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Have you tried having new wave "hairdresser" hair?
Boots are really cool, just not with that outfit. Lucchese+straight leg blue jeans + printed shirt or whatever + jeans jacket or bleu de travail is a very good look.Yeah I like your new look way more, I'd ditch the caps/hats but that's me.
Sararyman like me is a TV series starring Nahneun wearing avant-garde clothing to his soulless corporate lemming job in a Korean company where his crazy boss bullies him but is so bungling as to always be punished at the end of each episode.
They're white boots, you put them on your feet. To pull them off you unzip first, then you pull the boots.
I think I posted a fit with a Craig Green parka.
Their first single was supposed to be titled "5 counter-intuitive interview tips to nail that dream job!".
They are tee shirts, deal with it or get new tee shirts. If you,re too fussy you'll get bad fashion karma and start looking like the fussy fashion person that you are.
Jacket is almost black, maybe wear something else than super light suede? Get some white or dirty white boots.Signed: the fuck all those light suede + dark leather combos brigade. Visit my website at www.FatLS+DLCB.comHonestly this is over, the future is light blue straight leg jeans + black boots. @Synthese even made me realize it is a cowboy thing, I mean you love America right? Tom Ford recently made a movie and there are some evil rednecks in it (the perfume ad version...
My mom wears all three of these things. I used to wear dress shirts with sweater vests and corduroy or wool slacks when I was a wee lad or stuff like this sailor outfit. I also had my navy suiting phase when I was around 10 and my fila hi-tops right after that.
I'm an editor and curator of my personal style. I got the job when I fired the previous E&C (my mother) for thinking punk band tees weren't #classy #respectable enough. That was years ago and I've been ruling the field with an iron fist ever since. Is has been said that I'm the best E&C Fuuma (tm) has ever employed.I mean THIS just didn't cut it with the ladies:
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