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Since you guys like live fuuma blogging I'm sad to report I've just been served flat prosecco. Oyster are good though.
I'm sure some of the graphic tees are ok but the all over "A" boots and tees are a major nono.
I have a few Supreme pieces but that cheap anarchy shit collab isn't for me (or anyone else).
Your type's technique is to beg the question and paint the adversary in broad but meaningless gestures. Fuck off.
Isn't it a well-off redneck brand in Australia? I guess it is a new international positioning.note: I like RMW.
To me it’s connecting the dots,” says Sarah Owen of WGSN. “It’s pattern recognition. It’s taking those cues and pairing that with that data that will kind of inform the future. Or create it. That’s our tagline.” Not sure I'd trust a firm using the tagline "We kind of inform the future, or create it, or something."
Anyone who sees corruption as an individual problem shouldn't have an opinion anyway, they're not at the level for it. I remember being asked by a pol (now prime minister) to talk about ethics and corruption to some young peeps and I asked him if he thought his people were born more corrupt than swedish people, we did have an "interesting" conversation. Thereis a fashion system and it favours shilling. I know people who spend alltheir time parting and pushing for...
Well we wear chucks in large parts because of the ramones but they wore keds, that's kinda where I'm going there. Also wo kind of idiot puts Kanye's style at that level? Ok I'm kidding pop culture is pop culture, hierarchies are horizontal not vertical so I may have absorbed them but I don't truly believe in them when I put on my social sciences hat.note: all typing mistakes are wine related. Sowwy
Were the Ramones trying to sell my a VansonXJunya leather though, they just went to a store and bought regular American made jackets yrs ago without any strategy from the brands.Sure the culture n a wider way influences our choiuces but that just isn't the same.
Wasn't one of the early tenets of forums to get away from shilling products by having peer recommend what they like, are they suddenly infliuencers because everyone is one nowadays. I'm thinking more of people being paid due to a actualized marketing strategy of getting the products oout. I'm also thinking of getting an elite to sell products to the masses and I'm not sure this works as much as we'd think or pr people wish it did. Once again it is much nicer to arrange for...
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