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I wish you were wearing a pair of overalls.
See guys, rickdad here is looking fine (I think, small pic). Make sure you never wear anything footwear you have to tuck your pants in and you'll be golden.
The rockabilly Hitlerjugend? With the retro leather and nice snake(?)skin boots? If you guys are going to age and be out of the latest trends try to do it in a less dated/weird way. This outfit is cool btw.
Cape feels awkward, do you feel awkward with cape? Maybe cape is bad with this...bad cAPE!
Don't understand what the ribbed and ripped sweater has to do with the rest.
No need for that padded vest, it is not because Branquinho garments evokes a psychosexual drama set in a chalet and directed by Fassbinder that we gotta wear ski stuff.
Would like this better with white sneakers, much more relaxed.
This calls for a collared shirt, even if it is a mao collar or I dunno. Look would be so much better if you didn't carry your little bag around, did you really need the little bag?
I like this. Do this again.
Good look (would prefer the sleeves as suspenders; cool feature) but what's with the bro haircut and facial hair? You work in tech, vacation in Vegas but dress artisan?
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