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Is there any topic on which you do not hold a fucking stupid opinion?Here's some educamation you dolt:http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=568
There are no clear answers to questions of sexuality such as these, this is why the "ask consent for every action you take" checklist is deemed ridiculous but we understand the problems they are trying to solve anyway. Are we raising and educating people who can exert proper value judgments though? I think not.
USA and Canada are basically multicultural by definition, it is their constitutive nature. We're not talking Germany here, everyone is a mutt but Americans are recent mutts.
The symbolic weight would be a diplomatic nuke and destroy the relationship with these countries, we're talking expulsions of ambassadors and severing of the diplomatic link, move to back-channel talks to solve the situation. BTW Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are both USA allies so tough luck. You're also aware that for many countries the immigrants in question are mostly accepted for humanitarian reasons (think Scandinavia) which would remain an exception unless something...
Once again the logic of your argumentation crashes on the mountain of distinction between nations, groups and individuals. If the state of Sudan has a policy the USA disagrees with it may exert diplomatic pressure (say the aforementioned Carter ban on immigration + other assorted measures), this is usually done to change the existing policies the USA disagrees with and is, by definition, temporary although say the Cuban sanctions lasted for a long time.Now if some Ugandan...
With Alexander Dugin advising the Kremlin you might soon be.
I entirely agree with the drive toward illimitation AND the universal going through the Rome/Christianity axis (inherited from our symbolic fathers, the Greeks) being revealed by Jews to be the deconstruction-ready figure of our affirmation hiding the possibility of a negation of this drive, embodying the universal and illimited as an excess of the particular. On the other hand I wouldn't see the supposed "West-Muslim" and "Israel-Muslim" clash as being part of a...
I read of a lesbian wedding, yeah. I'd assume this happened multiple times as Islam is even more open to fractious interpretation than Catholicism as it tends slightly more toward Praxis than Dogma when compared to the later.
Europe has less terrorism now than during the extreme left and IRA period coupled with some extreme-right false flag actions.
The axiological neutrality of capitalism is bullshit? It is not some objective, value-free way of handling the economic side but a consequence of past European problematics filled with hidden value judgments? Basically it is so present nowadays (there is no alternative) it becomes invisible, we don't question its premises but they still exist. This is why stuff like tv debates are so fucking stupid, we present hegemonic philosophies already swallowed whole and normalized...
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