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I would totally wear this, unlike other posters who expressed their apparent distaste (casual shirt and pants by SS + tech shoes=totally fine, would wear some white Nike sock whatever cause don't like dark sneakers)). I have to say you're probably 5 times buffer than me and it makes you look fat which is puzzling. It is either the angle or you need a different cut.
I even like the birks,which is saying a lot (superbobo will be happy). I'd wear pants with a lighter fabric though, I feel some of these brands are stuck between their chino pasts and their more bohemian/hippie/eastern inspired current pieces and make styling harder.
Check forums for purchases once every three months and these were my first in a while so I probably miss a lot but who cares.
I got this one second-hand (apparently unworn) from the site that shall remain nameless, price was super good too, by far the cheapest piece I bought. I have to say I got a great price on the JJVE shirt cause platypus is a friend and he was insisting I should wear it (he was right, wearing right now and so easy to wear). TBH with my current interest in style (flashy sneakers like Raf or BW sandals + long shirts) I basically only care about brands on Suspension Point,...
Bless holiday-cargo shirt Dries van Noten dress shirt with navy rectangle JanJan Van Essche plum oversized shirt Christophe Lemaire navy kurta Peir Wu Japanese gabardine trousers Comme des garçons homme plus navy slacks with subtle zebra pattern
Most SW&D looks are pretty much what the average city dweller wears casually but, as you've noted, with higher pricepoints and possibly better cuts (slim jeans, nice sweatshirt and some designer trainers). In various mainstream circles (so not subculture, a pre-2.0 identity concept when applied to dressing anyway, nowadays someone can look goth one month and sporty casual the next), say app-hipsters or bearded rolled chinos topknotters, it actually goes over better than...
Do you have pics of the popover shirt worn in a more streetwear style? Just curious.
blablabla take a decent pic :P You can wear a UK flag jacket but you will have to drink Tesco lager.
SF meeting
First photo is fine, dunno about the second one. In the polo-dress shirt thing his jeans look like dress pants-jeans. So he's wearing a dress shirt-polo tucked in dress pants-jeans. That's like really bad, the skeuomorphism of casualwear. Silhouette is also shit although I have nothing against high rise. I'm not fascinated by Agnelli or anything but I've seen good looks from him before: they were much more formal (i.e. suit). Just like I don't like dumbo's family (British...
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