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If they don't paint over the apt when you are moving in you're dealing with a nice dump anyway so the cig smoke should be the least of your worries. Can I request to have a curry-free apt (just kidding I'm big into indian cuisine)? Why the special status on cigarettes? Is the apt mold free?
While I agree with you it is pretty clear that US assistance was decided BEFORE this campaign and that, at best, it would ensure the issue stays in the spotlight, reducing the risk of pressure pettering out as administrations focus on other, "sexier" goals. I still think the #bringbackourdrones guy is totally warranted in making that point, although the two issues aren't interlinked.The North/South issue is also to be found in many other countries where no one gives a...
Generally fine, you're def elegant compared to the vast majority of office bros. On the other hand I'd look for brands that offer a little bit of build in the shoulders as yours are very angled. That deconstructed Italian-style doesn't work on many people.
Nice white americans college educated convention.
They have those at the Lemaire Paris shop, very pricey for what they are if I remember correctly and they mostly have the smaller (women's) sizes around. Not sure which colours are left.edit: saw the post above, I think choice/price is better on yoox, KOP on yoox guys!
Was at a SLP shop and took a quick look, some shoes were awful (bad patent, bad leather, 90% sure glued-fake blake) while others looked to be quite ok. I honestly don't care about the solidity of fashion shoes but they looked cheap.
I think his request is retarded, wtf is a non-smoking apt? Don't smoke in your apt and BANG non-smoking. I'm about to start marketing a non fish smell apt. You just have not to cook fish in it.
-Thom Browne usually offers a nice cotton, half-lined model that I wear a lot in the safari pockets/beige version. It is stiffer than what you'd expect from other brands so unless you like that don't look at their offerings.-I have an unlined cotton one from Margiela that I also wear a lot-CdG/Junya also does a lot of great summer jackets, usually with cool fabrics/cuts-EG bedford in cotton is very nice though, if you can get over the high buttoning point.I recently got an...
I've never seen an apt smoke.
Paypal is the worst piece of shit service I have ever used and I have mobile contracts. I can't fucking pay because I'm not in my country, you stupid motherfuckers I travel the whole year, that's the whole point of this piece of shit service being available online!!
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