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To be fair CCP has so many employees, including technicians, that suiting is made in part or sometimes nearly in whole by people directly working under Carol, sort of weird and not commercially viable exception. Latex dipping though is entirely done by Carol himself cause he thinks others don't have the right touch, he hates the sight of those shoes.note: I'm posting this from a safari lodge, I'm like the guy looking at sf on his phone at the imaginary...
I'm pretty sure everyone is aware of that. Amusingly enough his parents were Trotskyists and his half-brother is a leftist journalist specializing in world affairs.
Guetta is a big client of l'Éclaireur.
This is mainly true for the US market. In France where LVMH is based you usually have 40% sales because, like everywhere else, 40% is the highest you usually go to (you're not supposed to sell at a loss). Employees also get to go to "sample sales" where merchandise can be highly discounted. LVMH is not that exceptional in that regard, hell even Hermès holds sample sales (they also do it in NYC from time to time). Depending on where you work in a fashion company you usually...
Who says your real life is my real life? Anyway, I'm keeping it unreal.
It is a culture predicated on the fetishization of a time that never existed as such, bringing out its cutesy elements entirely separated of the oppressive social context that allowed the aristocracy of that time to wander around Versailles gardens playing little games and wearing elaborate frilly dresses. As Kundera aptly said kitsch is the negation of shit, here, metaphorically the symbolically and physically violent social order and concretely the actual scatological...
Ask a fat study major how you should feel about colabear.
When it comes to porno never assume it doesn't exist, just assume you (thankfully) haven't been exposed to it.
"Hey I'd look so much more pure (i.e. socially acceptable female sexual partner) if I acted like I'm being forced, yeah let's do that.". Wonderful cultural practice.
I can deal with the "papi" thing from latin america if it pops up but the asian simulated rape-whimpers (not rape-rape you assholes) are just too much.
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