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Paypal apparently thinks it is quite uncool and blocks me every time I try to use their services, hell they even do it from the country the account is registered in. FUCK PAYPAL!
It's not a defining characteristic of my day to day life but 1-2 a year I'll go buy the few titles I follow or download some others. I also read Berzerk, Vagabond and some european cartoons.
Mostly what you'd expect, let's just say I'm more Heiner Müller than Dan Brown.Stuff Fuuma likes (generalities):-art including photog, just lent a Francesca Woodman artbook to a friend-design disciplines (industrial, fashion, graphic, architecture)-alcohol(ism?) & cigarettes-philosophy and literature, hell even some sci-fi-classical and electronic music, some (post) punk-cinema-girl's mangas (less expected I guess)-people watching at cafés and generally wandering...
What people don't mention though is that food and drinks can be quite cheap so as long as you have a place to sleep you can manage on a lower budget than in an American city. Same with NYC.
Well studio at say, 1K USD or less would be a start. I mean considering the 10K budget, I mean if he wants to find a job and stuff then yeah, he can manage, otherwise it is like 4 months in London.
Islington was the hip, rising place like 10 yrs ago, it is now fully $$$-ed. Honestly you'd have to go pretty far to find a cheap place in LDN.
Dude, I know you're trying to be ironic but I'm interested in a shitload of things, I just know how to summarily dismiss the shitty taste everyone else seems to display.
New drunken fistfights, new pools of vomit, new barbarity.
A tie bar shouldn't reach your tie, the sweet spot is deep in a drawer.
No tie bar!!!
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