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Maybe if he was wearing a different tie...
TBH it depends if you know people into fashion in "real life" tm. I don't have that impression at all and lots of stuff I wear can be traced to outside-the-internutz influences and discussions.Note, I do dress like an asshole these days but it is not SF-style:
Cool shirt...
Dude, they're aging punks, they want to be messy, LAGuy is right, it is really well executed and looks absolutely great. I'm not going to purchase it for myself but would recommend.
Denim shirt RRL?
I don't see any sweater...
Some unarmed people prefer to be shot in the back by amateurs.
Scandi workwear style (second look) will be made cooler by jacket, go for it.
TBH both of them would look cool with a "light" 70s style, Beige and browns, large slacks or nice printed shirts. I mean that in the Margiela sense, not some Gucci frou-frou 70s posturing.Oh and if you look like Marvin go for it:If you're going to Visvim that shit don't buy any of them. Get a parka or whatever in forest green or some other nice colour.
No, really? I meant what will you wear it with.
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