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Red buttons are too much :'(
Nice belt buckle but you wear ties too often and too casually. Drop them and your look will improve greatly. Scarf is also dope you should list brands
Casual wear: yeah, okweddings: you only wear dinner jackets during the evening, I guess the smoking would be more appropriate in that case but a short tuxedo is sorta iffy (depends on how casual the wedding is).My advice would be to buy something like this for fun but get a nice navy or charcoal suit for weddings, the tux is something you will wear very rarely and that requires a lot of additional accessories.
What pants in first pic?
Swedish friend arranged for it and others are flying in, last year was in Normandy, this year in Stockholm, I like to go to a nice house or apt and get good food and wine instead of going out. I'll probably be there for 4-5 days.I'll make sure to bring warmer clothes, -10 is a lot harsher than 0.
I'm spending NYE in Stockholm, temps are zero-ish, right? Not sure I need much beside a coat + some light gloves...Also what's the best fish specialty you'd eat? We'll be near a pretty nice fish market...
So meme: http://mckirkland.tumblr.com/post/132219924159
Wait so am I a 1 or a 2 in the artist shirt? I'm usually a 46 in jackets but sizing seems super big (don't want it tight though...).
I'll let him answer but he' an expert and works (worked?) in the field, he did help me with some contemporary Brazilian companies.
The problem with contemporary furniture is that people are so afraid of how their taste will be judged and there is very little around to ensure their judgment is a safe one, in this case it is really a fine display of status at play."It was a summer in which the more hopeful members of the society wanted roller skates, and stood in line to see Woody Allen’s Manhattan, a picture in which, toward the end, the Woody Allen character makes a list of reasons to stay alive....
New Posts  All Forums: