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You're sorta like foo but without the humour....
Look:1) Being an apprentice is a yes/no answer. He was either one or not one (he was one at two Savile row firms and one theatrical costuming one). Formulating it otherwise means you are trying to downplay his achievements, which is stupid considering what he achieved afterwards means this is irrelevent.2) Not that it matters, I also didn't mention he worked at other brands before having his own or went back to do an MA at Central Saint Martins. What matters is that in a...
"Service economy" = wankers economy.
It doesn't matter, apprentice cutter or cutter, it was when he was young and he moved on to something else. The point is that these weren't two different professional roads.
Not relevant, just using an example I had in mind. You could think of Alexander McQueen being a cutter at Savile row and moving on to being a designer at fashion houses, including his own. The prof separations just aren't that clear cut. Oh yeah and big brands might make things even more confusing. Let's say I have a bunch of Gucci lines and I want someone to oversee the designers heading each lines and give them directions and a common vision (as far as image and design...
Most occupations are complete bullshit and this doesn't changed with high salaries and consideration. Oprah or some guy twittering for snickers bars: same wonderful fight for irrelevance.
In Napoli pattern cuts you.
Jeffery is too reasonable for this forum, he also happens to have the physique of a greek god.To avoid confusion he didn't mention other uses of stylist, being bond by no such high moral goal as to avoid igent hissy fits, I'm happy to say that, nowadays, "designers" are what he calls stylists (people responsible for the creative and aesthetic part of a brand's output) and "stylists" are people putting outfits and theme together for runway shows, magazine editorials etc.At...
I have a pair of babouches, a pair of fur-lined handmade slippers and a pair of Uniqlo house slippers. I sometimes put on the socks given by airline companies in their little gift kits if I feel real cold.
Maybe he got promoted after a quick trip to the bathroom with said supervisor?
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