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Ya, I picked some rare stuff for some people a few yrs ago at bottom prices and I saw items for sale on sufu. Now unless you actually know me and I feel like it I certainly don't do it.As for the forum yeah there is a very good stewardship, although the direction it goes is mainly out of the control of the moderators/owners. This might be less the case now that the site is "mature". Anyway back to online sales.
Club Dorothée had you covered. My fav was Max et compagnie.
I think I've read that article before.
Walter Van BeirendonckXIkea http://www.retaildetail.eu/en/eur-europe/eur-furniture/item/17443-ikea-joins-forces-with-walter-van-beirendonck
It really depends on how it is presented, if the post is all casual and going, hey guys I can get you stuff from MrP because I have access, I'd interpret it as someone offering people he e-knows a favour. If someone makes a very formal post offering a proxy service I'll assume it is a business endeavour.
I think it's LOL that someone tried to make money out of being first on a website and got banned, Go Simonov!This "community" is a marketplace, almost no one just helps out for free like a few yrs ago.Sucks.Come to think of it I'm pretty sure I got a message a while ago going something like "psst, want some FASHUNZ, I got that Mr P, will give you a highlike you've never seen before!" Pretty creepy.
What is your usual size, I'm a slim 46 and think that with measurements as they are I might be a s/m, which is surprising, was expecting xs or s as usual.
1) What wiki calls "received english" is also the accent the Queen uses. She might not be a BBC presenter from the 60s but uses the same pronunciation.2) Sloaner Ranger accent is just a marginal variant of the BBC spoken by a VERY limited number of people, it is also linked to vocab. more than pronunciation, no?note: I'm not a linguist and made several assumptions, the main one being that RAH and Sloane Ranger refer to the same cuntspeak.
New Posts  All Forums: