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You're an undergraduate, dress as you please. The only thing you probably need is a suit for certain interviews/presentations/people dying/people marrying. Get a dark grey or navy suit from Uniqlo or another cheap retailer, a blue and a white dress shirt (barrel cuffs) 2 restrained ties and reg black captoes. Anything else isn't according to a formula but to what you like. If you don't know what you like maybe you don't care about clothes so don't bother. Any moron who...
You guys should watch the latest Godard, I mean it's in fucking 3D and he films his dog with a gopro.
Hmm, boots don't mesh...
They got some dope Lanvin wide pants on sale though.
Duck recipees with oranges come from France cuisine and seem to be relatively constant, pho though it's more like everyone has their own secret coca-cola recipee. Well that's from my own experience and I am not Vietnamese.
What is American-Roman anyway? I understand NA pizza, wich is an interesting thing in itself but it is not typically Roman, do you mean like American variants of pasta dishes?
I once saw Rick running in the Tuileries and he was wearing his big dinosaur shoes...
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