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I know the cat is out of the bag but I wish retailers would stop pushing a lifestyle and just sell clothes, their selection speaking for itself. I don't need "content" or at least not a lot of it.
Yes, why? Light blue jeans+black boots all the way.
Not many brands make side-zips. I guess Margiela is the best bet.
MrPorter: A lexical analysis of their editorials would instantly prove you incorrect. You'll also note that in menswearswagswagland old Italians wearing short pants, Belgian loafers with a vintage Jil Sander army coat and a peppering of triumphant facial hair are the top of the cool pile and mucho bella figura. You'll probably get a shoot at their place where they display their vintage Rolexes with colourful bands on a tray. Add some bullshit about a vintage sport-car and...
"Who am i-e kidding-e, pay me, coglione!"
At best I'm a sporadic client of any clothing website anyway, for example I've never ordered from Yoox or Mr Porter. What kills me is the latter seems to have pushed hard to communicate a specific identity, it just happens to be the lamest I can conceive of (are they targeting google execs or what?). I'd probably be happier if it was all juggalos editorials all the time. Now it should be obvious that if there is such a thing as "cool" I'm not sure any fashion brand can be...
Mr Porter has a "style council" of fucking ambassadors whatever to push the international James Bond lifestyle Monocle bullshit they stand (fall?) for. The whole thing is so desperately uncool I think I just don't have what it takes to get over it and order something from that epic car crash of classics with a twist, tasteful bling=masculinity, endless well of sadness.
This guy used to have a blog called "Neomarxism", haha.
I like to buy GQ (France) when I take the train to get a good laugh. US GQ seems to be more rapswagswag but it still caters to the same demographic of office guys who are desperate to know how to wear slacks and if it will help them attract the ladies. People that believe their stupid studio is a "bachelor's pad" and their scented candles mean they can be great hosts. I guess the comment about socks over pants being some Laboeuf/West/whatever thing shows that people who...
At the time I wore a blazer+ps everyday no matter where I was. Amusingly enough I met a german couple while checking out some crocs and the girl said she wanted to "feel the earth of Kenya". 5 mins later she fell face down in the mud and the guide went "Now you've felt the earth of Kenya, hahahaha".
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