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Oh yeah, I guess since they produce and are based in Britain the Japanese price isn't the best indicator. I'm assuming LCC means low cost country.I think we need to distinguish between what your store aims to provide (focus on cradtmanship , value for money but at relatively high price points, a certain median ratio between trad. menswear and designer, everyday clothing for the urbane guy etc.) with what is simply a cool leather at the 1k-2K price point. You can go to BLK...
I said the tv version of average; they are avatars of the women being targeted by the ads or whatever but their idealized version. A quick look at this chart tells me that runway models are basically size 4-6 on average btw so maybe you're exaggerating:http://www.asknumbers.com/ClothingWomensConversion.aspx
C'mon they seem to retail for around 1400$ (in JP so much more in USA, let's say 2K) there are a boatload of different brands offering nice leather jackets at this price point. This isn't taking anything from them and their product but even the average fashion jacket is not bad at all. Just have to find a fit/material you like and you're usually fine.
Who cares about them? (and it is 178cm, 110 pounds).More seriously women who are the average (but it's nicer tv version) are commonly used for spots, catalogues, many printed ads etc so maybe let the skeletons brigade do runway shows. As for the other extreme well it is a reaction so it had to be extreme.
Oh c'mon, even if his core audience is a couple of millions that's a lot of people, he'll turn to some sort of media strategy aimed at getting money from all those make America great again cap wearers.
I forgot graphic designer and party promoter oh and the complete title is food, travel, clothing and lifestyle mind-blogger. Forgot to say I'm also a mixologist and artisan cufred meat inventor.
I just updated my insta pro profile, I am now: actor, model, muse, photographer, dj, artist, visual storyteller and mind-blogger.
Sure, they're just bringing attention to the process using wikileaks emails and adding that maybe it would be important for the left-wing of the party to also focus on winning that one.MedWed is off his rocker, you can safely ignore anything he says as the ramblings of a madman.
Unlike the very reasonable Goldman exec (Rubin) who got his friends out of trouble and is a paragon of ethics and moderation? I hope the fanatics win.
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