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Is this a joke I'm not getting or did you steal your mom's clothes, possibly having gone as far as taking back what you gifted to her?? I'm pretty sure that's higher than nazi pedophile in the hierarchy of evil.
Yeah, zipper down the right leg, was about 70 euros, good buy in the sweatpants department, although I'm not much of a sweatpant wearer.
Are you kidding me? I'm always sizing up 1 in asia (compared to Europe), I think US sizes are either equal to euro ones or even bigger...
No.I got some Nike sweatpants a while ago, not sure of the name, went to Uniqlo then Nike and got those, I think they were from a "tech pack", whatever that means. I wear them to stay home, go grocery shopping or when I want to look like a fuccboi wearing them with Rafdidas and stuff. Only semi-decent pics I have, taken with antediluvian mobile, silhouette is really nice, get those instead.
Mary Katrantzou for Adidas
That collection has a few gems, you've got Air France magazine to thank for that discovery, I think it was on the Colette suggests page but not sure.
Look, I dunno why everyone is talking about fairness and getting angry, maybe it is because LAGuy and I are older (and maybe not,) but what he's telling you is that sometimes you have the choice between expressing your anger or getting what you want and that, it might be worth it to act to get what you want, unless you anger is worth $830.
Pretty much, I look at the Cabourn jacket I have and it is obviously better made than say a Margiela jacket. However between a Margiela, a YSL and a Schneider I can't really tell and certainly don't care. Certain items just have that surplus that gives them something more when it comes to quality (like Green or Cabourn or whatever), fashion brands being mostly interchangeable, being interesting for other reasons.Of course quality is like any other aspect, it is all about...
Fuck The Kooples.
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