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They're definitely lacking in attention-grabbing knee peculiarities, better stick to proven knee enhancers like jeans with huge leather inserts and zippers for major knee impact.
I like Margiela sweaters with elbow patches in black or grey, they're relatively slim and light but don't look too sleek Italian. I do have some silk-wool (? cotton maybe) Malo or Borrelli sweaters that I'll wear with a velvet jacket or whatever, not sure I don't look like a cunt, seems to be allright and it's comfy.Wearing a big SNS herning sweater under this is also quite...
Well someone can do the same at pretty much any pricepoint, keeping in mind that fabric and construction do influence "style". I'm a relatively minor shoe buyer when it comes to styleforum, both in terms of quantity and even quality. I have something like 30 including sneakers and haven't bought anything recently nor do I plan to.ps: true substance of a garment is its style.
Ok Bruce looks good. I wear light v-necks with shirts and leather jackets, not so much with scoat unless they're tweed or something. We had a real classical italian style (tm) dude who did it well in relatively formal outfit (Montesqieu?).
Some people appear to like Pitti vomit. This guy is the failed imitation of an imitation for which there is no original.
Aesthetics can include of course factors related to quality, in the end I go for an instinctive like/dislike and keep it at that. I am sure that price versus quality unconsciously factors in (i.e. I'll perceive some handmade Vass as worth a little more than said Margiela) but I would say it is a relatively minor factor. In the end I think people who purchase luxury, including Mcers, like the idea of quality more than quality itself, which is often hard to discern anyway. I...
1) Step 1: do I want this pair2) Step 2: can I pay this price3) Buy or notI don't think of how this one is made by hand by a Romanian dwarf while the other one was a quick glue job from some drunk factory worker named Giorgio. I'm not trying to know if it is a good deal or if it was made in a way that make it worth it or etc etc, just if I like it, if I can pay it. From the point of view of an MC person I'm buying "overpriced fashion shoes cause I'm gullible blablabla" but...
Not much horse left at this point.Here is the Fuumalicious (tm) secret to lookin' good:-I buy shoes I like and don't really think of price as correlated to anything. I either want to pay the price or not for the specific pair I'm interested in.
He appears to want to dress in some sort of casual J-crew prep style, not my thing but it's better if we suggest things that are related to his goals, like the bags that I just linked to, nice and can integrate with some dress shirt+raw jeans+desert boots aesthetics.
You will look like an absolute cretin with your briefcase and ushanka, some formality levels don't mix, briefcases are usually used with suits.Get a backpack and "business bag" from here:http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?Sec=5&Sub=21
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