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I like interior deco as much as the next guy but in the end it makes me really uncomfortable because I associate it with douchebag losers.
I don't think brand matters much, I always have some at home and they remove cigarette and food smell pretty fast after a party.
Well the Paris shooters and other responsible for attacks in France typically have a background petty criminality/not integrated in society as a whole but not in their Muslim community either. ISIS members in Iraq and European attackers have quite different backgrounds.
At their price point I assume they might not even deal with multiple factories themselves but maybe with some main one that produces some pieces then dispatches others to various smaller outfits. In other words same as everyone else.
I'm with you, that kind of "stylish kids" bullshit is prevalent now and this is where this comes from. I mean I sometimes had to wear suits when I was a kid but that was for special events, if you're 6 you want to wear a roman legionnaire outfit not some stupid cashmere sweater.
Marvi and Amadei did though...
They look GY welted to me but are you sure it isn't one of those weird Italian stitching variants?
I recently sent two jackets to prison for first degree murder, got promoted to CCI (Clothing Chief Inspector).
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