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Perfect place to meet whites and asians from all walks of computer programing life? There's also Mr. Moo if you want to dadmeet. Not sure where the uncle-nephew thing happens though, that must be the place.
You do understand that such standards refer to bourgeois good taste, a phantom limb of taste that died in the 80s but has yet to be acknowledged as KIA.
Well it could be as interpreted as you need some sort of angle to make money but to spend it IN A PROPER WAY you need culture.
"To earn money you need a gift but to spend it you need culture." -Moravia (my translation, can't find the fucking quote in English).
I believe you're talking about David Brooks. BTW the type of prose you,re describing is in no way academic in style.
A quick google leads me to believe the important point of reference for Wiley's work is classical portraiture of the powerful, spotted a few Napoleonic generals in there. I mean as long as we understand the gimmick (contemporary young black people painted in a manner referencing classical portraiture) do we really need to know they're wearing BBC or whatever? Keep in mind I am showing off the vast knowledge of his work I gained following a 20 sec image search...
High end prostitutes have instagrams?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVmrN_NAu-s
Oh please, common parlance settled not research settled.
Hasn't social science shown that "influencers" don't really work that way but marketers have chosen to ignore these results because it is much easier and cooler to hang out with a couple of cool kids than to actually reach an audience through boring means?
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