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Scandi is the land of everything contemporary designer for everyone (along with COS), very special case IMHO. Even most of the interior design companies/furniture are in that range and people buy from scandi brands (not necessarily from their own country though).
Had a great time with you guys, even though LAGuy uses a scooter (he's a quirky character).
Young people have no money to buy houses or cars so they spend on restaurants, phones and vacations. The paradox of contemporary western impoverishment bringing more spending money...
Nobody cares about those:you either want the dynamic aspect of a post + answers or you use search engines.
Weather is nice today, keep in mind Paris is more like London than what you'd expect (lots of rain, someone mordant weather for the temp).
The piece I have is fine, they can't really fuck it up though as he uses a lot of synthetics. Haven't tried in heavy rain.
Just got assaulted by hail so pack for rain/disgusting weather.
AFAIK flare just means the pants start widening at the knee while bootcut would start mid-calves (to accomodate boots).
I'm all about the flare right now, got some super flared jeans (more than these) and can hippie-wear them with joy. Margiela flared dress pants would be an excellent addition but right now the only ones I can think of have a slight bootcut feel but that is about it. I do have some rather wide, white cotton Margiela pants that are perfect for summer.Boots are size 41 MMM so probably men's but I got them at the (rare) Margiela sample sale and they might have been prototypes...
Lapels are good, what do you dislike about them? Rounded make me feel it is more country and casual.
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