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Carpets are just hated nowadays, it works as a time capsule and it makes sense to keep a landmark that way.
Dear chap, you just don't have the swag (as those born in more unfortunate circumstances like to say) to carry these beauties.Note: I saved the file as "NBAsshole"
Woah, pocketbro is awesome, all his pics should be titled "date-raping you in timeless style"
I was merely giving some context, it's not like you had a sample of 4 random people and it matters.
Well I care about the large issues, not the technical and design aspects of ads so it works for me. I don't know if it works completely but I probably don't leave much of a trace when it comes to being tracked due to some measures I took and a variety of other factors. On the other hand I post uncensored pics of myself on public forums.
I can read articles about that (and I do, I care about the big data picture,not the latest design on what they want me to click on), I can't deal with being bombarded by ads though so adblock and other anti-tracking plugins do come in handy.
Proust is a major topic in literary research, let's not get too carried away by one guy with an ax to grind.
I was recently at a meal with "intellectual" friends, out of the four people at the table, three (including me) confessed they'd never gotten to where the ship sails for the badass whale while the fourth person didn't even bother opening the book. I'm currently reading some Blanchot and Maurice Sachs, my buddy is re-reading Metamorphoses by Ovid etc so it's not like we keep to Danielle Steel.
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