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The people in this thread are often clueless about maintenance, fashion etc. because they're new to this. Sometimes a realistic approach helps everyone. SLP jeans are like any other jeans, you can look stupid in them or not, depending how you fit them. If 13cm or whatever don,t fit just use a diff leg opening. The backslapping support group feel means people are going out looking like tools. It is just clothing and as long as they're happy who cares but if you want to look...
No, the fabric cannot lay entirely flat and uniform on the skin, it is when it looks too tight. As with any prescriptive fashion statement I am sure it is possible to have a look where the exception works but it is extremely rare in this case.
Fitting slim jeans is a balancing act, you just fell off the rope and crashed on the concrete floor. You SLP people want the slimmest fit possible but it cannot lay flat everywhere against your legs or you get the dreaded jegging effect. Worst is when your calf is moulded by the jeans. You can easily solve this by getting a larger cut or sizing up, depending.
Tumblr is only ok for the gay dudes into gopniks and the kooky girls into cheap 90s graphics and cutesy stuff (these will soon be boring). The rest is a bunch of passable editorial re-posts and generic lifestyle pics, I drink coffee too dude, fuck your cup closeup. I feel that MrPorter is basically the generic tumblr fashion dude made into a shop so I really don't keep up with it because it is sad.
I could see forums having their own apps and being sorta like podcasts in their structure with a lot of hashtagging aka classification making them easy to search.
Sure, the switch happened in the 80s which is why you will see less and less remnants of the old bourgeois culture until all that is left is some clowns aping frozen traditions like vinyls continually skipping while everyone else carries on listening to their music stored in the clouds (see aristocracy).as for bespoke and how to dress well we're in complete agreement.
To be honest it was a matter of social class, some of the guys who discussed bespoke learned it from their milieu and brought this knowledge to discussions, making things about outside knowledge-power being brought in . The current echo chamber of circular information exchange isn't a natural evolution, merely the disappearance of the old bourgeois culture (it died in the 80s but the aftershock is truly felt now). In a sense there is no point in discussing bespoke in...
Underrated here you mean? They had a big installation at le Bon Marché earlier this year and seem to do very well for a niche brand.
Wait how thick/exact colour (can pantone :P)? I have an old one in reg cotton but this looks better.
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