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Currently in Stockholm and 50% of girls are wearing timbs. Style is still minimalist CĂ©line chic via Acne and Cos ripoffs (tasteful but yawn).
I've never followed menswear culture beyond what I see on forums, I mean I hate middle-class white kids saying swag and I don't need help from some condescending idiot to know how to wear chinos so there was just nothing in it for me.note: I think enormous geeks obsessed with the history of pocket squares, like you find on SF are cool, I just don't care about their little swagswag instagram brothers.
http://mashable.com/2015/12/15/mens-fashion-magazines-dying/?curator=FashionREDEF#VKnbIFX7YEqc tldr: menswear mags (offline and online) are dying because men just instagram now.
It is over, no one working (versus reporting) in fashion dares wear fashun.
This is cool:
Woah! James Bond is a movie character designated to sell you wares from whichever company is paying. Right now I think it is still Tom Ford, casual style is a little better than it was before but still nothing interesting, except for some Barbour-like coats maybe? Brown isn't better than black, it depends on what you pair the shoes with and what you like wearing. Look at the "what are you wearing today" thread for some examples. As for the gf thing, well James Bond's...
I wouldn't do it. I guess MMM or Dries would do in a pinch but that'd annoy me.
Too bad I don't lug much around, would totally hunt the old Miumiu vest-thing or some YY.
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