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What is your usual size, I'm a slim 46 and think that with measurements as they are I might be a s/m, which is surprising, was expecting xs or s as usual.
1) What wiki calls "received english" is also the accent the Queen uses. She might not be a BBC presenter from the 60s but uses the same pronunciation.2) Sloaner Ranger accent is just a marginal variant of the BBC spoken by a VERY limited number of people, it is also linked to vocab. more than pronunciation, no?note: I'm not a linguist and made several assumptions, the main one being that RAH and Sloane Ranger refer to the same cuntspeak.
LOL, the neutral accent in question is spoken by a small minority and considered the accent of the educated, dude c'mon. It's the fucking accent you used to get when you went to boarding school, no matter where you were from. Underneath (media) dominant accents you always have matters of regional and class divisions.
Not really, most of the "you need to be this to pull off this" statements are complete bullshit. Hell even in trad menswear where "you have to be tall and thin" to wear double-breasted suits with the wide lapels and the large slacks you get Napolitan people (usually short and often rotund) who look like kings in their DB getup. You just have to try a few variants.
Woah, fit pic. It looks really great in green.
Tight pants= no break or cropFull pants: break!!
I have one of those (maybe not same brand), very practical and nice looking, makes the whole place look very technical instead of messy. I guess this is why people dig that Tesla battery.
I'd like it in an apt a little bit eclectic than what you're planning to have, really hate it in a all-modern, all the time concept. It is not that comfy IMHO but it's not like I sat in one for long so YMMV.
Apartment seems pretty chill right now. I'd remove the tv if it isn't in use, add some plants (I like what you have) and switch the rug to something more colourful/inviting. I agree cabinets would be cooler in another room but if they're family heirloom and you have no other space to put them keep them where they are. I don't understand why you'd want more storage like in the photo of the apt you posted since the cabinets are a constant.
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