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I suggest you check out kunk's seduction and relooking video, there's everything you need to know in there:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39YUXIKrOFk
Head hurts Please take pics of bar.
He's a dumb cunt with a lot of knowledge but no understanding of the wider issues surrounding art and design.
You wouldn't know cool people if they hit you in the face out of a wet paper bag, or something. Go die in a curated ditch.
Oh and guys no down jackets and no zip sweaters EVER!!
Collar too stiff and whole upper body part too formal for the relaxed belt + jeans + footwear.
Congrats, you were treated like a car being assembled on the factory floor, zoomzoom!
Should A MAN splurge on cuckoo clocks?
Not as much as your mom, the whole neighborhood is talking about her wanton behaviour.
What to splurge on: a pimped out segway what tp save on: vitamin juice Here you go, glad I could help.
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