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You seem to think we share a culture and that some of us aren't fighting for it, what culture is it exactly?
Can everyone add soprano to ignore (like I did) and move on?
Well both positions come from a moralizing point of view not aimed at any sort of efficient result so pretty much the same.
Drugs testing are evil and should be illegal in the vast majority of cases but I'm assuming she's just trying to drive that point home.
Honestly it doesn't seem to be Islamic terrorism (new info might surface so that's not a given), just current event colouring a pretty classic case of American mass shooting. People that tried to draw parallels with the Paris attack appear to have been wrong.
The weakness of orthodox Marxist analysis is precisely this insistence on the superstructure being merely a consequence of the infrastructure.Back to capitalism, I'm pretty certain even some pretty pro-market conservatives are horrified at the switch from producer to consumer as the central definition of citizens of market democracies.
So let's say I'm defending someone who (allegedly) gay-bashed 3 people I could, in theory, avoid having a known gay judge without needing to justify it by some other factor than said judge being gay?
Now that I think of it I was referring to the US system and its campaigning and money spending so one can exist without the other, German judges don't have to go through an election process and obtain financing, going as far as the profession being a separate career path with lifetime nomination (I think) thus existing at an extreme from USA judges but you pay lawyers in Germany like in most countries.
btw I speak english with a furriner accent.
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