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You seriously think there's a genetic predisposition to crime and that it is correlated with certain nationalities? Humans aren't Golden Retrievers and Poodles; they're humans.
The EU has almost no politcal integration btw, this is a myth (united states of Europe). The problem of EU is precisely that it offers no political project, it is merely a managerial neoliberal endeavour. If you listen to a far-right thinker like Alain de Benoist he'll tell you he is FOR Europe but a politically integrated one able to face global problems and preserve its peculiar cultural tradition so opinions tend to vary even for "ethno-nationalists". Of course genetic...
No. NO. NO NOI'm really into short sleeve shirts with stupid patterns right now but I certainly haven't gone or needed designer, here's what I have:Vintage Christian Dior with nice CD and dots prints, very 70sVintage blue one with huts and other beach prints3X Vintage 70s-early 80s sorta more faded prints found at Chatuchak market (Bangkok)Uniqlo Liberty printsomething else, can't rememberCoupled with some white longsleeve Thai and Moroccan shirts and even Kurtas from...
A quick look at this book tells me it speaks of cultural characteristic in a sort of anthropological survey of american pop origins and their influence. Maybe that ought to give you a hint to stop with your crazy genetics bullshit?
I wonder if there is an academic study comparing the relationship to alcohol in various Nordic countries (say Estonia vs Russia vs Sweden vs Canada etc.) would be a fascinating read as there are clear similarities but I'm sure the sociological differences could also be enlightening. I mean only in Russia do you get drunk people killing each other over Kant and prose vs...
I saw a groupe of sad Swede supporters drunkenly walking after elimination, Paris was a mess when it started (strikes+Euro then fashun).
No idea if you are following Euro 2016 but Wales (even with Gareth Bale) and Iceland performed surprisingly well, I definitely wasn't expecting this.
If your Icelandic cousins beat France sunday I'm going to call for a generalized bombing. Actually, can't hate Iceland, they did good.
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