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New drunken fistfights, new pools of vomit, new barbarity.
A tie bar shouldn't reach your tie, the sweet spot is deep in a drawer.
No tie bar!!!
That was years ago I think, well they're not new and so far nothing caught fire :P
I have Sure whatever headphones, they go inside my ear canal and sound ok, I went into a store, tried a few and bought these. There is literally no need for in depth discussion on this. Audiophile are like camera buffs, they don't focus on what is important in their respective interests.
Wear pants, I know going pantless is very attractive in summer but I've had to suffer negative repercussions from various authority figures, from cops to teachers.
The average french guy wears his jeans like a gay dad going to the office, an office situated halfway between Castro and la Défense. A quick look at MC jeans/casual threads will deliver a lot more examples.
Ok I give up, I use and am quite satisfied by Sonos products. Keep in mind I actually enjoy music but am not stuck in my anal phase so I am not an audiphile (or a coprophile, now that I think of it).
I'M thinking of switching to Maurras, much better fascist social design and I hear he's been acquired by the FN, stocks are about to go up.
The point is that Beckam has an incredibly rare physique and is not the right example to watch for if 99,999999% of SLP clients or even humans in general, want to see how the garments fit. Your comment was dumb but then SLP threads are moron-magnets.
New Posts  All Forums: