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It is certainly not just an HRC scenario and reflects current opinion in the USA. If it was "a gov. source reports" I'd completely believe you but as you can find out from the article below that doesn't seem to be the case.http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/27/us/politics/spy-agency-consensus-grows-that-russia-hacked-dnc.htmlhttps://threatconnect.com/blog/state-board-election-rabbit-hole/ (about some parallel...
Well I see it more as a normal evolution reflecting the aging and arrival of baby boomers as a dominant force than some "fuck you to elite washington" that Trump is. Clinton wasn't beyond the pale because oif who he was and hoiw he behaved.note: I'm not praising Trump, it is not because a rebel group is opposed to ISIS than they're not possibly major manics: see Aryan first versus Aryan hand prison fight case.
Clinton didn't break the mold tbh so no, I don't see that as an apt comparison. Trump is a sort of alien candidate, as he reflects current social climate more than current elite political traditions.
I hear some people are pissed off they can't say "the G word" in public.
Could be body language, posture etc., as you know they have to watch how they appear more than what they say. Well Clinton has to, Trump basically has to be fun and crazy to get some re-tweet so maybe he'll go all out next debate (not that I watched this one, just going with comments he was a little bit too low-energy for a typical Trump time for antics.)
I seem to remember Lang collaborating with Palladium but they might have been merely a source of inspiration.
Well it is maybe tohype/touristy for purists but I'm not a foodie, I like food. Important distinction. Blonde girl left, asian all alone. Sad. Girl just told her man: "can you not do that;it annoys me."
Ok, ordered a bottle of nice American wine and been told I could bring home if I didn't finish. As if! All bullshit aside I might be a corny white girl but I like Silver oak and price is relatively honest even in restaurants.
I am please to report oysters are fine and Sancerre too. Not too clear on the crowd but one chinese dude looks like he's going to win over a blonde Stacey so go Asian underdog!
Always do...
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