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What I find more interesting is that I have been seeing anecdotal (yeah I know) evidence from people you'd call SJW disliking Bernie and finding him lacking even compared to Hillary. The real global divide is here is between a new "left" unwilling to go from singular, community/group based struggles to a universal, socialist, global one. The 80s Foucaldian turn has basically made a large part of the more radical left completely disenfranchised from older far-left inclusive...
Well the incoming presidential election is pretty much already won by dems at this point so there will be some regular gloating from the average dem-leaning newspaper editorial and high-minded, insufferable gloating from the bastion of urban, semi-literate, dem-leaning elites (NYT). Can't wait to see what #ameridad David Brooks has to say about this and decency.
Are you kidding me? If Paul Ryan had said that, "libruls" (MSM media lolllilollll) would have been even more overjoyed. BTW no one likes Ted Cruz and any 30 sec clip of Ted Cruz will tell you why.
The second one will be more #elegant due to the lenght but the first one probably has a cooler, #wabi-sabi, #authentic look. Why do you want to purchase this btw?
we can't really know from that angle. Maybe he likes to extend his torso, who knows...
They make cool looking riders (and other stuff), not that hard to wear. I haven't purchased from them but what I've seen is really great. They're also big (punk) nerds like the workwear guys so it is endearing.
Mr Porter recommends pairing a Blackmeans jacket with rolled-up chinos for a relaxed look perfect to go to an art gallery opening or a first date.
You didn't like the fit but that is different than saying your height precluded you from obtaining the "required" fit.
There's a long version (and a R one) and you're not super skinny so yours will be proportionately longer than, say, mine. I think you'd be fine, unless you're 190cm+.
I'd imagine it goes even better with Brits...
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