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SF meeting
First photo is fine, dunno about the second one. In the polo-dress shirt thing his jeans look like dress pants-jeans. So he's wearing a dress shirt-polo tucked in dress pants-jeans. That's like really bad, the skeuomorphism of casualwear. Silhouette is also shit although I have nothing against high rise. I'm not fascinated by Agnelli or anything but I've seen good looks from him before: they were much more formal (i.e. suit). Just like I don't like dumbo's family (British...
Looks really bad in that outfit, could see it working untucked, I mean I do it with a YSL tuxedo shirt with the same buttoning and it is fine (I think). I guess Agnelli couldn't do casual well either, the CM curse.
There is a clear distinction between the scientific breaking down of a series of movement down to their smaller parts and the emulation of the gestures of master figures. Now cultures have interpenetrated and the western one is quite present elsewhere and has been for a long time (and it is not quite unitary anyway) + like I said I dunno much about martial arts, although the somewhat related training of soldiers appears to have had the same western pre/post transformation...
Wittgenstein, using the example of a client's appreciation of a tailor's work, explained that a client wouldn’t point to specific problems but make a positive or negative judgment (it’s allright, it is not allright) and he is quite correct that dressing works that way. An esthetic judgment is only possible within a culture and correctly explaining it would, if we’re thorough, require explaining the whole culture that generated it. That is why we often use evocative...
I can't, I mean from the bar I can but not the pathway on top of the thread.
Looking good isn't a matter of having good reasons or what I'd called merit, most times you possess little information about the subject you are looking at, aside from the ones you get from his outfit/age/gender/other misleading bullshit in today's lifestyles as interchangeable, piecemeal, so-called (consumer) choice. In that ichigo ichie, singular encounter environment, the person you see might have dressed randomly in the dark, have bought the look from a salesperson, be...
Website is really slow once I load a new thread or whatever, bar doesn't seem to disappear after a while. Can I go to preferences and change something about the bar?
Not wear it over Ameridad clothes?
Tell me you don't have super pale white skin. This thing can be ok styled differently on a really tan person.
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