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Was Foo thrown out of Hermès?
The number of chinese people I see carrying everyday items using an Hermès shopping bag just astounds me. People at Hermès are usually nice though, I sometimes stop just to get catalogues and they'll offer them in a nice shopping bag. I'm not sure they'd do it if you stopped everyday though...
Is that really positive? I feel a deep connection to Toyota or fucking coca cola.
Yeah with slim jeans and no brown I'd totally like it.rarely check this thread, must say I saw some nice fits with flat caps in the last few pages.
I also saw a couple of guys wearing dadcaps (flat caps) looking pretty good in a WW-II era film kinda way. I actually own two dadcaps but rarely wear them cause they gives me a hipster look I'm not too enamored with unless I go fulldad (tweed jacket etc).
Oh and just saw this in the MC casual thread (I check it once every 6 months), looks pretty cool, no? Would have been better with slightly longer trousers but the general look is great.
I'd go for a jacket with slightly more built-up shoulders and/or waist nipping. This one looks really columnar which I like for a rocker look but not in a more trad way. Slacks are really great and love the high waist.
The essential division here (IMHO) is that his comments were more in-line with the judgment of artworks not products. Now to me there is no debate to be had about burning it or whatever (how about we do a dual burning with piss christ to make everyone happy?), we can discuss if it is a shitty artwork though.
Ok, CA again, maybe more in line with double00 last comment (didn't align well with what dieworkwear said tbh):
Well I was thinking more of a single, local shop I'd like. I'd want a focus with very little spread (i.e. you sell fashion maybe you can sell me some incense or fashion mags and even vintage style related artbooks). Nowadays you have your coffee in some sort of Brooklyn-simulator who also sells beanies with an antique gun logo on them, bicycles and opinel knives and you just go wtf.Now those huge and venerable department stores of which Le Bon Marché is the prototype (and...
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