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Nope, (american) men tend to react badly to women in position of authority and this harms her with a segment that would normally be ok if it was a dude with naked ambition and a cold personality. Here's a somewhat ok summary of something that should be pretty obvious to you if you've followed american politics for a few yrs (note that I dislike Hillary too):http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/10/fear-of-a-female-president/497564/
Hillary has three problems now: she is a Clinton, she is a woman and she seems a little weak with that incident. The last one is the least of her problems but it might be just enough to make her lose, I agree. From an objective point of view Harambe is still a better candidate than Trump although I have some sympathy for the fuck all these insiders and experts mindset that many Trump voters have, this has nothing to do with Trump himself, he's a complete fucker.
Let's be honest here, Trump is bullshit, bullshit, bullshit until he gets bullshitting and everyone knows it at this point. You like to contrast the two dominant US parties, here there are no two parties, just bad and considerably more bad, to a level where the bad one deserves to win at all costs.
One of my fav books, I often offer it to friends.
That's the original article where he developped the concept of airspace. Maybe it is clearer without hipster. Note that I travel all the time and I've been seeing it more with airbnbs...
You mean let's see what David Frum is saying...
Both side of the same coin?
You're indeed right (maor factor) structuring your thinking. Look at academememia, I see major idiots who never had an original idea in their life fake it forever just that way.
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