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You seem to display a worrying lack of empathy, being unable to realize others might have different lives, interests and viewpoints. Honestly, my first comment was exactly what was wrong with your post so you just need to chill. Judging is important when discussing aesthetics or actions but it should remain within the bound of a historicized evaluation (i.e. knowing where I stand as subject and where the object of my judgment stands, a double appreciation that leads to...
Maybe she works in a "creative" (LOL) field, maybe she doesn't work, how the fuck should I know and why would I care? Not everyone has your life, circle of friends, taste, habits and social requirements.I'm three time baguette throwing world champion so you better be respectful. I train in Rafdidas for added velocity.
Maybe she doesn't have the same life as a SF suburban dad working in finance? How shocking!!
WTF?? Guys, designers barely make statements about their collection, they are almost never "theory inspired" or whatever you are incorrectly referring to. They hopefully had to read some Heidegger and Benjamin during their education because everyone should have to, we're talking about two major thinkers.If Ann D was inspired by anime her designs wouldn't have soared to their heights the women collections sometimes did. Why that said we're talking about a Rimbaud and...
Can't really say from pictures but possibly.
Bangbang! Hat: Ann Demeulemeester Scarf: Faliero Sarti Leather jacket/Shirt/sweater/gloves: Martin Margiela Slacks: Helmut Lang Shoes: Adidas Gun/wallet: Fauré Le Page
They're not "affiliated", her firm does the pr. Michèle herself also styles Haider.
No, you're a muscular guy (big drop) and you're going to look like a moron in your little tight blazer not some rock god. If you're merely asking if you can fit it well then, yeah, go with your shoulders and wear a 52. Don't forget SLP is built for columnar dudes (slim but with a small drop, like an "I") so they cut isn't for you, you'd be better off in something like Dolce and they make those kind of dinner jackets, maybe Lanvin with some alterations would also be more...
Bump, this was discussed again.
Not much, made a button fall off here and there and that's about it. My own clothing sometimes end up torn (even leathers) or with cigarette burns, just had a MMM jacket rewoven because I got a huge one at a party.
New Posts  All Forums: