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Boris Johnson is a Chris Farley skit that escaped in the real world.
Can you imagine sitting on a committee of the world mattress championship and giving awards?
Guys, Hasten mattresses are a Veblen good; there is no fucking difference in sleep quality between most mattresses quality levels. Luxury mattresses are a scam in the sense that a suit is a suit, sure if you care about the stitching and how good the fabric looks on your mattress pick some artisan mattress but it is a lot sillier than caring about those characteristics for a suit. Fuuma's guide to buying mattresses part...
Does one of our posters belong to the category of useful morons?Sorry for the Mitch Hedberg humour.
I found this interesting, even though I care very little about the magazine, magazines in general or the people involved. http://jezebel.com/what-happened-to-kate-lanphears-maxim-1782348606
Lighthouse's motto?
Why don't you yoox roulette the linen pants? I'm assuming most Italian brands offer that and unless you're really after a specific cut you could be pleasantly surprised. My white summer pants are Margiela, straight leg and I like them but they could have been offered by any menswear brand so...White jeans I don't give a damn, just enter any shop that has your cut, Uniqlo, Balenciaga whatever.In other words, no recs, that stuff seems easy to find. Do you have some specific...
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