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I wear kurtas, Berber jewelry and some African stuff, TBH I really don't give a fuck about cultural appropriation because it posits culture is a dead/unchanging thing. Sometimes I just think it looks ridiculous but then wearing a suit can look ridiculous on some people. Maybe watch statues also die by Chris Marker?
I dunno, their styling make everyone look like a GQloser while the product shot is just bland. Mr Porter should stop producing content, they're just not cool enough.
Sunglasses: Number (N)ine Sweat: Gosha Shirt: Uniqlo Jeans: Taralis Boots: Clarks
Pieces I have are relatively tight but still true to size.
I once got someone's expensive Hollywood bar tab.
The average Swedish guy is a relatively athletic and long rectangle, maybe they're nationalistic about cuts.
what size/price?
Fuuma after waiting a couple hours under the rain for the Tour de France finale passing through Paris. Worth it but we were pretty much the only cretins who came withiut umbrellas or raincoats.
No, It is about finding what you want in the great chaos of consumer culture.
Good graphics but I am not sure how I feel about "Nike F.C." itself (yeah, yeah, I know Nike now dresses major footie clubs etcetc).
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