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They are priced cheaper than at non-european online stores, just like pretty much all garments produced in Europe.
arrghhghg, so many lines, my eyes, my eyes!!!! I have no idea why but the first picture hurts me to no end while the second one looks perfectly serviceable. I guess it brings to mind the importance of not behaving like you are the Agnes Martin of the coat&tie world, leaving some unadorned space is not a bad idea.
Are these computer generated people? Can they FEEL?
Not sure which store endclothing is as there are so many online stores, will make sure I stay ignorant.
I took a trip to see the Soulages exhibit and eat like a pig.
I don't like seeing a relatively heavy material on something that, by design, evoke airiness and summer days. Vans have made the right design choice from the start and everything else just messes with the original in a way that would make zombie Dieter Ram come back from the grave to bite people on the ankle
Junya released a great one with some plaid in the back, looks quite nice if you can find it.
Tom Ford's glasses are made by hand by Italian artisans working directly under Tom's wise guidance, C'MON!
These are ugly, you wouldn't even be thinking of wearing slippers if it wasn't for Céline and that is true even if you don't know Céline made some.
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