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A few remarks: 1) You seem to think your value judgment has to do with characteristics of the object (i.e. Jeffrey) however it has to do with the information you obtained. To steal from Kripke's "A puzzle about belief", if you encountered Jeffrey as Jeff, thought he was a different person, assumed a different narrative about where his "style" comes from and proceeded to assess his look as effortless, you'd be stuck in a paradox where you'd believe "Jeffrey" to lack style...
I can't help but question the self-awareness of a man who wants to believe, against all rational ways of conceiving such a thing as a car, that automobile vehicles operate through the will of the driver and who then proceeds to watch a documentary about car mechanics. If you wanted to keep your fairytale ideas alive you shouldn't have looked under the hood.
Which isn't the shape of old MMM jackets....
WTF is A shape for you guys? I usually think of thisA line (as in a dress) but not A shape...
Yeah it wasn't really planned TBH, it just pops a little bit in the pic, not even sure the two blues match in real life. Anyway this was a mostly wanker outfit to go see an expo at fondation Cartier then meet friends who really dislike the trainers (my friend was wearing the other colourway so we looked like total assholes).
Ya, someone alerted me to that. Original image:
Overcoat: Margiela Shirt: Dior Jeans: Taralis Sneakers: Margiela
Congratulations, you just topped the SZ post!
Faggot forum?
I personally only invest in beanie babies.
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