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Does it matter? The attacker apparently used a pretty hardcore weapon, some people are for restricting access to these and maybe Nukes or whatever, others seem to think it doesn't matter or contradict some inalienable right they ought to have. Don't care how much it fires per minute cause I'm not a gun fan and Times isn't a serious magazine.
Can someone tell me what is this "american culture" you guys keep referring to? It seems to be clearly defined since I've seen posited extremely clear measures to defend it, surely this wouldn't be some amorphous or contested thing...
Hardly wear the dunks, moment has somewhat passed, no? I mean maybe it'll get uncool enough that wearing them is fun again.note: designer sneakers are kinda dead imho.
I never wear shorts even in the desert. Not really a problem. I was in thailand at the end of may and it was quite humid though...
Jacket: Margiela Shirt: Vintage Slacks: Peir Wu Sneakers: Muji
Shirt is fine, you could even wear a size larger I think, well not too sure if you tuck. Recent Margiela fabrics have been really good, the suiting is better than it was a few yrs ago.
An image that didn't require any media skill to portray considering the out of touch foot in fat cat mouth qualities Romney displayed.
The stated goal of the brand was to design basics for the average guy even though the staff is made of hardcore fashion people. I don't wear it but if you need a nice pair of slacks or a sweater it is ok.
Jacket: Porto Moro (vintage) Sweatshirt: Margiela Polo: Uniqlo Jeans: Margiela Shoes: Muji
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