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Her body is very much a weird rectangle, I remember seeing her at some party and feeling I had to direct my amorous attentions other slightly famous women wearing expensive dresses as she wouldn't cut it. My wonderful aesthetic taste and triumphant masculinity was much validated by this thought.
While conservatives commenters trying to muddle the difference between the three is due to obvious partisanship I fail to see why anyone would be dumb enough to fall for it, I'm sure they could have looked for valid examples to compare Hillarygate to...
Aren't the Plame and Petraeus affairs (lololl) about leaking secret info to the press while Hillarygate didn't lead to any of that and is a relatively smaller offense? If you asked me to guess how corrupt the Clintons are, with no regard to the legality of their actions but only to how "moral" I find them I'd go with extremely corrupt but the email thing is certainly not the reason.
Do you really need a reason to send Scooter Libby to prison?
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2271585/Japanese-women-paying-hundreds-pounds-crooked-fang-like-teeth-latest-cosmetic-craze.htmlAzn and their weird fetish pedo crazes.
Not right now, if one of these assholes goes around losing precious energy during competition I'm pretty sure some people will have them killed.BTW several members of the team are what you'd call Gallic stock, the black-blanc-beur (black-white-North African) style of the team is back (used to be black-beur but no whites).
Anyone with a proper secondary education has all the tools to understand this, btw I didn't just make it up, it is a pretty common taxonomy. Google neo-racism or differentialist racism.BTW it is a somewhat simple concept and may, indeed be contested on certain grounds:https://204racethought.wikispaces.com/file/view/Balibar+Is+There+a+Neo-Racism.pdf
Well they bought a shitload of drones it was only a matter of time before they deployed them (to keep you secure).note: I'm not following the Dallas event closely, did they use drones with offensive capabilities like those used in say, Yemen?
Why?Not saying you are wrong, just wondering why you think so.
I haven't read the article and don't care about it one iota. However, while the salient feature of REPRESENTATIVE democracy is voting, this is not the case for direct democracy where the salient feature would be the participation of citizens in deliberations (debates AND decision). The expression "democratic exercise reduced to voting" comes about by seeing that what citizens are essentially doing is voting every few yrs for who amongst the dominant class won't be...
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