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Yeah I know, I need the stuff to be relatively low though, going to be on a rug with piles of artbooks nearby. People keep sitting on the floor so I'm solving it with a low chair where they can either chill or read. Any other suggestions?I'm also considering the Loop by Casamania, cause who does not want to see a chair/rug centaur in their place?:
Eat muffins?
Tom Dixon bird versus Paola Lenti Linea (see below for this one)?
Yawn, Dries is good in stores but I'm almost never enthousiatic about his runway shows, too much print madness when you pile it all up. Harness and shape of coats is A+ though.
Most of Europe have a different union structure (sectorial negotiations instead of company-wide negotiations) which means the minimum wage was traditionally negotiated that way.
Boom England, this keeps getting funnier and funnier...
Those are too short, real ones I usually wouldn't want to wear the fabric (same are cool but my skin tone strongly differs from those of most kurta wearers). I wear my JJVE tunic a lot and just want to add a few.
Yeah, the thing with Lemaire is that he seems to enjoy using the colour palette that was most common in times when dyes weren't as advanced and most clothing more muted (1930s sportwear/colonial past) but I don't think he borrows from asian cuts directly, more from 80s Issey...
Similarities are the 80s hexagonal shapes, the nods to womenswear and the ensuing similarities between men and women's collections.The long top, short top versus high waisted thing is also quite often used by the two.I like Lemaire in theory but I've tried some stuff and it doesn't look good on me, too bad cause I wanted to kop the Kurta when it was on sale. Who else makes a good kurta?
My pants are really sharp and cut too short and I'm wearing a zebra cap with my lego sandals. I AM A EDGY NONCOMFORMIST!!!!!! And so is like Justin Bieber and his drop crotch shit or OH DAMN
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