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This is dope as fuck without being especially sf/internet style. Non bludgeon it in your face use of blues/denim, dirty gats, super clean haircut.
Dainty but reliable in my experience, so sorta like an improved fashion boot I guess.
Stopped by Muji and got some lighter summer U-necks, the one they have in right now are pretty cool and quite cheap.
I'd like something around that weight or just slightly heavier.
I tried the 07 at the time, considered buying for the look and design but passed because the leathers were way to heavy for me. Just the viewpoint of someone who wears leathers a lot but casually to go out/hang around/whatever and not do anything special.
Most of the traditional companies do not make zips at all. I own two side-zips from traditional makers: Sutor Mantellassi and Massaro.
Excellent, I am definitely comfirming I am in. I don't want to post too much about this but since several people share my opinion on hardware and some even messaged me about it I'd like to know what you'd suggest for the following aspects of the jacket:-relatively light calf leather (I'm assuming the firenze is the best choice but just so I know)-Thick and silver coloured (no bronze hues) zipper pulls/zippers-Body that looks normal (no oversized sleeves, they end at wrists...
I'm down with this, tried the calf and lamb SLP rider and, while I loved the hardware and the cut is nice on me, wasn't a super fan of the leathers and certain specific design choices. Here I like everything except some hardware choices so I'll keep lobying for them
Leather looks beatup in the product shot so unless it is supposed to be weirdly distressed you should pass.
Leather makes regular fashun shoes look high-end TBH.
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