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Tuck tongues....
F300 by Pierre Paulin for Artifort.
"Been Bro"
@RegisDB9 Pic with the Margiela grey boots you wanted to see (sorry, totally forgot before today).
Yeah, still in good condition.
It is Instagram-ready art but if you forget the hyperbole and just look at kids loving it the experience is extremely fun. I also liked the Guy Bourdin exhibit at the Fotografiska.Skogskyrkogarden is incredible, especially in the snow, one of the most accomplished example of this kind of modernism, I also loved the library (also by Asplund).
Hat: Ann Demeulemeester X Elvis Pompilio Coat: Margiela Scarf: Mom Shirt: Uniqlo Sweater: SNS Herning Jeans: Uniqlo Boots: Vass expo= Olafur Eliasson at Moderna Museet In front of the uppstÄndelsekapellet: Hat and coat: same gloves: Margiela Turtleneck: Véronique Branquinho Slacks: Peir Wu Shoes: Muji
All black + red beanie. I was kidding my friend that I can totally camouflage as Swedish, shop keepers basically say "bonjour" to me before I have a time to speak. I'm like really non-swedish in looks, style and demeanour.
Haha, not around, I need to travel around the same date as you arrive. You guys should talk to younger labels than AMI, these people are super settled right now.
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