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Leather jackets can be any colour as long as that colour is black. There are beautiful brown leathers but they feel too retro by default, I just wouldn't know what to do with them.
The whole model would have to change, of course not all online businesses present information with the same wonderful precision as Yoox so I'm assuming their return rate is much higher than most. They don't call it yooxroulette for nothing.
Sure, I was just imagining a future with no B&M and no or very little possibility of returns and it is not pretty. I guess we haven't adapted our thinking and practices to e-shopping yet, this model calls for a way for potential clients to try quite a few garments before selecting the ones they will buy.
They ban people who return stuff? They should open a B&M and shut the fuck up. Online shopping should be all about 50-75% returns or people will look like shit in the future.
TOJ most likely buys odds and ends and not directly from one or several tanneries. Leather for the same jacket models will thus be from different sources and could vary wildly in quality.
On the CM side there was this guy who wanted to start suing people, it was a case you'd find interesting. His handle was drsomething I think, @LA Guy would probably know.ps: your avatar is another great example...
Nice, not the same pics though, I think the shoes had a reddish tint or some red wax.
Do you have pics from one of the royals where you see closeups of his patched lobbs? They look really great but I can't find it.
Amusingly enough the body shaming often happens to dudes who could direct their burning stares at you, shirtless, in firemen's calendars.
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