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Ann D
I'm also pretty big on Michéa.
It is about people in this thread."Chatelet is well-known in France for his political pamphlet Vivre et penser comme des Porcs, De l'incitation à l'envie et à l'ennui dans les démocraties-marchés, Exils[4] (To Live and Think Like Pigs, Envy and boredom in market- economy democracies) which was published in 1998. Vivre et penser comme des Porcs was a polemical essay in which he denounced liberalism which according to him its effectiveness relied on a triple alliance between...
I pretty much follow the same procedure, I am not going to restaurants to talk about MY RIGHTS AND BLABLABLA SERVE ME. I just give tips 15-20% on a constant basis when in North America. I also tip third world workers cleaning my room or taking care of other stuff as a matter of principle and not as a calculation of how much they suck me for tip. I'd love tip to be included in the bill everywhere by law (say 15%). "Serving" the entitled assholes of today is already enough...
That is what I use and my place is not cold at all. Concrete allows individual elements of decor to really make an impact so I really don't see how un-homey that is, unless your furniture/stuff sucks.
I have some ten year old leather soled shoes so, yeah, some people do resole.
He hates the look of them because he has spent hours dipping them cause he does not trust anyone else.
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