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Should A MAN splurge on cuckoo clocks?
Not as much as your mom, the whole neighborhood is talking about her wanton behaviour.
What to splurge on: a pimped out segway what tp save on: vitamin juice Here you go, glad I could help.
I copy pasted from what I got....
Congratulations! Here are your results. You're a Mystery No feedback to display.
Jacket: Margiela Tee & Jeans: Uniqlo Sneakers: Raf Simons Response trail w. Adidas
Only speaking for myself here but I try to block all ads here and everywhere else and am not interested in receiving stuff in my email. I know as far as marketers are concerned this website is just a way to provide available brain time but I fucking provide "content" and want to read other people's content in a less regimented and mercantile manner. Oh and I now wear Rafdidas with nike sweatpants everyday ;(
Fear of, like, cool.
I love their house shoes, well not as much as those from Muji, not sure they sell those outside asia though...
I'll def need the slimmer shoulder and will take xs but everything should be great, I want the body to be about this lenght on me.
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