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If I take Paris as an example there are now a lot of the following things: -hipster quality burger places (the elevation of street/fast food is one of the hallmark of foodie culture). -tapas or mediterranean style food everywhere -cocktails, mixologists and speakeasies (O_o) -interior designs reminiscent of Brooklyn or whatever (either the vintage wood style of the sparse loft style). Problem is Paris already had a rich design and food culture and the new stuff mostly...
Oh I don't necessarily disagree although a lot of the ethnic food was still there in various large cities, it just wasn't fancy and fancied. Our current first world problem is related to that newer situation though: cities food/fashion/design scenes are starting to look for the most part to be the same. When I talk about starbuckification people think of chains and stuff they don't like (it's for plebs bullshit etc) but in reality it also refers to somewhat nice sushi...
I also mix up antiques/old wood stuff with more modern or contemporary pieces (Matt and I like a lot of the same stuff TBH). Really ties the room together as the dude would say. As weird as it sounds I'm not sure I'd start posting pictures of my interior and I don't hide my face in WAYWT pics (where you can sometimes see parts of said interior anyway). Can't really explain why.
Dude, the pho vs ramen isn't an actual, serious debate. Just something you always hear "foodies" debating, for some obscure reason. No one seems to care about Thai or Malay food and they also do pretty good soup.
Matthew is cool and has great interior deco taste. He's suffering from the rich white guy Alessi juicer obsession though, these things are just plain shit to use.
I agree that we have largely moved to a "lifestyle-based" effective way of grouping ourselves, which explains distinction through consumption, once again circling back on the essential difference between mass culture as a cement (the water cooler conversation about Carson's show or whatever) and fragments of mass culture pitted out against other fragments and being ordered to be used as social weapons of distinction (I listen to pitchfork albums of the year and some other...
I was offering it more as a general comment on the grammy discussion, not to refute or promote a specific agenda. BTW the opinion I was trying express earlier about mass culture is that, while it is a worthy topic of study, it is pointless to attempt to order it and declare some taste superior in itself (pitchforking). I wasn't attempting to show how much more kultured I was or something, hence my posting of some PC music style mix ( good primer on PC music...
Aussies get really good SE asian food (not just chinese but yeah viet, thai etc.) in many places though, AFAIK.Now that the thread has been properly foodificated, maybe it is time to get back to the age olkd debate of pho versus ramen. I vote pho (more subtelty in the broth).
The article doesn't make it sound like Beck is the little guy, it makes it sound like he is a musician of the author/compositor/interpret variety while Beyoncé is, yeah, for good or bad the face of Beyoncé inc. Which she is. Both are super visible, big company backed superstars, they were at the fucking Grammys.
Here is another take on it.http://jamellebouie.net/post/110652945024/the-problem-with-beck-v-beyonce-will
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