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What did he do exactly? Maybe some uber-celebrity can influence some people (is it worth the cost?) but when someone looks at the 200,000 follower hot girl on the internet they might just like her tight sportswear shots or think she's a bitch. Most people don't spend much time pondering each image in a sea of images. The idea that signs have surpassed commentary is quite naive, the sea of signs merely helped commentaries get more relevant, in politics just like in fashion....
More of a continuum from the post-couture era to now I'd say., def some elitism but not always of the rich and famous kind. LA doesn't count, it has always been that way I guess...Also Raf was in Antwerp and Paris, different scene. Paris in the 80s was all dog shit and graffiti.
Not too sure what the article about but everyone can pipeline my long lead. The writing is unacceptable.TBH I never made the correlation between people who get "eyes" on instagram and consumer buying said bullshit product . I thus believe "influencer" based marketing strategies are basically wishful thinking from pr people who'd rather party with hot, well known baskets of deplorables at some branded event than do actual analysis and boring marketing stuff and actually...
Don't forget that the "in" people in fashion years ago weren't necessarily elite as much as they were a sort of fashion subculture, there wasn't as much money, consolidation and management people and, while we're not talking about punk,we're still discussing some weird people with niche taste along with the regular society pages assholes. Being some gay dude with a devouring passion for fashion wearing a third vintage finds, a third your own clothes and a third designer...
Farage was and is a sack of shit. What else do you need to know?
Americans have such huge portions it is no joke.
I'd vote for that wizard, he looks like he's top of the live action thing reggs likes and possibly meets pro-vapist girls at.
Best way to do it is to give maternity AND paternity leave, also furthers equality between men and women. 6 weeks is a paltry length though, Canada has around one year with the before/after (before for the mother and after to be shared between the parents). Sweden has 480 days (!) but they can be divided any way they want between both partners and taken years after the child is born.
New Posts  All Forums: