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Wearing an Etro suit I had for years, cuts have changed so much since that I feel like I'm wearing a potato sack (jacket much longer and relaxed and pants relatively wide compared to what we wear now + it is three buttons), I went full retard and wore a silk Versace tie with it.
Made by friend of a friend of mine, he sent it to me because we were discussing how ridiculous some films/promos can be and talking about swedish girls clich├ęs. Don't be too amazed, nothing special....You're supposed to laugh at how corny it is.
So, basically, what Kanye is wearing since I just copy him.
Gothenburg apparently has great summers too.
Something like that (obv varies), nothing intimidating TBH.
Wut? Asians usually have shorter limbs to body ratio AFAIK and they're also shorter on average. It's not like I'm a 6'10 scandi looking down on that so chill. Now everything can be pulled off going "against body type" but you hafta know what you're doing.
Balenciaga looks cool if the girl is tall with long legs (i.e. usually not asian), rick will look great on her.
Hey! (ok sweden but similar climate)
Honestly they're fine unless the pants are really tight, the shaft is soft enough that it folds nicely. I'm selling mine but prob not your size (40).
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