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Céline, mon dieu! T'es une énorme pute de mode.Isn't the white a little flat for the luxurious pants?
That shirt could be fine with a totally different outfit, say some grey, sleek Margiela slacks and a simpler jacket.
Sweatpants are woa (anyone has that pic of that red headed girl with the fat grey sweatpants and military jacket -Belgian fashun?).
Pretty cool streetwear but I'm still on the fence about noragis outside a museum or whatever. Maybe I'd like it better if some designer stole parts of the pattern and did something else with it.
Business casual on top rock show at the bottom? You're in Monaco and dressed like an office bro, wear suede loafers.
This is cool, think you should shave though, maybe too cliché "I'm from Seattle and I even do seasonal colour matching".
Secretely German. The only people who can wear a coat + birks.
I don't understand this? Suspenders + bomber is geeky as fuck (or a subcultural reference to skinheads) and doesn't seem to go with the slacks (thickish, workweary fabric?) and shoes (not too sure?). Are bombers so "mainstream" now that they're supposed to be worn with anything?
Actual Jewish Nazis (well depends how you look at it I guess): http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/museums/10682975/The-Jews-who-fought-for-Hitler-We-did-not-help-the-Germans.-We-had-a-common-enemy.html
Lie is the college that is lizard for Hillary. Donnerwetter!
New Posts  All Forums: