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I'm more or less a size 46/36, I think it's xs in your sizing, if the thread was well organized I would look at measurements but, as I said, it isn't and fuck searching again, the first post needs to have all the relevant info.BTW I'm not mad or anything, just helping this thing really get going.
Can I order a sample jacket for fit (of the styleforum slimfit whatever it is called), I don't have a big window to receive it until the end of the year so I wanna know now... Cheers ps: @LA Guy please edit the first post with all relevent info, this thing is becoming too complicated to navigate and I'm about to give up on the jacket, a lot of people are probably feeling the same way....
Some asshole removed my "fuuma was here" comment from the spreadsheet
Carpets are just hated nowadays, it works as a time capsule and it makes sense to keep a landmark that way.
Dear chap, you just don't have the swag (as those born in more unfortunate circumstances like to say) to carry these beauties.Note: I saved the file as "NBAsshole"
Woah, pocketbro is awesome, all his pics should be titled "date-raping you in timeless style"
I was merely giving some context, it's not like you had a sample of 4 random people and it matters.
Well I care about the large issues, not the technical and design aspects of ads so it works for me. I don't know if it works completely but I probably don't leave much of a trace when it comes to being tracked due to some measures I took and a variety of other factors. On the other hand I post uncensored pics of myself on public forums.
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