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I tried both several times, they're about equal and smoked meat would be a pastrami variant.http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/06/difference-between-pastrami-smoked-meat-katzs-schwartzs-mile-end.html
http://www.schwartzsdeli.com/Smoke meat equivalent, depends which variant you prefer.
Cap: Supreme Shirt: Dior Homme Sweater: Gosha Jeans: Uniqlo Trainers: Margiela DSM bag: Craig Green parka
Yup, I've been one of the many here pushing those things but @jet found out that in big bad man size they were maybe too bulky for his taste (he also prefers euro proportions TBH). My fav MA-1 (not that into classic HL or that sort of thing, I know it is a crime to say so).
I'm flying to NYC so they're packed, can't find a pic online. Got them at a sample sale so not sure they were ever produced. I think you'd like the shape but maybe you'd prefer something with a bigger heel. Will post pic when I have time and tag you. Also they're size 41 and may have been women/models/whatever.
If you've ever seen Guidi's owner you know tacky is the appropriate word but yeah, within the goth-ninja world I don't think tacky can be used meaningfully as many designers are purposefully playing with the concept (say Rick Owens with Susan Sontag’s camp) or playing entirely outside the world of bourgeois good taste or any oppositional movement (CCP).From a more generalist styleforum dresser who might care about integrating those I find that depending on your wardrobe,...
They generally are?I mainly wear black boots but also have grey, white and brown onnes of all shades. They have to be considered more carefully. Wearing grey margiela chelseas as I am typing this.
Normandy, taken during NYE using film. I just got the pics from a friend. Very roral/remote and I'm wearing relatively old fashionned garments.
BTW I'll be in NYC this weekend and might have some time to meet as I go to DSM or whatever, hit me up if we interact here in any meaningful way.
New Posts  All Forums: