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AFAIK Portuguese style chicken is also popular in former Portuguese colonies (like Angola and Mozambique) so somewhat present in certain parts of Africa. I like mine with potatoes for the full greasy feast.
First one would look nicer without the patches and the second one is cosplay-kitsch, not easy to wear. I'm a funny person but I don't need to wear "funny designer clothes", it is the equivalent of fun ties.
This is in the USA measurement system. In Italian sizing a 40 is a 40, both for men and women. Now it might be slimmer (as in less wide) but even then I doubt it, for stuff like boots sizing is usually proportional across the board. Stuff like heels (with no men’s equivalent) might be the right length but compress a somewhat larger men’s foot so if you ever want to cross-dress you might have to size up, here not so much.
Nando isn't Australian though, it is from SA. I like really good Portuguese friend chicken and they're not common in the USA so maybe Nando is a good compromise...
Really, maybe it is the picture but it looks stiff, I'd expect something slouchier and coolier looking, am I missing something? Lapels are fat and A+ though...
Incidence of foot fungus go down from 35% to 18% when wearing the SL-10H. Depends how much you care about dermatophytoses.
http://www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/barthess-silken-legacy Roland Barthes scarf at Hermès. They also have a house philosopher named Adrien Barrot (LOL).
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