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You live in Rome?
I travel all over the world and have no trouble finding cabs and paying from a wallet/card is the same as paying from a phone. There is basically no improvement just a different medium (your stupid phone) versus the old one (actually talking to people).
There is no new on-demand economy just an attempt by Capital to sidestep labour laws and make everyone some sort of piecemeal/part-time slave renting their small studio here and there to visitors and driving a cab during nights to pay for it. Digital economy is about the market invading new areas of people's lives.Also any system of automated car driving should be a public good (and no car ownership), the Swedes are going to make great strides in that regard...
Yeah vertical stitching is two lines (small "e" Levi, of course). I'm pretty sure it is authentic (the place had a bunch of vintage lee, levi etc) and it looks correct (+ who would fake this and distress it perfectly to boot,I paid $20 for it). I'm just wondering if some Levi nerd knows the detail of Canadian production (made in Canada). Factory closed (big surprise) but they seem to have been active for a while. Anyway really happy about the find.
Got this great levi vintage jacket at chatuchak market (Bangkok), very nice wash and post-buy distressing. Made in Canada. Anyone knows how to date that thing?
Do you really need specific bottoms for the plane? I go from jeans to slacks to sweatpants without any substantial impact. I think there is a tendency in certain consumer "styles" to overemphasize the technical needs of their relatively technical needs free everyday life.The W&H look like some sort of military sweatpants sensible wear for "creative" (LOL) workers who refer to themselves as "coffee-snobs". Second ones are military/outdoor and ok I guess.
Hey eurotrashbeanieman, maybe try un-tucking. Tucking boots has a very limited use and tend to #teenagegoth most fits. Those bulbous toes look especially fetching under tight pants that widen a little at the hem.
Today I saw a Chinese auntie with a pink "Girlfriend from hell" quote tee. Mainlanders have an awesome relationship to slogan tees that make me really like em. Their food isn't too shabby either
That's why lah.
I probably have a full wardrobe of those, I recently gave some stuff to friends. It is normal after a few yrs because you don't like to wear the exact same style all the time. I need to keep more than I wear though cause my taste varies. Right now I like slacks (not jeans), long coats nothing hip-length, little black and more earth tones + gray. This may change in a few months.
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