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Ask your mom to write you a sick note.
She'll still have the mandate we all love (bomb the middle-east and kickstart cold war II), americans just won't get the social-democrat crumbs
Drinking Armagnac, can't trust anglo-saxon products, too many fuckups by your people lately...
The cult of Nordic people is way more modern (it precedes WWII and the nazis though). Anyway, as Tabucchi said "They have the unconscious but, us, we have the soul."
1) You never defined american culture. You may have mentionned some platitudes about the constitution but if that is the case your "culture" is so lame as not being worthy of surviving.2) You mentionned open borders I told you Europe doesn't have open borders except within Europe. I may add that some countries recently closed those borders anyway...
Well the idea of "whiteness" started with the arrival in America by those mediterranean people. Sure it changes with time (Jews were NOT white, which is why they could not be assimilated, according to the suiteds of yore) but the spanish or whatever, always been white.
Name a country in Europe that has open borders. Unless you mean within Europe itself but then we're talking about nice white people.
You don't like French Catholic newspapers?http://www.la-croix.com/
Comes from Maurizio Altieri and the "continues" brand he helmed. Many of his former collaborators (some weren't very important but still claim that lineage) went on to start labels (Sarah Lanzi, Simone Cecchetto, Maurizio Amadei, Luca Laurini, Yoko Ito etc.) in the same aesthetic vein. You can see it as the encounter of being near the production sites so being interested in technical possibilities (patterns, materials, distressing) and some sort of Italian tradi meets 90s...
In PH's case he worked for (with?/consulting? I forget..) Comme des Garçons and isn't really part of the same scene as the other "arte povera" brands who are mainly Italian-based. I'd say the connection with the Carpe children brands and whatnot is mainly due to stores who carry him and not PH himself.Because he's sold in places with these other "artisanal" of "gothninja" brands it is amusing that I can wear something from, say, engineered garment with PH and have people...
New Posts  All Forums: