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They distribute grailed-branded condoms as part of their grailed100 or whatever sales.
Time to change your profile cause it says you live in Vancouver...
Grailed and ebay don't give you any protection, paypal does so it is irrelevant that they went outside.
I also miss a ton of fits, forgot to comment on my fav pot brownie eating uncle wearing a blanket as a cape to go trip in the woods. He's the kind of uncle that dates like a really cool chick his age who does geological surveys in war zones and fought the law back in the days (the law won).
I'm pretty sure posters understand that my comments are to be taken with a shaker of salt and that I'm not about to go all nazi and present actual immutable pieces of dressing advice as that would be bullshit. You can do anything, you just need to pull it off but that final judgment is always deferred.
This is a good dirty douchebag look (in a very good way), maybe switch the cardigan for an army jacket or whatever like this very nicely styled dbag (loved the outfits in this movie):
What I'm doing or wearing leather pants with a hoodie?
I dunno, it hasn't mainstreamed and is more a part of endearingly nerdy gear queer subcultures so it is ok. It evokes as much virility and menace as a pink barbie lunchbox so I'm not even angry at any posturing.
This is fine especially if you're like a hip scandi graphic designer (they don't actually dress like this).
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