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Mostly what you'd expect, let's just say I'm more Heiner Müller than Dan Brown.Stuff Fuuma likes (generalities):-art including photog, just lent a Francesca Woodman artbook to a friend-design disciplines (industrial, fashion, graphic, architecture)-alcohol(ism?) & cigarettes-philosophy and literature, hell even some sci-fi-classical and electronic music, some (post) punk-cinema-girl's mangas (less expected I guess)-people watching at cafés and generally wandering...
What people don't mention though is that food and drinks can be quite cheap so as long as you have a place to sleep you can manage on a lower budget than in an American city. Same with NYC.
Well studio at say, 1K USD or less would be a start. I mean considering the 10K budget, I mean if he wants to find a job and stuff then yeah, he can manage, otherwise it is like 4 months in London.
Islington was the hip, rising place like 10 yrs ago, it is now fully $$$-ed. Honestly you'd have to go pretty far to find a cheap place in LDN.
Dude, I know you're trying to be ironic but I'm interested in a shitload of things, I just know how to summarily dismiss the shitty taste everyone else seems to display.
New drunken fistfights, new pools of vomit, new barbarity.
A tie bar shouldn't reach your tie, the sweet spot is deep in a drawer.
No tie bar!!!
That was years ago I think, well they're not new and so far nothing caught fire :P
I have Sure whatever headphones, they go inside my ear canal and sound ok, I went into a store, tried a few and bought these. There is literally no need for in depth discussion on this. Audiophile are like camera buffs, they don't focus on what is important in their respective interests.
New Posts  All Forums: