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Not sure Shah/Sipang are purchasing much nowadays. I did sprinkle a few 70s and ethnic things in 2015 but that is mostly unconscious bloodhound instinct as it is currently in full bubbling mode. I was of course briefly deluded in believing I was doing this as an idiosyncratic thinker and all that.
That is because what is actually valued is having relatively high control over your time (not having it begotten to an outside social function where you lack control). Sure the person may eat cereals and listen to Maury but the psychological benefits are still there.
I'd totally wear this, thanks for bringing info about the brand here.
Some countries do it and it works, wtf are you talking about? Hell FindFinn and I don't really see eye to eye on politics but he'll +1 that easily. To use an absurd example if I added a 100% sales tax on real estate sales it would def drive demand/prices down. It is not going to happen in the sense that we are more and more into an atomized and defeated society that assumes current late capitalism truly is the end of history.
Make restrictions on owning apartments you don't inhabit, real estate isn't a market, it is places for people to live, just make it a less attractive market and it will come back to its proper use. People can speculate on google or some other useless shit.
Haven't checked recently but they were made in Italy and prob in the same level of quality/factory as other brands like Balenciaga or Lanvin. Nothing too fancy TBH but serviceable.
It also has some give at various key points on Slimane so not the same as second-skin denim all over and smoothed.
The people in this thread are often clueless about maintenance, fashion etc. because they're new to this. Sometimes a realistic approach helps everyone. SLP jeans are like any other jeans, you can look stupid in them or not, depending how you fit them. If 13cm or whatever don,t fit just use a diff leg opening. The backslapping support group feel means people are going out looking like tools. It is just clothing and as long as they're happy who cares but if you want to look...
New Posts  All Forums: