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I wear pants on the outside because pants is how I feel on the inside.
Black chelseas and no square...
Well YMMV. It was for me because I was looking for something specific (halfway point between fashion and trad rider), might not be worth it for you. I'm not a fan of Caroline de Duck-Maigret but she can get pretty much any jacket she wants and mostly wears Blackmeans, if, for example, I just wanted a rocker's look I could buy that and it is easily available at retailers. So many choices available right now.
JunyaXVanson original '07 release. Bad pic (jacket is not weirdly shiny) but you can see the lenght so here you go. Thanks @0JSIMPS0N (bought from him)
First two make the model look shoulderless and not in a nice, A-shape coat way. Last one looks very menswear casual if that's your thing. I can smell the "spice your business casual look with a few nice beaded bracelets" from a mile away.
First but not very exciting...I'm pretty sure you already have a huge wardrobe, do you really need more generic stuff? It is nice enough. Second one looks like it is about to develop Kaposi's sarcoma.
Rider's belt on something too soft ends up being super annoying.Pass
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