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I'm obviously not rejecting social explanations and communal solutions (the only valid ones), just saying that sometimes the enemy is just that, an enemy and that no explanation will exonerate him. It is one of those cases, these people should all be shot.
If your morphology makes it so that that slim jeans cling to you, well, get larger jeans. I'm slim enough that if I wear slim jeans the fabric isn't molding my calves or whatever. SLP users frequently fall in that trap and the result is sad to behold.Note: Slim jeans are kinda uncool now too but hey, I was speaking in more generic terms about how well they'd fit body types.
Foundations and even charity donations (with the ensuing tax reductions) are obviously a way to exert power over the world, that is their avowed goal. I'm personally against that shit but it is a tautology.
I'm sure in a world with no ethics and no human agency this makes sense.
There's a link where you can see your interests (so they can better profile you to sell you shit) and facebook determined I liked hi-tech, donald trump etc etc.(in addition to the stuff I like) The justification being "you clicked on an ad about this shit" except I have an ad blocker and don't even see their fucking ads so I don't click on shit.
I'm sure recen immigrants are less numerous in the upper classes considering immigration to scandiland is mainly done for humanitarian reasons. I meant that amongst those viking descendants, my friend's theory is that there are more blonde haired peeps in the upper classes...
I was kidding, still lots of scandis in scandilands, doesn't feel overrun with furriners at all. I think the swedes have more blondes than say the Danes who have some red headed vikings too. Anecdotal evidence though. My friend's theory is that you find more blonde Swedish people in the upper classes and his high school pictures sorta show that.
Honestly, not really. You can go to legolands and not see anyone who doesn't look like a blond playmobil.
Why don't you go have a plastic swordfight about it to prove your combat experience?
Isn't the PKK entirely justified in using violence in Turkey, considering the general situation. Very hard to blame them if they're using a "distasteful" strategy, outside of judging its effectiveness.
New Posts  All Forums: