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Dunno what is the EO over exempt, thought you referred to being exempt from Obamacare or something like that.You don't like UK style systems?
Just get universal healthcare and be done with it.
Isn't that the whole point? Govern by executive order can struck down by executive order.
From a more tactical point of view is the takeaway that surveys/models: a: didn't properly capture voting patterns of various segmented groups b: didn't properly capture who would come out/stay home I'm thinking it is "b" as it seems much harder to pinpoint but I'm not nova or gibonius (deep into that stuff).
Don't be silly,voting isn't mandatory in the USA. The demographic shifts strongly advantages democrats and this election is hiding that fact because Trump voters came out in large number while other groups stayed home 50%+.
Ask your mom to write you a sick note.
She'll still have the mandate we all love (bomb the middle-east and kickstart cold war II), americans just won't get the social-democrat crumbs
Drinking Armagnac, can't trust anglo-saxon products, too many fuckups by your people lately...
The cult of Nordic people is way more modern (it precedes WWII and the nazis though). Anyway, as Tabucchi said "They have the unconscious but, us, we have the soul."
1) You never defined american culture. You may have mentionned some platitudes about the constitution but if that is the case your "culture" is so lame as not being worthy of surviving.2) You mentionned open borders I told you Europe doesn't have open borders except within Europe. I may add that some countries recently closed those borders anyway...
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