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Bomber: Buzz Rickson X William Gibson Shirt: Uniqlo Sweater: SNS Herning Slacks: Peir Wu Trainers: Margiela
Yeah, a friend of mine lives right in the worst area, he put his phone to the window and you could hear gunshots and sirens.
I already have a cape, Banderas is so last year.
Well everything is casual even most of his jackets, I'd wear the ties, just not with these outfits. I can't stand casual ties so maybe my tolerance is lower but I think if you go ties, hat, pocket square, fancy scarf in a casual outfit you are overdosing the menswear.This is especially true when I'd define his style as "My dad was a firefighter." i.e. working class third gen american city pride or something of the sort. The beard, tattoos, denim and wearing something rough...
Doesn't change much in my experience unless it is a really sunny area. Note that some museums manage to fuck up museum glass protected paintings (this is a thing, yeah on paintings :'() by directing so much light at it that the whole thing glares (the renovated Paris Picasso museum made sure it is impossible to see the most famous paintings).
Red buttons are too much :'(
Nice belt buckle but you wear ties too often and too casually. Drop them and your look will improve greatly. Scarf is also dope you should list brands
Casual wear: yeah, okweddings: you only wear dinner jackets during the evening, I guess the smoking would be more appropriate in that case but a short tuxedo is sorta iffy (depends on how casual the wedding is).My advice would be to buy something like this for fun but get a nice navy or charcoal suit for weddings, the tux is something you will wear very rarely and that requires a lot of additional accessories.
What pants in first pic?
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