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Yeah, the higher reaches of academia over 50+ or even older people (say people of our paren't age) but not amongst my age group or younger. It has been going on for quite a while and has reached it's peak amongst the masses when hipsters started liking pop music (so what, 10 yrs ago?).Just in case: if you're more versed in English terminology I'm talking about status not class."An initial finding from these analyses is that cultural consumption in England is not stratified...
FYO cultural capital is currently accrued through the presentation of a narrative unifying various strands of consumption, from low to high brow (aka omnivorous consumption). It is thus demonstratively false that hating popular music is currently cool. Cultural tolerance is very highly valued in the current cultural climate.
Maybe but I'm not waiting for a jacket.
I am not ignorant about pop culture, I am ignorant about which person is currently used to represent it as that information is almost meaningless. This is very different. I am sure the pop album is a mix of trap/R&B and some electro-ish beats and it is more personal than those of a few yrs ago. Because this is what must be done right now.Also, I currently listen to what could be called radical pop, or pop taken to its extreme conclusion, stuff like...
I am saying that the Grammy's are, AFAIK merely a push for low-level mass garbage and linked to industry networking more than anything else (i.e. Oscars). I don't need to know which shitty artist/song that will be forgotten in 2 weeks is backed by the biggest, badest team and was also found cool by some random judge.Note that:-I have never listened to the Grammy's and know they happened because I saw some (black) people post on FB they agreed with Kanye (whose music I am...
Yeah I did experience that in Toronto, went waaaayyy out to have some good chinese, it was really good though.
See that's the problem when visiting a lot of american cities: the best "ethnic" food is to be found in nthe suburbs. LA is a special case cause it's just a huge collection of suburbs...
Why would that moron be right about anything? I can't identify any Rihanna (or is it Beyoncé, not sure which is which) or (recent) Beck songs but who cares which pop crap is pushed through industry clout and judges whims this year?
Shut the fuck up you fucking nerds.
You're different: you just paid $800 for unlimited complaints and you're milking it for all it is worth.
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