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Here's a gift:"The politically correct vision enacts a weird reversal of racist hatred of Otherness-it stages a kind of mockingly Hegelian negation/sublation of openly racist dismissal and hatred of the Other, of the perception of the Other as the Enemy which poses a threat to our way of life. In the PC vision, the Other's violence against us, deplorable and cruel as it may be, is always a reaction against the "original sin" of our (white man's imperialist, colonialist,...
Wait so you represented an alleged midget-rapist who is also married to a midget or was the wife the rape victim? Otherwise you can say you had a midget fetishist as a client, pretty cool. If they make a doc on your life they could call it "Get shorty" or "Even dwarves started small".
We should drug test you every day.note: I'm against drug testing you dolt.
Italian is quite useful if you,re dealing with production and I'm sure you've noticed Japanese people tend to have very poor english so Japan mags/design/etc.
1) That has NOTHING to do with Marxism. Superstructure, base buddy. Read Marx.2) That's almost meaningless.3) Feminists are very diverse, they don't necessarily share beliefs...4) You bring an interesting point in that, like other master signifiers, "cultural Marxism" is what Lacan called a "point de capiton" (like the quilting point in a sofa) in the sense that it doesn't have a a fixed meaning but serves to anchor a series of other terms and give THEM meaning and power....
Basically a series of interconnected online hate groups (yeah really) centering on hardcore misogyny (lots of pro-rape or all women are the same/fungible discussions) and videogame logic of dating (hence all the pseudo-science usage of evo psych) but also mixing white power (lots of antisemitism), conspiracy theories, online and real-life harassment campaigns, trolling and general reactionary politics. Basically what happens to middle-class white disaffected males when...
As you probably already know "cultural Marxism" designates the change from an orthodox Marxist approach, with the superstructure being determined by the base and all that, to the unorthodox theories of the Frankfurt school (Adorno, Benjamin, Marcuse etc.) applying Marxist theories to cultural analysis and even giving culture precedence over economic relations of domination. You can see the important influence of sociology and psychoanalysis at play here. Modern versions...
My god, you're a red-piller? I'm sorry for anyone having to go through your logorrhea of (sexual) defeat in real life.ps: cultural Marxism doesn't exist, if you want I can recommend some traditional conservative or right wing authors who aren't complete morons like the people you have just listed.
I don't think that is the crux of that (entirely symbolic) proposal. More of a "what if it happened to you" or "let's aim the measure at the assholes who support it" kind of thing. We should drug test elected officials and gov employees. Maybe teachers, doctors and laywers.
You seem to think we share a culture and that some of us aren't fighting for it, what culture is it exactly?
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