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Well voters ID are usually not a great solution, most countries have national ids that you need to carry at all times or you get in trouble so they used these. Considering poor people get controlled by police the most they tend to have ids too or they're fucked.
Isn't the situation relatively straightforward: in the abstract voters ID would make sense but it turns out that with current US conditions it is a strategy by one party to have less voters more likely to vote for the other party to be able to do so. Considering there is no fraud to speak of you either find a solution that doesn't bring this problem or you leave things as they are.
Well he certainly has the chops but I guess you mean he's not very Foreign Office but then UK has Boris Johnson, an absolute nightmare who makes uncle Joe looks like a career diplomat.
I wear a pocket square 95% of the time if I am wearing a jacket and have done so for years (a decade, maybe more?).
The perforated (dirty) whites are cool but one of these soft, less aggressive margiela shapes. I think the one above would be even better for you.
Reproductive rights are def a feminist issue so the Polish events are linked to that. It is just that since you agree with them on this point you loathe to classify it properly.As for women (in the USA) identifying as feminists, like most surveys it depends on how you ask the question:https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/feminism-project/poll/I already explained to you why neo-marxist or cultural marxist sjw is a contradiction in terms, stop spewing low grade...
Are you Swedish though? Those Craig Green pieces are dope, I have a parka I really like but I think I should get some slacks.
Haha, elles sont superbes tes Margiela, une des formes les plus cool.
Well there are different scenarios, I might take the train for a three day weekend or a car to go to a country house or a plane because I'm a masochist.
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