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FYI Rick Owens has upped the quality of certain pieces (think shoes and even jeans) and this comes from the guy managing said quality improvement at RO. I know another RO employee proudly wears a lot of Ironheart and tells me he wishes RO was made that well. I guess that is telling of the state of fashion's price to quality ratio versus Japanese denimhead brands or Cabourn or what have you. I still maintain some Engineered Garments pieces I have have some of the cleanest...
Except that the expression is very often employed as a way to naturalize a situation and thus avoid looking at potential contributing factors and possible alternative options. In other words it is almost never immutably what it is.
Hey I know a bunch of black people, they're not afro-americans though, which I guess counts.
It did ring a bell but I had to google the brand. I think I just popculturefailed.
I liked the recent 32c Toitou interview where he said he made the first slim jeans for ghetto girls cause they can fit big asses but are still tappered. I think he then proceeded to talk about his boat and the middle-east.
I knew at least one of them worked as a SA on that street,nice shop too.
Who the fuck are you anyway? Like I give a fuck if you're a lawyer or not, if this is what you are implying.
Huh? I'd think making a case regarding harassment should be quite do-able, keeping in mind I am not licensed to practice law in California (or anywhere else).
I'm not you but yeah, definitely creepy.
This is really creepy and not funny at all. Stanley Van Buren should hire an investigator to see who is doing that and sue them.
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