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Finally found some great looking Moroccan shirts (currently in Marrakech), so happy after years of looking for "designer but local craft" version. Ordered two bespoke from Karim Tassi, they look like shit on the website but are really great in person. He also makes some kickass hand-made Moroccan capes for men and women, very pricey though.
Are you insane?
Santiag probably comes from a spanish brand of cowboy boots name Santiago that was popular in the 60s and 70s but I can't confirm that.This came from a google search and not my own knowledge so, once again, no idea if this is true:http://archives.lesoir.be/la-santiag-santiag-attitude_t-20040724-Z0PLDP.html
Can the collar be flipped?
I have an anthropologist friend who travels to the USA to go to Nascar events. It's not like he does it like an asshole to observe people or anything, he brings his foldable chairs, his coor light and generally has a good time. Seems out of character though but hey.
This is cool
Well they don't have the primary references so for them everything is superflat, it's all on the same level and only refers to fashion or the superstars who wore the actual articles. In other words a SLP perfecto isn't 80s rock'n'roll and american but something Kanye or some asian popstar wore. Poell is like Chanel is like SLP etc.
The SLP boots are named santiags because to french people it means cowboy boots. French rockers from the end of the 70s and 80s loved wearing santiags with beatup slim fitting washed-out jeans and a perfecto, riding around on their mopeds and carrying opinel knives. They sang about all those things, you'll note that it is exactly the SLP typical look. In reality, someone like Slimane, who grew up in that environment, can say he loves US rock and LA all he wants but the...
I know a guy (not from North America) who dressed well when doing business but whose casual outfits consist of a fat Rolex or Panerai with some Harley Davidson polos and jeans (he loves his Harley). I think Luisaviaroma is so Eurotrash ready to go to Ibiza to snort some bad coke and listen to filtered house that it is worse than that.
The basic riders that are the most common and usually made of lamb except for the one just posted. In other words you'll see a lot more jackets in lamb than calf but if you were to look at every model presented in the collection, most of them are in calf. That's my experience but I'm not a SLP nerd, just went to the places where they sell those in Paris (Printemps, SLP stores) and in various SE asian cities (I like to look at luxury brand stores in asia, it's just so weird...
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