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Oh please, common parlance settled not research settled.
Hasn't social science shown that "influencers" don't really work that way but marketers have chosen to ignore these results because it is much easier and cooler to hang out with a couple of cool kids than to actually reach an audience through boring means?
Some geniuses made a brand called "imitation of imitation of christ", maybe the first meme brand.
Jacket: Margiela Shirt: Ute Ploïer Sweater: Margiela Slacks: CDG Trainers: Muji
I'm honestly starting to think terrorists are just bombing my fav hanging out places in west africa to piss me off...
The look you posted is better than anything including those skinny, ankle lenght, ripped-knee jeans that some SLP wearers affectionate and that are now worn by everyone and their sister.
HC dresses are often works of technical mastery: a work about its own process. You can see the equivalent in classical music with some super hard to play compositions.
Flashy pants are rather old news as far as fashion is concerned. My theory on why the brits wear them is that it just goes easily with a green (Barbour) jacket and echoes the the red socks worn with formal attire by some semi-eccentric Brits of old, notably those of the foreign service. Note: old people in Paris who are editors or whatever often wear coloured khakis, although red is just one option.
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