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It is an indoor garden situated in Le Marais, maybe you're thinking of the Anne Frank gardens, which are public.
Bless beach camo and bonus ultimate 70s douche pic.
Is this trolling?
Media lied to you, there is no ISIS connection in Nice (so far and not looking likely), maybe you misunderstood?
You got my point, don't be dense. We're too quick to associate attacks with religion when it isn't a factor or merely adds coloration to a suicide/murder.Paris or Brussels attacks=Islamic terrorism with ISIS connection, it is not like these don't happen, no need to fabricate or distort current events.Brevik? WTF!!?? I sincerely doubt the guy was part of a movement/conspiracy in any major way.
The guy in Nice has nothing to do with them....as far as we currently know and it is not looking likely.Next time police shoot someone in the USA I'll insist it is "Christians again"...
Apparently yes, still no links with Daesh but he did look at radical websites a few days before the attacks and also went on a reconnaissance of the place he would attack. He was also psychotic according to a doctor whom he consulted a few yrs ago.
stylefarmer ig?
He had plastic guns and an inactive grenade. His only real weapon was a 7.65mm pistol. There is no indication he was linked to terror groups, had a manifesto, made any demands etc. but new information may surface so...Death toll 84 and will possibly rise, this includes 10 kids and teenagers.note: The guy wasn't 4th gen or whatever, he was from Tunisia. I'm sure Suited will cream his pants when he learns that.
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