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You're thinking like an old person here (depth of knowledge, primacy of the lived-experience, familiarity through reading and more conceptually rich mediums). In a web-centric visual culture you can consume images very quickly and harness them in any way you want to, not caring all that much about their insertion in a wider context. You're consuming very vaguely defined signs and playing with them, something that we sometimes "accuse" the Japanese of doing due to a lack of...
The Thrasher thing is already old, I wa surprised that so many people supposedly "in the know" kept at it. With that said skateboarding and fashion is an on/off thing that has been going on for a long time. I don't feel a special kind of affinity for suburban american teenagers and I don't want to fuck the Russian version like Gosha so, yawn.http://www.vogue.com/tag/misc/skateboarding/
This is indeed the central problem with representative democracies, as pointed out by countless thinkers. It is a reasonable point, wtf are you on about?note: I'm talking about the bolded part in your quote: "reducing democracy to voting" .
You seriously think there's a genetic predisposition to crime and that it is correlated with certain nationalities? Humans aren't Golden Retrievers and Poodles; they're humans.
The EU has almost no politcal integration btw, this is a myth (united states of Europe). The problem of EU is precisely that it offers no political project, it is merely a managerial neoliberal endeavour. If you listen to a far-right thinker like Alain de Benoist he'll tell you he is FOR Europe but a politically integrated one able to face global problems and preserve its peculiar cultural tradition so opinions tend to vary even for "ethno-nationalists". Of course genetic...
No. NO. NO NOI'm really into short sleeve shirts with stupid patterns right now but I certainly haven't gone or needed designer, here's what I have:Vintage Christian Dior with nice CD and dots prints, very 70sVintage blue one with huts and other beach prints3X Vintage 70s-early 80s sorta more faded prints found at Chatuchak market (Bangkok)Uniqlo Liberty printsomething else, can't rememberCoupled with some white longsleeve Thai and Moroccan shirts and even Kurtas from...
A quick look at this book tells me it speaks of cultural characteristic in a sort of anthropological survey of american pop origins and their influence. Maybe that ought to give you a hint to stop with your crazy genetics bullshit?
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