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See posted link. I'd say the most current store for fashion right now is the broken arm (Jacquemus with Rafdidas, Ervell, Lemaire, Cédric Charlier, whatever cool younger girls wear, some boy stuff too), these fucking hype fiends also have a coffee shop with some bio bread or whatever.I also like beaucoup (upstairs barnamed démon) for drinks, half-Japanese guy there is a really commited barman and he wears like Yohji and Rick to work.
Other pieces I have are made in Italy. Don't know why, maybe I'm just batshit crazy and mixing things up. Hey I have old APC and even CdG made in France, that counts, right?
I know you're kidding but the washed blue ones I have (best light wash i've seen IMHO and made in France) wouldn't fit someone like KGFan either, you need to have chicken legs AND a slim waist.
Droog gallery (interior design, furniture), Carmacoma (men), Ravelstein (women)
I have two pairs of Taralis and they're super slim on my legs, must slimmer than Dior Homme or whatever, I'd pass if I were him.
At least his observational bullshit doesn't lead to hiring discrimination. Oh snap!
Reacts to what? You get them dry cleaned.
I def want bell pulls.Explanation for peeps:bell : reg flat zipper handlesring: those round thingiesI don't want ring pulls anywhere on my jacket even though I don't hate them in the abstract and would advise people who don't have a strong opinion to go with the traditional option (ring).
Yeah, tags says U neck, didn't get in the US but tags has writing in English, French, Italian and Japanese. The ones I got are very light, perfect for summer. I assume they offer different kinds of U-neck so...
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