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Cool jacket but I rarely pop mine, maybe in the back if it is windy.
Plants, plants, PLANTS!!!
Predates, we're very much in a 90s revival thing, either late 80s-early 90s Ray Petri style (with bombers and stuff) or the slightly later grunge look. Not sure SLP is really doing the full grunge thing though, he just cycles through rock styles and references of the 60s-70s-80s-90s. I personally never really let go of flannels and sometimes dressing in that look so I guess that's fashionable now.
I would not go that far, the items all look fine to me (especially the tie), the lines of the jacket and shirt just seem to be on the exact same wavelength, sending signals of confusion to my poor brain.
It really depends what you want to purchase, I mean Givenchy, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Lanvin etc are all french brands but so are Pigalle, Kitsuné, APC, Bleu de Paname etc, you're talking about the main fashion capital. Luxury is mainly produced in Italy but design studios are in France...Anyway my point was that european brands are cheaper in Europe than elsewhere. It can be Rick Owens or Pierre Corthay, it doesn't matter.
They are priced cheaper than at non-european online stores, just like pretty much all garments produced in Europe.
arrghhghg, so many lines, my eyes, my eyes!!!! I have no idea why but the first picture hurts me to no end while the second one looks perfectly serviceable. I guess it brings to mind the importance of not behaving like you are the Agnes Martin of the coat&tie world, leaving some unadorned space is not a bad idea.
Are these computer generated people? Can they FEEL?
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