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I wonder if there is an academic study comparing the relationship to alcohol in various Nordic countries (say Estonia vs Russia vs Sweden vs Canada etc.) would be a fascinating read as there are clear similarities but I'm sure the sociological differences could also be enlightening. I mean only in Russia do you get drunk people killing each other over Kant and prose vs...
I saw a groupe of sad Swede supporters drunkenly walking after elimination, Paris was a mess when it started (strikes+Euro then fashun).
No idea if you are following Euro 2016 but Wales (even with Gareth Bale) and Iceland performed surprisingly well, I definitely wasn't expecting this.
If your Icelandic cousins beat France sunday I'm going to call for a generalized bombing. Actually, can't hate Iceland, they did good.
Woah, Wales wasn't Brexited by Belgium, I am shocked.
We need a racial breakdown and a chart that goes to 100% and the fun will begin in earnest. Note that I have no doubt more hardcore racists support Trump but I don't see why the average supporter would be more racist...
Wait, are you implying that different nationalities have diverging genetic propensity to crime and that it would explain varying crime rates in the USA?
What are the odds that Lighthouse has read Locke versus reading his little tidbit in a Breitbart article?
Boris Johnson is a Chris Farley skit that escaped in the real world.
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