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+1, all casual is fine, it really doesn't evoke over-branded street-goth. Hell when it is somewhat cold I do my errants in a Buzz Rickson MA-1, Supleme hoodie, Nike sweats and whatever sneakers (sometimes RO dunks, ok that's a little bit douchebaggy) and it's ok.
Bomber is fine, leather is usually fail.
Maybe people in tech are subconsciously aware that they're glorified app-pushers so their lack of importance and relevance, even compared to academia, let them keep their peace of mind?
This makes a lot more sense, yeah.
The e-masses hunkering for the public chastisement of the e-├╝bermensch they once clamored for, finally able to let their seething resentment at his apparent detachment from every day worries erupt, make me feel a certain empathy for him. I hope people get their money back but maybe it is time to stop building up idols if you don't want to be so blinded by their lights.
He got a couple Korean bespoke suits, bought a JLC and a Sinn and did 4-5 trips that included a unusual amount of fine dining, over a period of what, two years? That's certainly out of reach for most people, even those living in developed countries but I think what followed is making us take this out of proportion. Especially considering the markup*amount of jackets he sold versus operating costs. For the record I met him when we both happened to be in the same SE country...
Not going to intervene in the current massacre but Drew is deaf but that does not stop him from using written communication, AFAIK he's big on iphones...In other words when he told people not to attempt to call him he made total sense, how would it actually work? You could text him, we FB chatted a coupled times.
Yes perf zips, they're holding up quite well btw, not like some other MMM boots.I think someone asked about the bench: it is an old car factory bench, hard to find.
Hat: DemeulemeesterJacket: UniqloMoroccan shirt: Karim TassiJeans: UniqloBoots: Yohji/Y/?Rose brooch: DemeulemeesterRings, bracelets: Moroccan street vendors (berber style)Angel wing bracelet: Gregg Wolf
Boots are dirty white, they came from Yohji or maybe Y/coming soon/? not too sure and there's no tag because they're a sample that were gifted to me by someone working for YY-Paris. I also have Margiela zip boots in a similar colour so these might be easier to find. Picture is a joke (douchebag album cover, hence the smug look), I was trained in classical music though (violin).
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