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Wait is it super short? Fit pic maybe
I don't see why the second pair requires some super slim (and black to boot) jeans, you've been brainwashed by the recent SLP styling. These are just Jodhpurs in a very typical tan suede. Wear them with grey slacks, wear them with blue jeans, don't need slim rocker look at all.
Well fashion people often wear it with busted slim jeans and docs or assimilated. I'm not saying these jackets are awful, I'M wearing my Buzz Rickson MA-1 today and generally like MA-1s, there are also some good flower prints. I just think people should be aware how "of the moment" this is.
I love Branquinho because it makes me think of Fassbinder, not 100% sure why either, the 70s decadent bourgeois touches are there I guess.I had a long Derrick conversation recently, it really made a mark on our young psyche, I mean the whole thing is soooo sloooow. Old german people tv.
Dude, even Vogue has to return stuff (well most of the time). Sure sometimes they'll ask the stylist a few times but hey...
I saw some great trad. alpine stuff in Austria but, yeah, sorta hard to wear. Frank Leder + GBS is probably your best designer bet. I want some fuller pants and already got some CDG (discrete) zebra print wool pants, next stop not too sure, need to be fatter like some Branquinho.Outfit today combines Branquinho mesh sweater (black+green version) and some Georg Materna schuhe so I feel you.
Nope, this was taken outside a wedding I attended, you can't see it in the pic but the suit has grosgrain ribbing and the shirt has a placket. I'm smoking a Newport though...I got the haircut from Mike Nouveau's hairdresser, we have a different definition of short but it was well made and I am now used to it. Will let it grow back though...
Suit: Thom Browne Shirt: vintage Shoes: John Lobb
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