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I recently sent two jackets to prison for first degree murder, got promoted to CCI (Clothing Chief Inspector).
I get your point, I was using hyperbole to communoicate the spot seems expected for a "high-end" chicken shack. There's champagne and all but I would have been surprised by a super luxurious global capitalist commercial place designed by Herzog & de Meuron. Doesn't mean this is not a good business.
My "keyring" is a mini pocket knife, very practical. Colour is ok if you like your keyring getting dirty (too pale), I wouldn't mind.
I'll pay the same sum if someone shuts up distorbiant for good, let's make the pain stop. PM for terms of "removal" contract.
Buildings in Seoul tend to be ugly due to the fast development, doesn't mean much. Did you think he was going to operate a 50,000 meters chicken emporium?
Woah a slightly shiny DB black jacket, you really need another one! Only buy to replace if you like it better than what you have...
They'll go well with beige chinos and your FBI badge.
Don't buy those trainers...
Herm├Ęs man ftw I think you should wear full Versace getup, don't be shy.
There should be a tag inside with "slim fit" and "regular fit" as options and one of the boxes checked.
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