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Cool girls wear neutral or even boy pieces (white dress shirts especially) and avoid over fashiony look, magazine editor style is blech. 70s is better than 80s. I dunno, has been stable for a few months at least. Truth is style in Paris tend toward the relatively conservative even for people working in fashion.
Sebastian remix was good.
I have this: Think of all the possibilities.
Stan Smiths everywhere.
I don't tip for coffee in america, unless I'm sitting down and they bring it to my table. Well if I go frequently I'll leave something, same for food.
You're aware you can mix it up? I have antique peasant wood furniture, old factory stools and whatnot, mid-century and contemporary designs at home.
Yeah, Monocle is the magazine incarnation of the people we are talking about. Now I don't hate them as total human beings but just this "social mask" (see Marx) they put on. On the other hand that soft-left, absolving of guilt through fine consumer bullshit thing is not only something I may despise but I real social problem that needs to be adressed. You can buy all the Starbucks you want and pay an additional dollar for a fair trade label so you effectively buy your...
I really dislike those mid-level french ripoff brands so I wouldn't know about quality but I'd tend to look at something from COS at this price point not Sandro.
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