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Trump isn't going to be president anyway. He can be the weak tyran of a Trumptv.
Weak dictator thesis (Hans Mommsen).
Wearing sweater+pants today. Just found this pic and remembered it was a runway look.
I don't see age as much as the specific look to be a mitigating factor.I mean if you dress like this you,re a ridiculous dad no matter the boot colour:His ex-wife looks a'right though:
White boots are fine with all black, don't see the problem.
This one:
Don't flatter yourself, this isn't philo101 stuff, you don't have the background to engage with Derrida. It isn't a matter of saying he's right/wrong but this isn't basic stuff that a person with your philosophical education can grapple with.
I was thinking of countries with national IDs and lots of controls. I think in USA poor people basically get fined (well when they don't get shot cause they "interacted" with police) and are a revenue source.
Well voters ID are usually not a great solution, most countries have national ids that you need to carry at all times or you get in trouble so they used these. Considering poor people get controlled by police the most they tend to have ids too or they're fucked.
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