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Collection is LOLOLLLL but then aren't all SLP collections? I'm sure there will be some nice pieces available anyway. As far as presenting a great, unified fashion collection is concerned it is always crap but it doesn't mean many pieces don't work very well in a wardrobe. Still wondering about Carine Roitfeld/PaulASmith, who supposedly gets to keep pieces from his shoots (and often enough to have an ebay resale sideline, woa!!) and apparently uses SLP jackets in "huge"...
I saw her speak when she presented Là-bas, appearances may be deceiving but she seemed to be very sensitive (movie is a really good filmic essay btw). Even her first movie is a lot of fun (although she kills herself at the end and blows up everything), really great formalist filmaker.
Same here, right now people are picking them up at high-end vintage shops (flares are big in the small world of fashion although not very mainstream). Pilati at YSL had some good ones and so did Branquinho but both are hard to find.I think I'll stick to CdG for lose/large slacks, other brands to make them a little bit too casual. I'd also go for something by Schneider but not too sure he made anything like that in recent collections.
It used to be the tightest brand around. I think it is more normal-sized now but I haven't tried anything in a while and might not do so for a few yrs because, who cares.
My understanding of his interest in designing fromma different viewpoint is that instead of simply providing middle-eastern fashion fare to westerners (cause he's like arabic y'know) he does something a little more complex:1) Middle-eastern garb as something scary and militaristic to westerners due to current representations.2) Ok but let's reverse that, what about middle-easterners and their viewpoints on the military garb worn by westerners (when bringing them freedom)3)...
Yeah, flares are back too, I hope to pick up a pair of nice slacks either in flare or just plain fat legs (not raver fat pants but still large).
Nylon Japan Oct 2015 issue has a MA-1 special...I know the look you're talking about, I often wear bombers with slacks + dress shirt + sweater + sneakers.
I think the middle eastern part is the lenghtening + sandals (cool sandals btw) + softer colours + more relaxed torso.
He talks about the sneakers at the Mosque photo series by Toufic Beyhum, I think I have posted it here before but needs a reminder:http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/24499/1/sneakers-at-the-mosque
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