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Why? I look like the bad guy in a 80s movie about finance?
Au top, A+
Dude, loafers. Please.
So it is ok to analyse films but not clothes? I think that you might or might not be interested in it but an intelligent discourse about cclothing and fashion can be an interesting addition. His error is to think that you need clothes that flatter the analyst's intelligence to do that. He should read "Television culture", the sociology classic about television. You can say insightful things about mass culture, you just need to respect the people who consume it and really...
I can trace part of his reasoning easily: he's just bought "The spectacle of skill" by Robert Hughes, hence the Warhol flatness analogy. I think there's a certain romanticism here though, fashion has never been a hub of intellectuals, to say the least. Margiela was a guy in ultra-tigt levis molding his ass and a beret loving those tall hairy dudes. He wasn't just that but to think it was a Derridean exercise in deconstruction rather than an instinctive process would be...
Tired of cuffs on jeans? Looks affected and wrong 99% of the times. Extremely tired of people showing ankles/socks. Like every piece of advice I've ever given I probably broke it at least one time. Hell I own skinny black cropped slacks.
Some Margiela rubik cubes:
Adidas is selling $400 trackpants?
Are the pants grey? I don't remember those...If the sweater is grey elbow patch + grey sweater I think I have the same one.
Would be better with dress shirt and more contrasting colour for sweater. Pants are great.
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