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Meanwhile on the CM side you see Dalrymple articles about the state of dress: http://takimag.com/article/slobbery_as_snobbery_theodore_dalrymple/print#ixzz34nn4Q7cl
Hahaha, yet another misadapted e-gentleman, lamenting the end of times that never existed, back when everyone was elegant and men were men. It is hilarious how people who don't understand current coding think they'd have fared better in other times. The part about "fat west african women" is A+++ note: I'm assuming it is a real Dalrymple article but what a fuckwad anyway if it isn't.
This is blatantly false and the fact that your knowledge of a set of practices, representations, acceptable objectives, institutions, technical terms and even social practices at large DOES influence your "aesthetic taste" is the very reason why people like Dubuffet sought to get rid of all of those influences with art brut.
Will the jacket go down to women sizing?
The cut is good as long as you aren't above 5'10" and a 48. Hardware is great, calf is pretty good, lamb leather is so-so and the overall brand image/offerings is so lame it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Prices are more 3500 euros, if I remember correctly, was at the SLP shop and their Printemps corner recently and I'm pretty sure it hovered around that range.
Kunk touched me in inappropriate places, if you give me a doll I'll show the judge how it all went down.
Sorry to bring this back on topic but I heard a similar explanation, except you replace wool with raising sheep like those pesky Israelites and linen with water-intensive agriculture and those tyrannical Egyptians. Them people don't mix as The Book have shown.note that people who are culturally Christianl tend to think that other people's religion and by extension their culture is weird with all those restrictions. However all that can't eat this, fast cause of this etc...
Last time I called paypal they said to "try again" and "it might work", told them I wanted a yes/no answer not a maybe, they countered with the very wise idea of using another service and telling me nothing could be done. I complained until I talked to someone who made my payment go through in 5 minutes.Things you should never do with me if you are selling me some shit:1) give me vague answers and maybes2) try to explain why it doesn't work, I'm not applying for a job at...
Looks fine to me, just avoid the "city's most eligible bachelor/James Bond lifestyle" pitfall, those are the worst places, displacing McMansions at the #1 spot. Owning up to being a boozer is quite allright.
Paypal apparently thinks it is quite uncool and blocks me every time I try to use their services, hell they even do it from the country the account is registered in. FUCK PAYPAL!
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