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Coup d'├ętat? You mean Gove trying to fuck over his friend Johnson?
Guys I have no idea where it is from and am not particularly following the #blm thing and it was perfectly clear to me. It is a good comic, don't let your bias get in the way...
Yeah, I forgot about that, I only learned about that one when going to the USA even though I am sure there are some cases everywhere. Can you imagine someone trying suicide by cop in Britain?
Note: She's keeping the tabby cat I posted earlier so he gets to stay at 10 Downing.
The USA is an undeniable outlier for western nations when it comes to police killings, it is a typically American problem and many factors may contribute:-Lots of guns in circulation, I'd be shitting my pants if I was a police officer because you guys are fanatics about your firearms. This is coupled with media sensationalization of violent acts that may give the impression of an even more violent society than it currently is.-An confrontational attitude of alarming police...
One was a wannabe-cop walking around with a gun and "policing the neighborhood", the other one got shot. You know how I feel about that but ok, pick any other example of CE morons jumping with joy because someone got shot by cops while buying a slurpee but hey, they had unpaid parking tickets and a school suspension, THUGS!
I'm interested in the media investigating the victims of the Dallas shooting (cops), that would be a proper parallel. Because that is what happens to victims of police shootings, even when it is unrelated. This is why you go around calling Trayvon Martin a thug and think it was no big loss or something equally stupid and callous.
I'm thinking of people shot by police (or say Trayvon Martin who get painted as a thug for having been on detention or some shit like this). There's a tendency to bring unrelated information regarding shooting victims (often stuff that say, the police didn't know and that had nothing to do with the incident) to paint them as "thugs". This allows some of our mouth-breathing members to rejoice in the death of one more thug who wasn't a "productive member of society" so...
Are media outlets going to investigate the slain cops pasts and expose irrelevent details as illustrating their thug status, it seems only fair to do so...
Considering we're talking about one of the two presidential candidates (ok, not yet...) this is rather in line with american practices, no?
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