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Looks great but I'd be careful, those evil Japanese tend to wear their stuff to the ground (assuming it's from Y!).
I'm a man, this is for someone else . 176cm tall I think so should be ok.
I guess what I'm asking is "will it look good on a woman", we're talking tall and slim so maybe easier to fit men's clothes.
Ok so is size XXS ok for women? (not a short woman mind you). No one ever answered that one...
IT'S A FUCKING PHONE!! PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT STUPID GADGETS!! If innovation was inventing a new stupid gadget to update your facebook and browse porn we might as well nuke everything and let the gasteropods take the earth.
If any company wants to bribe me with goods I'm available for shilling, just contact me by PM, I'll post about it here and say I fucking love your adult diapers or power tools.
Contact air france and ask for a refund, I know they offered it when the conflict started, see if this can be applied to you. I must tell you their lines will be very busy but you probably already guessed that. The conflict seems to be moving toward a quick resolution, I would not be surprised if it was settled by friday....
I took a plane the day before the strike started, the airport was a mess and a lot of people ended up staying on the ground. Make sure you confirm your flight is still on or get a refund (they'll provide it) and use another company. AF are trying to fuck their pilots up the ass like they try to fuck everyone else but pilots know they have some leverage, this thing is about to end so you might not even have to change anything.
Samples could have been quite different from what ended up being produced (and made somewhere else), however they would not have the Margiela tag inside because they don't bother with that shit.
Doesn't fit a size small, however it is a "slim fit" MMM jacket and not a regular one, as you can see on the tag.
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