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Ok, I usually come in this thread to look at the car-crash looks of awkward users but this is pretty sharp, those boots are much better than other SLP I've seen and the jeans have a great tint.
No idea, quite silky but tags are gone.
Are the brown boots in the pic Sutor cause I think I own this exact model.
Shirt: vintage Jeans: Uniqlo Boots: Balenciaga
That's an artisan popsicle from Berko
Current look:
I wear kurtas, Berber jewelry and some African stuff, TBH I really don't give a fuck about cultural appropriation because it posits culture is a dead/unchanging thing. Sometimes I just think it looks ridiculous but then wearing a suit can look ridiculous on some people. Maybe watch statues also die by Chris Marker?
I dunno, their styling make everyone look like a GQloser while the product shot is just bland. Mr Porter should stop producing content, they're just not cool enough.
Sunglasses: Number (N)ine Sweat: Gosha Shirt: Uniqlo Jeans: Taralis Boots: Clarks
Pieces I have are relatively tight but still true to size.
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