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SLP threads are my fav thing on the internet, they're like the anti-vaccine threads of fashion. I love how people who buy pre-distressed pants think they're punk, in 2015 no less. Fucking cutting edge insecure asian bro/Kanye fan/malnourished white dude who now thinks he can be sexy too and everyone over 125lbs is a fatso.
That sounds pretty cool to me but not gonna argue.
Indeed, there are 300 million people in there but taking, say, Jewish humour, it just works so well in the USA precisely because the expected national character is otherwise. I was also thinking of Cali where the sunny side up side of life is just through the roof. I mean tech-morons think they'll solve world problems through gamifying our interactions, it just makes me feel like joining ISIS.note: I am not seriously considering joining people that would, anyway,...
Having one of those modernist pre-fab houses in Phoenix sounds pretty cool. In the end I just wouldn't be a good american, I'm just not that positive about the future.
Oh yeah, LA is quite something, it's just that a place like Boston feels too outdoorsy for me at times (all these runners everywhere scare me) so I just couldn't face it. Maybe if I stayed real long and did yoga. Street food is almost unparalleled in LA and diversity of (crazy) opinions is much bigger than in NYC or other big cities. San Francisco just has nothing I'm remotely into aside from some Berkeley researchers. I go to a lot of places though so there's something I...
Gibson's women characters have a touch of the apathetic cyber dream girl (the manic pixie dream girl of the hypermodern world)however it doesn't bother me that much, we're firmly in subverted genre, as you noted. I never forget that there is an authorial voice of ultimate geek rambling and that's where the perception of women comes from. Since I'm not trying to read Gibson to be simply immersed but also to have a certain knowing distance (I know I'm reading a world of...
One thing I noticed about Gibson is that he generates interest by being entirely anti-Heideggerian. People don't just use things and people toward goals, there is not Dasein, they are just so askew when facing (post) modernity that the first order of pre-conscious command for them is to go about a Cartesian examination of everything around them. A hammer isn't to drive down nails to build a shed: it is an object, extended in space with a wood part connected to a metal part...
Spook country had some nice passages about blazers left in the closet and stealing Paul Suart overcoats. Milgrim is a good character, I didn't care for the others. Writing was meh, the third one is much better from the start, back to that info that could be gotten out of a cool article in your newsfeed, the irrelevant relevance of the cool soon to be uncooled by something else.
Before I posted pics people thought I was asian, after I posted pics some people still thought I was part-asian. The SF/sufu effect, where everyone is asian.
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