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I merely took offense with your absurd blanket affirmation.Think of the consequences of what you said put in relation with what Eric was talking about. Basically the americans would have wasps at unis and that's it.
Jews used not to fit, now they fit. Things aren't static.
I was searching for something on the CE and saw a thread where he gave thoughtful arguments against the DOJ opinion on drone killing americans abroad.
Yes, of course they are, the goal being to remove their privileges fast to avoid other exits. They basically stop being able to vote on anything but immediate measures, their banks might be penalized when operating on the continent etc. However untangling just cannot happen that fast in reality (do you deport people away from the UK and vice versa?) so, you'll see in a few months, British slowly moving toward an EU compromise. There won't be a true Brexit.Just in case: the...
EU will come down on Britain hard, they'll start from a position of no more common market and no circulation, this will take yrs though so the most likely scenario is they never leave, new EU pact etc.
Dunno if this is about cyd wit it but I believe his gf works at that retail store and he tends to repost the same items so certainly not the case here.
@gdl203 do you have a place where you post your purchases/acquisitions/outfits? I'm just curious cause I know you tend to cycle through a lot of stuff (and donate/give/etc), I don't think I've seen a WAYWT lately but I might have missed it.
So cultural Marxism doesn't exist but you think there is a liberal bias? Ok, I disagree or it would need to be heavily qualified and divided in different groups but I was just trying to say cultural Marxism was a conspiracy theory so I am glad we agree.
Not too sure, there are soft-reformers over there fighting the kinda-good fight. I honestly have no idea because I'm not following the events closely, anyone has a good article/summary?
Look, you're a petulant child and I won't answer you point by point, I'm not an open bar for flat-earth debate. If you want to transcend your state as a human animal you'll need access to some culture, GO READ FUCKING BOOKS WRITTEN BY NON-MORONS!!ps: read some reporting on gamergate or red-pillers or look at those nice places you go to on reddit of 4 and 8 chan. They indeed go from child-abuse to bestiality to pro-rape to antisemitism within the span of 5 posts. But beyond...
New Posts  All Forums: