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You do realize people who call themselves "Persians" were exiled by the Islamic revolution and usually hate the Iranian government more than you will ever do? They're sorta like the "white" russians you see in France and elsewhere in Europe who are descended from Tzarist elements. Your comment was thus as ignorant as it was offensive.
Go air tie with a sleek suit.
Cuff, I never get Ann D or Harnden adjusted, I just like the slightly off look.
It's not a matter of fitting in them, but of looking like you want to. I really don't see the point but a guy like Beckham might disagree, I guess the best is to avoid shopping online and trying a bunch of pairs at the shop, maybe along other well liked brands like DH and APC.SLP leather fit: they look best if you're not very tall, tried the exact same model with a friend who modelled for some of the forum's favourite brands and he looks retarded (190-192cm) while I...
DH and Lanvin have better suiting, if you want to stay with well-known french brands. TBH it's not like it matters that much, SLP jackets are good enough from what I can tell. I just hate the general look and the way people style it. Astérix on sufu wears it in a very minimal way and it is fine, it's just slim black jeans, a white tee, a nice leather rider and black boots. Problem is unless you have a very slim body you don't get the SLP look, you have to be extremely...
Calf leather was much more substantial and relatively flawless last time I went to a SLP boutique.
SLP fans are the most deluded fashion buyers on the market. You buy cause celebrity wear it and because you want to look like a cool slim rocker dude. You look like someone's mid-life crisis, camouflaged bro-wear or average sausage fest most of the time. Stuff is relatively well-made but not more than a lot of other fashion brands.
I used to live 5 mins from Mass when he had this apt, in fact I was there when the pic was taken. Always had the coolest stuff than sold it before people started liking it.
They collaborated with Saville yeards ago, I have a pair of these...
New Posts  All Forums: