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Ok but name me milieus (aside from 5 stars hotels ladies of the night) where they'll spot that stuff and care. It's a minority of the people even in these groups where we'd say this mentality is present. I guess you can say it participates in a grouped signal, along other signs of money/success/wasp shit but people who think messages are perfectly sent and decoded are simply not knowledgeable about communication.My take on watches (this has nothing to do with the point...
That's not really true, in the sense that even in milieus where these watches are more common you'll still find a majority of men don't wear them, don't care and don't notice. This is true of traders, businessmen etc.
RO water is totally not worth it, you can get the same quality from Muji water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just saw Brad in a vid posted by some political peeps from quebec I have on FB/that I know, my mind went WTF pretty qucikly.
Yeah, pretty much.
Find out who the boss of that dickhead and let them know what happened and how it could discourage others from applying at their firm. Be sure to mention you're planning to let other people in your field know because you wouldn't want them to run into the same situation. If you're lucky he'll be sacrified on the altar of corporate image and you can devour his still palpitating heart while other power point afficionadoes cheer you on. Or something.
Dude I was as angry as you are right now, I'm not a saint or anything. I'm just not in that situation right now so I can just say I'm not much of a sue everyone kinda guy and this appears to be one of those situations. BTW your dry cleaner may send the pieces to be dry cleaned elsewhere, maybe tell him there is a difference between a spot not going away and a jacket coming back to you with holes and some NEW stains and see what they can do. I certainly do not see them...
Honestly the "dressed up" black look goes something like this:Black leather riderwhite button up shirt, fully buttonedgrey or whatever light v-neck (depending on weather)black dress pants (cropped or slim or wide but not regular fit)white sneakers or black boots.You don't need jeans to have a good wardrobe although I mainly use black jeans and not dress pants, just personal choice.
Light wool slim dress pants but someone like Schneider or Raf.
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