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Your last fit made me think Brooklynites can't stop cosplaying but this one has a better equilibrium between currently acceptable and nostalgic throwback. Fabrics are also ace (in last fit too btw)...
What are those ll bean boots there for? #authenticity? Wear some normal boots...
Shoes are wack. Sporty-dressy is over and lame. I generally like your style though, especially that coat, just have to let go of your last streetwear/sportswear tendencies.
I have some sort of plant-rug and it is a hit but I'm not sure keeping the colour green isn't a little bit too much.
He was a user here, no? Forgot his name but he saw me twice in the same day in Paris about a yr ago and we did talk a few minutes.
Not really, they're sneakers they get demolished relatively fast, I've thrown away several pairs (few gats etc.), I'd say they tend to last slightly longer but if they last way longer it is because you baby them more.
You mean like a fashion pr firm? Woah, talk about new ideas!
You live in Rome?
I travel all over the world and have no trouble finding cabs and paying from a wallet/card is the same as paying from a phone. There is basically no improvement just a different medium (your stupid phone) versus the old one (actually talking to people).
There is no new on-demand economy just an attempt by Capital to sidestep labour laws and make everyone some sort of piecemeal/part-time slave renting their small studio here and there to visitors and driving a cab during nights to pay for it. Digital economy is about the market invading new areas of people's lives.Also any system of automated car driving should be a public good (and no car ownership), the Swedes are going to make great strides in that regard...
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