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First two make the model look shoulderless and not in a nice, A-shape coat way. Last one looks very menswear casual if that's your thing. I can smell the "spice your business casual look with a few nice beaded bracelets" from a mile away.
First but not very exciting...I'm pretty sure you already have a huge wardrobe, do you really need more generic stuff? It is nice enough. Second one looks like it is about to develop Kaposi's sarcoma.
Rider's belt on something too soft ends up being super annoying.Pass
One is also unzipped and you can see the quarters are dipping due to posture and/or cut. I like mine slightly longer than traditional jackets but not by too much.
Some guy was wearing swim trunks with a tee and stans, def deserved to be murdered.
Isn't 290skm more streetwear or am I mistaking the place for somewhere else?
I don't think I've worn jeans in three weeks (only wool trousers) and tend to roll on the floor/get dirty and it isn't much of a problem.
WTF is this?
Fuck purses or manbags or whatever, just put stuff in your pockets.
New Posts  All Forums: