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Nando isn't Australian though, it is from SA. I like really good Portuguese friend chicken and they're not common in the USA so maybe Nando is a good compromise...
Really, maybe it is the picture but it looks stiff, I'd expect something slouchier and coolier looking, am I missing something? Lapels are fat and A+ though...
Incidence of foot fungus go down from 35% to 18% when wearing the SL-10H. Depends how much you care about dermatophytoses.
http://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/barthess-silken-legacy Roland Barthes scarf at Herm├Ęs. They also have a house philosopher named Adrien Barrot (LOL).
Do we have a thread on this? When my tv finally dies (maybe it is dead, it never gets used) I might acquire that for streaming movies and watching dvds
Same here, I get things from so many different brands that, while I have a few core ones, I cannot really say I restrain myself to any 2 or 8.
If you stop at an AA in Paris to get a fresh pair of underwear and a tee you'll pay like 45 euros...maybe they're too pricey outside of North America?
I find enormous geeks to be almost uniformly charming in their enthousiasm, be they fans of trains, watches or 70s Nike sports apparel. You're right I'm thinking of a more casual wine/watch/#alwaysthebest4me stupid master of the universe lifestyle kind of db. Of course they're fast disappearing in their old incarnation, the current model is hipster+some consumer good (everyone in urban centers can be qualified to be a hipster, as you not doubt noticed).With that said I...
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