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Too bad I don't lug much around, would totally hunt the old Miumiu vest-thing or some YY.
Wait, what is this new fit thing? I have some of the old models (Stark and a great one with square neck opening that doesn't seem to be produced anymore) and really like the fit.
Cool girls wear neutral or even boy pieces (white dress shirts especially) and avoid over fashiony look, magazine editor style is blech. 70s is better than 80s. I dunno, has been stable for a few months at least. Truth is style in Paris tend toward the relatively conservative even for people working in fashion.
Sebastian remix was good.
I have this: Think of all the possibilities.
Stan Smiths everywhere.
I don't tip for coffee in america, unless I'm sitting down and they bring it to my table. Well if I go frequently I'll leave something, same for food.
You're aware you can mix it up? I have antique peasant wood furniture, old factory stools and whatnot, mid-century and contemporary designs at home.
New Posts  All Forums: