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Calf leather was much more substantial and relatively flawless last time I went to a SLP boutique.
SLP fans are the most deluded fashion buyers on the market. You buy cause celebrity wear it and because you want to look like a cool slim rocker dude. You look like someone's mid-life crisis, camouflaged bro-wear or average sausage fest most of the time. Stuff is relatively well-made but not more than a lot of other fashion brands.
I used to live 5 mins from Mass when he had this apt, in fact I was there when the pic was taken. Always had the coolest stuff than sold it before people started liking it.
They collaborated with Saville yeards ago, I have a pair of these...
Mike is a size 38 too so much closer to the xs-s crowd (prob M in Junya).
Not sure if this is a joke but if it isn't my sincere condolences anyway.WARNING GENERAL MESSAGE ABOUT DUMB GUESSES I JUST READ IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN THREAD, KEEPING IN MIND I AM NOT INVOLVED WITH TOJ, HAD A FEW BEERS WITH DREW ONCE, HE WAS A NICE GUY.I sincerely doubt TOJ stocks years of hides for production and that you guys will get "lower quality stuff", they provide calf and lamb leather, up to their standards, and these goods are readily available on the market as a...
Any anecdote about people dying in-between ordering and receiving their jackets?
TBH I don't even want an ultra-skinny jacket, I want to be able to wear it with a very light sweater and shirt or with just a tee and I'm not looking for some RO body hugging fit. Backs just tend to scale weird when the sample is so big, basically same concern I had before. The sleeves might actually be fine but it is hard to say with the pic, the length and stiffness making them look different than they will look after a month of wear.Shoulders do stretch but I wouldn't...
He is probably with an agency, walking runway shows pays a few hundred euros (varies) and the agency takes a cut. I know some nice kid who does like 14 shows a season and it's not like he has money considering he has to go to castings and do all kinds of bullshit for like 4000 euros a season. Being on a cover doesn't pay either, the only avenue to $$$$ are campaigns. Girls tend to get more money.Most models are a little bit older than people think, although some girls will...
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