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I have to go to SE asia soon, transition to rain season and super hot. arhghghghghghhg Oh yeah: any super cool store in bangkok I might not know about? (never did SF-approved shopping there just markets).I also need to stop in Amsterdam soon so any new stores/etc (same thing, already know the city etc.) otherwise its applepie and chilling.
No. Some parts look nice but the only way to have an enjoyable life there is to be part of the research/parliementary staff/related NGOs cause they hang out together and have relatively fun social activities. The rest is like a more boring Switzerland and less breathtaking sights.
Dude it is barely longer TBH, it's not like the general principle he was espousing is contradicted. You can see my jeans and the stupid dainty position with one hip on the side so it is def not very long. Out of 5 leather jackets and working from memory I only have one that is truly longer than supposed and it is one I wear in winter by RO so I want some space to layer super long knits and stuff like that.
I wear pants on the outside because pants is how I feel on the inside.
Black chelseas and no square...
Well YMMV. It was for me because I was looking for something specific (halfway point between fashion and trad rider), might not be worth it for you. I'm not a fan of Caroline de Duck-Maigret but she can get pretty much any jacket she wants and mostly wears Blackmeans, if, for example, I just wanted a rocker's look I could buy that and it is easily available at retailers. So many choices available right now.
JunyaXVanson original '07 release. Bad pic (jacket is not weirdly shiny) but you can see the lenght so here you go. Thanks @0JSIMPS0N (bought from him)
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