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Are media outlets going to investigate the slain cops pasts and expose irrelevent details as illustrating their thug status, it seems only fair to do so...
Considering we're talking about one of the two presidential candidates (ok, not yet...) this is rather in line with american practices, no?
The part you bolded: "What if this procedure had been applied in the UK last week? What if a random sample of citizens had a chance to learn from experts, listen to proposals, talk to each other and engage with politicians? What if a mixed group of elected and drafted citizens had thought the matter through? What if the rest of society could have had a chance to follow and contribute to their deliberations? What if the proposal this group would have come up with had been...
They were making the obvious point that saying "black lives matter" doesn't mean "only black lives matter" but rather "look at the way police are treating black people in the USA, you should care because black lives ALSO matter, just like yours". Basically if a house is on fire, it makes sense to focus on that particular house. Isn't the analogy patently obvious?
The point those UMC Afro-americans would make is that they still had to face situations involving the police that white UMC didn't (the famous DWB would be an example). In other words their lived-in experience of UMC would not perfectly align with the one of a white American, in this way and a myriad subtle others (some banal like let's say no Beatles at home or whatever).
edited cause I saw your post. Yeah, I don't think his statement about Trump is wrong but not sure you can link it directly to this shooting so not a subject for soundbites, sorta stupid. Dunno the context and all but yeah.
Her body is very much a weird rectangle, I remember seeing her at some party and feeling I had to direct my amorous attentions other slightly famous women wearing expensive dresses as she wouldn't cut it. My wonderful aesthetic taste and triumphant masculinity was much validated by this thought.
While conservatives commenters trying to muddle the difference between the three is due to obvious partisanship I fail to see why anyone would be dumb enough to fall for it, I'm sure they could have looked for valid examples to compare Hillarygate to...
Aren't the Plame and Petraeus affairs (lololl) about leaking secret info to the press while Hillarygate didn't lead to any of that and is a relatively smaller offense? If you asked me to guess how corrupt the Clintons are, with no regard to the legality of their actions but only to how "moral" I find them I'd go with extremely corrupt but the email thing is certainly not the reason.
New Posts  All Forums: