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Ya, someone alerted me to that. Original image:
Overcoat: Margiela Shirt: Dior Jeans: Taralis Sneakers: Margiela
Congratulations, you just topped the SZ post!
Faggot forum?
I personally only invest in beanie babies.
I think there's a pretty good podcast on Heidegger on the partially examined life, prob Dreydegger inspired though cause they're Muricans and in their 30s (I think) so that's what they learned in school. I guess that'd be the best effort/got some basics ratio ever.
This is cool, did you also try fiddling with the lenght?
SLP threads are my fav thing on the internet, they're like the anti-vaccine threads of fashion. I love how people who buy pre-distressed pants think they're punk, in 2015 no less. Fucking cutting edge insecure asian bro/Kanye fan/malnourished white dude who now thinks he can be sexy too and everyone over 125lbs is a fatso.
New Posts  All Forums: