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Can you order from Amazon and get a paypal refund after 3 months? I mean maybe it's be fun to fuck over this dumbass company.
@Ken P @ridethecliche @mike868y @afixedpoint and anyone else in Boston who wants to meet saturday 11 of october Ok so let's meet mid afternoon, is 15h ok? Just let me know where you want to meet, considering near Riccardi on Cambridge or whatever would make sense since it is relatively central.
I have a couple pairs of shoes that are over 5 or even 10, they're fine. Sneakers not so much, I went through gats and others slowly but surely, they don't last that long...
I'll PM you though, I'm pretty sure we want the exact same jacket (leather, hardware, other options) but in different sizes.
Dude the dogshit is a thing of the 80s, back when "dogshit+graffiti=Paris" was as good a definition as anything else. Nowadays, not so much.
Anyone up for a Boston meeting on the 11th of Octobre? I'll be around but don't have much free time until that day.
Can the first post be amended to have all the details (measurements, pics, options, fit jackets available etc.) I want to order a fit jacket but (yeah LOL) I'm going to the USA for a few days.
Looks great but I'd be careful, those evil Japanese tend to wear their stuff to the ground (assuming it's from Y!).
I'm a man, this is for someone else . 176cm tall I think so should be ok.
I guess what I'm asking is "will it look good on a woman", we're talking tall and slim so maybe easier to fit men's clothes.
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