird place to take pics.Those beatup knits don't work with many looks, as illustrated by this one...
Oh yeah, current preference, I almost never wear tees, used to a lot more. Sleazy enough.Dunno, MMM luggage seems quite nice each time I look at it. You don't need a lot of luggage though, all this bag obsession leaves me cold.
Those vintage shirts have great collars, vest is also ace. That's a very American fit, no?You look so fucking Swedish with your little watchcap, your acne and your gats. I don't look Swedish but I smell Swedish because I wear this:No more brown and black, it is over. Navy and black is still chic.
Too patchy, you look like a serial killer who managed to get transferred to a low-security assylum and escaped with what he could. Wear one piece of the other (both great).PajamalifeThe bag is a little runway look no? Although I'm big into white tees+jackets I'd love to see an open tux shirt.
Really nice boots, they look like an old Helmut Lang painted model, what are they? Maybe recent MMM but doesn't seem like it, might be pic.Kinda weird seing you like this, it's like you are suddenly a Marroquian. Those Larose caps are really cool, I keep buying caps (not wearing them) maybe I should get one.
You're like the nice, cuddly version of gothninja with nice hair. Nice hair is the most important thing in life beside world peace.
Hmm, too navy-ish all-over (is it black and I can't see right, with all black wear white tee or shirt). Anyway everyone please stop wearing beige/light brown boots with dark colours, SLP has fucked this thing up for a few years. Only acceptable light colour is white/dirty white.Why do you always take these torso selfies?Really nice boots but smaller cuffs and flowwy rather than blobby top would really work better for you.
That trigger stuff is none of my business; I don't think you understand who I am at all...Seems lots of women in your country are feminists, with all the protests about abortion rights and stuff. I don't think you quite understand who feminists are anyway, as the label covers enormous ground and pretty much encompasses a majority (?) of western women, to one degree or another and in one current or another."Top of the food chain" (social Darwinism?) people in the USA are...
I love those "this is true accross all spectrum" bullshit people post about conservatives and liberals. We should often start with USA as the center, then ask ourselves what was the targeted group exactly, then move on to the study itself. This is especially true in something as fluctuating and fraught with signalling as beauty. I found one UCLA study about USA women politicians in congress. Didn't check the study itself but it doesn't say if there was signalling (like...
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