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Yvon Lambert also has a lot of books in English now that I think of it.@Synthese should just drink this and be done with it. Going to be relatively cheap in the states if they have it and so good.
Isn't shortleeves cool necessarily because of its goof market.
A (rich) friend of mine produces pot and wine in Vancouver and his wne is almost good. Canada has 20 yrs to go, I think.
There is no terror because it is not used there.Terrois ia a French and even Eu law. Full respect for USA wine, which I obviously love.
My philosophy is not price related:i the usa I try to drink USA wine, as simple as that.
My usual drinknf everyday wine is a riesling but hey, in canada I pay $20/day so fuck it.
Let us be honest; ethnic food is actually a best of foreign food and thus absoluly insanely great and LA does that better than anywhere in USA. I would qualify my old man as a good chinese chef and in LA you get way better for random prices. He cooks several things bbetter but they're almost french.
Well it stopped, I think Chinese minds are almost independent now. But yeah, I can't even describe the everyday thing but I just talk/smell/look like what you'd expect.I mean I've gone to Jamaica or whatever and servers at good restaurants tried their best french (people I know laugh about me), good or bad I just smell like what it is to be a worldly asshole grand bourgeois french. I wear a hoodie to bouy groceries and people give me"mister", I fake it online but even my...
Top three Chinese (we're talking top 3 food culture:french, Italian, chinese not in that order) was in a suburb of Toronto. Eel was divine, exceptional and I eat it in Asia all the time.Now to the question of Le Bernardin vs Daniel well I guess no review will solve it,you go or you just don't care, I had good but not my type experiences.My ideaof agood place: I go to LA and we have tacos in a place my friends know.
Full disclaimer: I drank a lot of the manton or whatever old pricey rec wines and they're shit. Old means different taste not better taste although yeah 1982 vintage are great (what a fucking year!). Sorry to say but much wine snobbery is bullshit (rarer not better), I like my late Alsatian (so suggary yay!), Still some classics are absolutes. Honestly tastes in wine are 75%% fake bottles and parker bullshit.
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