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I travel all the time and knowing the prices in many countries for short term apts. this is both a ripoff and a great way to confirm your asshole status and meet other assholes. I'm sure it will be successful, it speaks to the international self sovereign networking startuper douchebags, Silicon valley jerks off to that stupid shit.
You're looking for a sweater to wear all summer? Move somewhere else. Sweater is a little bit ugly IMHO.
American society is also incredibly segregated.
Aren't you in eastern Europe where you have like 5 Muslim migrants (some countries have Muslim populations but they're natives)?For your information the migrants that commit a higher % of crimes than average in Germany are from Serbia, Albania and Kosovo. I'm not saying we need to preserve Western European culture from Eastern Europeans importing their shitty culture but, maybe I am saying it...
I'd do a 1:1 program where we deport idiots like you and get someone with a modicum of intelligence in. I'd even accept particularly clever dogs in some sad cases.
I want to ban them, fuck you.
As far migrant criminality is concerned (including rape, if you're thinking of the Cologne incidents), if you take German statistics there is no correlation. In fact Syrian and and Iraki refugees commit less crime than say some from other eastern european countries.Massive immigration increase from 2014 to 2015, due to the refugee crisis, lead to an 80% increase in migrant crime for a 440% increase in migrants.Reporting discussing BKA numbers on migrants (BKA=Federal...
Maybe if he was wearing a different tie...
TBH it depends if you know people into fashion in "real life" tm. I don't have that impression at all and lots of stuff I wear can be traced to outside-the-internutz influences and discussions.Note, I do dress like an asshole these days but it is not SF-style:
Cool shirt...
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