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While there is a spectrum of state interference (and basically lots of private sector interference anyway) RT is, at its core, an organ of the Russian state to disseminate propaganda in the West.Of course NYT writes shit like this (I won't comment on the details but I know people heavily involved with the issues discussed and the WTF! were numerous):http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/14/world/europe/russia-orthodox-church.html?_r=0
I thought "spooks" designated spies so this one is new to me.
Considering he was making sure NATO bombed the hell out of Yugoslavia just before his affair started and then had another go right after I'm not sure you can time his antics to the bombings.
That's because RT news and others more subtle Russian propaganda channels are very popular in the alt-right circles.Note that anti-Russian propaganda (or at the very least lack of knowledge and fear mongering) are very common in American media.
So Trump's lines are basically 50% throwaway, 50% overemphasis? That's exactly the problem isn't it? What a head of state does is mainly producing discourse and Trump doesn't master the political metalanguage. Some people might think he's using some sort of honest, everyday language but as you can see that is not the case either, his bombastic speech is half snake-oil seller, half-wrestler. Can't fit inside the system (so can't be reformist) and isn't anti-system either....
You'll note that in traditions where vegetarian and/or vegan eating is already established you don't have that kind of crap and the food is quite enjoyable (see some Indian food). The problem is when people try to act like some vegeburger is an acceptable meal solution. Hell I get pissed at people who order burgers for diner so vegewhatever, fuckoff!
Oh and is Trump still on Bolivian marching powder?
So any non crazy people can tell me who won? I ain't watching a mean old lady trying to tie up a pig.
Wait until you get laws...
Where Jacek lives great tradition is to execute opposition party after glorious elections results are decided by President for life.
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