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I once got someone's expensive Hollywood bar tab.
The average Swedish guy is a relatively athletic and long rectangle, maybe they're nationalistic about cuts.
what size/price?
Fuuma after waiting a couple hours under the rain for the Tour de France finale passing through Paris. Worth it but we were pretty much the only cretins who came withiut umbrellas or raincoats.
No, It is about finding what you want in the great chaos of consumer culture.
Good graphics but I am not sure how I feel about "Nike F.C." itself (yeah, yeah, I know Nike now dresses major footie clubs etcetc).
Mass designed the logo (pretty much on a napkin). I believe the business concept went from a taco cart in Seoul project to TOJ.
This without the swoosh is really nice
These are some hot chicks!The problem is that this jacket is ugly.
"You're not being "algorithm'd" out of your account, the automated system just gets freaked out when your IP address is international but your account isn't": this is exactly the same thing. You do know what a computer algorithm handling security for banks/paypal/etc does, right? Well paypal's is crap because it blocks the only person who has ever used the account (me).I don't know what an "international" IP address is but you seem to say it is distinct from a US IP...
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