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Anyone with a proper secondary education has all the tools to understand this, btw I didn't just make it up, it is a pretty common taxonomy. Google neo-racism or differentialist racism.BTW it is a somewhat simple concept and may, indeed be contested on certain grounds:https://204racethought.wikispaces.com/file/view/Balibar+Is+There+a+Neo-Racism.pdf
Well they bought a shitload of drones it was only a matter of time before they deployed them (to keep you secure).note: I'm not following the Dallas event closely, did they use drones with offensive capabilities like those used in say, Yemen?
Why?Not saying you are wrong, just wondering why you think so.
I haven't read the article and don't care about it one iota. However, while the salient feature of REPRESENTATIVE democracy is voting, this is not the case for direct democracy where the salient feature would be the participation of citizens in deliberations (debates AND decision). The expression "democratic exercise reduced to voting" comes about by seeing that what citizens are essentially doing is voting every few yrs for who amongst the dominant class won't be...
It is true that the ravages of policies such as the broken window theory (turning a correlation into a causal relationship) end up criminalizing poverty in the contemporary urban ghetto, resulting in constant police attention and various types of arrests. I gave the stats "as is" but if you want to read something more in depth I suggest getting this...
A few remarks regarding the "genetics" conversation: -The pattern of alleged adults, jumping to definite conclusions using specious reasoning and badly digested, hand-picked research they haven’t read, gleefully saying that “this wouldn’t be well received in some milieus, know what I mean, wink wink”, smugly affirming some sort of rebellious outsider perspective and dropping hints of victimhood (same people who don’t understand why they can’t say nigga and really need to...
Some stats about police killings: https://thesocietypages.org/toolbox/police-killing-of-blacks/
Their (these others) violence is less technologically advanced (in general) which might give that impression, we're the masters of death and destruction and after two WW and lots of droppings of tons of liberty on countries I think we deserve the title. The way we've managed to reduce man to an object of technical domination (i.e. process the killing of people like on a factory floor) might be even more horrible than the "barbarism" we highlight in these ME cultures.
French genetic superiority prevailed, fuck you all, 2-0!!! woohoo
Isn't being outside the main problem? It seems to put cops in danger and all, hence the completely expected shootings.
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