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I use a White Mountaineering cape as a throw (and cape).
Show you're a go-getter, wear some Vargcore: Viking helmet, chainmail, nazi regalia and greatsword.
I use MMM dust covers when traveling.
warning: wild guesses to follow!Aero looks cool on someone 48-52 but doesn't seem to scale back so well for a 44 or 46 (someone my built). I kinda want a new rider and would maybe look at aero or SLP (although I think the label is wack I like some pieces and they fit me really well) but haven't made up my mind on what I want, it may take me a few months (+ I already have 4 nice leathers).
Boy London, brand for 80s club kids, had a recent revival and they made new jawnz. I know fashun people who used to collect the vintage pieces but now that it is worn by a bunch of no-style they are mad and left that particular interest behind.
Margiela fur coat (women's).
Ann D
I'm also pretty big on Michéa.
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