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Nice outfit, who makes the shirt?
A chair that reminds you of a fat ass is very honest design. It is also ugly as fuck.
Burn this abomination is the only acceptable answer.
Knew it!!!
Yeah, it is rather square (not oversized), nice jacket and all. There's nothing great to say about it but it's a good, everyday piece.
SLP rider jackets integrate easily in a look and are fine, well unless you're taller than 5'10"...They're really fucking short.
A few things you'll note about the motorcycle story:1) He said he didn't find him stylish, this is hopefully not a crime, lots of great people aren't stylish, here and elsewhere. He's a little bit exalted in the way he presented things but if you carefully parse the motorcycle story, all he is saying is that he doesn't like the lame kid on the court with the pricey dunks. Of course I'd argue that this had nothing to do with his former post as style is obviously the...
Two Meermin dainite in brown and commando in black would make a pretty nice boot rotation. BTW even cheap boots can last a long time, just threw away a pair of Loakes beaters I had for around 10 yrs.
Wow, can't believe the eldest of kunk's sons has grown so much. Congrats to the happy parents.
This looks so much better than the previous look which barely got away with the cowboy-rocker bottom/weird artist smock blue long jacket clash.
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