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I'd stay away, I kinda get the idea you've been eating human flesh for a few months and won't accept any substitute.
I, for one, think you're within the average range of dumbness for a professor(e). I always wanted to say that.If I was into such things I'd prefer to order from Paone rather than Rubinacci because the idea of a small tailor is more romantic than a big bespoke tailoring house.“It was already Marx who long ago emphasized that a commodity is never just a simple object that we buy and consume. A commodity is an object full of theological, even metaphysical, niceties. Its...
Not sure about this one but every time I've checked No Man Walks Alone selection I have been impressed by their overcoat selection (nothing in my size and don't really need an overcoat).
I get what you are saying but if you like the prestige, you'll like the slop any filmmaker is serving you.
Dude, this should tell you everything you need to know about the taste of suitsupply peeps and their clientele. Terry Richardson and Purple mag style, sex-filled shoots were still too raw and like totally underground photog style for them, they had to dip that shit in bad Photoshop soup. I have a bunch of Bourdin and Araki artbooks at home, amongst others, it's not the sex it's the disgusting, James Bond lifestyle, subset of the MC vulgus this is aimed at.
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her LoverMoon in the gutterFarinelliThe color of pomegranatesFarewell my concubineInland (in a different way)
Is this a joke I'm not getting or did you steal your mom's clothes, possibly having gone as far as taking back what you gifted to her?? I'm pretty sure that's higher than nazi pedophile in the hierarchy of evil.
Yeah, zipper down the right leg, was about 70 euros, good buy in the sweatpants department, although I'm not much of a sweatpant wearer.
Are you kidding me? I'm always sizing up 1 in asia (compared to Europe), I think US sizes are either equal to euro ones or even bigger...
No.I got some Nike sweatpants a while ago, not sure of the name, went to Uniqlo then Nike and got those, I think they were from a "tech pack", whatever that means. I wear them to stay home, go grocery shopping or when I want to look like a fuccboi wearing them with Rafdidas and stuff. Only semi-decent pics I have, taken with antediluvian mobile, silhouette is really nice, get those instead.
New Posts  All Forums: