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On the CM side there was this guy who wanted to start suing people, it was a case you'd find interesting. His handle was drsomething I think, @LA Guy would probably know.ps: your avatar is another great example...
Nice, not the same pics though, I think the shoes had a reddish tint or some red wax.
Do you have pics from one of the royals where you see closeups of his patched lobbs? They look really great but I can't find it.
Amusingly enough the body shaming often happens to dudes who could direct their burning stares at you, shirtless, in firemen's calendars.
Belt no good :'(Alter sleeves, rest ok. Japanese sararymen just wear ill-fitting black suits in cheap fabric so you'll obviously be fine. No need to do too much, I have some nice (CM-ready suits - by CM's own admission a few yrs back) but I still like to wear a loose fitting Jil Sander suit better.note: I don't understand your body shape though, pants seem to be worn quite low but not sure, maybe wear higher?Long jacket debate: CM is wrong, longer jackets were in fashion...
Ok I sometimes scroll quickly and had never looked at Jabonator's vids. woah, nice piano skills man (followed your youtube link).
It is not a unisex brand, smaller sizes are very evidently cut for women and bigger ones for men (i.e. not unisex in the sense that there is a cutoff and the sizes Bene wears are proportioned for men not just cut bigger). I have some really oversized stuff from him that would pretty much have the same look on Bene and I. I agree that many pieces are cut rather straight instead of tapered (so for slim dudes not muscular ones) but it is not a constant. @gdl203 would know...
Yeah Bene, do this, you'll look killer.Question for Nike experts: is it easy to find sweatshirts with the old (I think) "Nike" logo in square lettering with no swoosh? Probably looking for a size M or L unless it s already oversized.
You're too stiff (in posture AND styling choices). I know it'll sound like some mumbo-jumbo to some but if you like a brand (say SLP), the best way to look like the image it projects is to understand its essence not copy its styling choices).
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