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I don't give a damn about dishwasher-safe knives (not that there is anything wrong with wanting them to be).
Thread necromancy. I see Sabatier knives were discussed here, I used to like them and my paring knife disappeared. I can't really navigate the complexity of Sabatier branding and licensing, which ones were the nice made in France ones? Thiers-Issard carbon? Is stainless steel still ok? If I like french shape but could be fine with trad German ones (Henckels and Wusthof pro/classic lines) should I concentrate on a new chef knife (I chipped/broke my old Henckel) by Sabatier...
FYI I also have preferences and access to stores, I'm also trying to get people to share what they like so that it is sort of a streetwear ressource.
Which brand(s) of kitchen knives do you use? My paring knife disappeared (wtf?) and my chef got some major chip so I need to replace what I'm really using (fuck knife blocks). Not gonna talk about my preferences because I want a variety of opinions.
From a purely fashion evolution and future styling I'd def purchase larger jeans going forward. I've already acquired some flares but no one needs to be this extreme.
She is referring to the capacity to present a interpretation that is acceptable to the art world (versus editorial model looks being selected to be acceptable to the fashion world), the formulation is misleading (does this originate with the artist intention? Doesn't the work need to enjoy wider popularity although only some people can provide "acceptable" interpretations etc.) but her point makes sense.
outseam and inseam measurements (so from the waist, from the crotch).
Scandi is the land of everything contemporary designer for everyone (along with COS), very special case IMHO. Even most of the interior design companies/furniture are in that range and people buy from scandi brands (not necessarily from their own country though).
Had a great time with you guys, even though LAGuy uses a scooter (he's a quirky character).
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