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Yeah that kind of stuff. Why? I'm not event presenting an opinion, merely saying that "hate crimes" follow a typical pattern and thus do not stand outside as some sort of thought policing, as it is often said by ignorant web-kids.Now, once again, while it is common in many jurisdiction, sometimes due to past ethnic conflicts (i.e. Bosnia, Rwanda) it seems to me that the topic and its impacts mainly come up in the USA, as its applications seem more far-reaching there + free...
Is that his favourite birth control method?
I don't think you understand how western law is constructed, in fact I am sure of it. I'm not expert either but you need a minimum of understanding before you comment.1) Hate crimes aren't about investigating those nasty illegal thoughts in your head (wtf?), they are about possible motivations for concrete actions. Motivations is pretty much a constant in the treatment of violent crimes (was there premeditation, what was their mental state etc.).2) Hate crimes would be...
Nerd and its associated social groups are a very American concept and not that operative, except through emulation (diffusion of american cultural stereotypes), in most western countries. Try explaining the idea of jocks as some sort of white upper class athlete thugs to a french person and you'll get blank stares.
That is completely false.Old school Jihadist (Al qaeda): long training, trips to the ME or from there, religious fundamentalism then terrorism etc.New school jihadist (Daech-eu): less training, barely any religious knowledge or interest, european born and raised, terrorism then religion"lone wolf": life sucks, watch youtube, bang!I don't see how new school and especially lone wolves couldn't be yellow tbh.
Why aren't all white americans disvowing this? Where are their community leaders?
Don't like hawaiian shirts with a black base...
Keeping it classy with cutoff shorts.
It is an indoor garden situated in Le Marais, maybe you're thinking of the Anne Frank gardens, which are public.
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