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Of course it does, I know (Russian) peeps who stay in New York although they wanna leave just cause their parents won't leave.
I don't think I could stand California for more than a few weeks, it is ok to visit I guess. Don't like the lifestyles, values etc., diff strokes and all that.
Actually many models are chosen late, there are outfit changes (I changed my mind, you'll wear this, he'll wear that!!!) and lots of stuff is held by pins. Models often walk with shoes that are too small (like 2 sizes) etc etc. Runway shows are a lot more hectic in that regard than people think.
Paypal me $200 and I'll promise to get it delivered within 72hrs. My email is: asuckerisborneveryminute@scam.com
It's normal to be critical of industries changing our way of living, there is no inherent positive side to technology. Saying mobile phones turn you into dragons or vaccines don't work is something else and quite dangerous, yeah.Now if you think the app-gadget isn't driven by fashion you're just crazy.
How much would that industry be worth if it didn't generate the absurd exuberance it does now? 10% of it's value, less?
When we stop worshipping gadgets and apps in say 10 yrs these houses won't be worth half their prices though....generally speaking the west is in decline and will do so during our lifetime so expect either furriners liking the place you are at (Paris, London) or prices going down.
It's a leather jacket, don't do anything to it and wear when it is raining, don't be a fucking pussy.
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