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This is cool because the coat looks like one of those yellow/orange raincoats at first but isn't. Your pants are fine, no need to adjust them.
What is the proportion of lefties on SF? I know a very large % of my close friends (and myself) are left-handed.
Well it is quite normal, when you hardly wear a tie you prefer OCBD, especially with knits. Hell I have poplin OCBD.
Well the haircut is played out anyway, let the nazis be unfashionable.note: I always have long to semi-long hair and don't follow "fashion" for haircuts so, yeah, typical fuuma advice. Still I'm tired of seeing hitlerjugend.
Get some Kennedy haircut (I hate these dead assholes), would look fine on you. My other idea is a rat tail but I doubt you'd be happy about it.
Have you tried having new wave "hairdresser" hair?
Boots are really cool, just not with that outfit. Lucchese+straight leg blue jeans + printed shirt or whatever + jeans jacket or bleu de travail is a very good look.Yeah I like your new look way more, I'd ditch the caps/hats but that's me.
Sararyman like me is a TV series starring Nahneun wearing avant-garde clothing to his soulless corporate lemming job in a Korean company where his crazy boss bullies him but is so bungling as to always be punished at the end of each episode.
They're white boots, you put them on your feet. To pull them off you unzip first, then you pull the boots.
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