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I have two pairs of Taralis and they're super slim on my legs, must slimmer than Dior Homme or whatever, I'd pass if I were him.
At least his observational bullshit doesn't lead to hiring discrimination. Oh snap!
Reacts to what? You get them dry cleaned.
I def want bell pulls.Explanation for peeps:bell : reg flat zipper handlesring: those round thingiesI don't want ring pulls anywhere on my jacket even though I don't hate them in the abstract and would advise people who don't have a strong opinion to go with the traditional option (ring).
Yeah, tags says U neck, didn't get in the US but tags has writing in English, French, Italian and Japanese. The ones I got are very light, perfect for summer. I assume they offer different kinds of U-neck so...
This is dope as fuck without being especially sf/internet style. Non bludgeon it in your face use of blues/denim, dirty gats, super clean haircut.
Dainty but reliable in my experience, so sorta like an improved fashion boot I guess.
Stopped by Muji and got some lighter summer U-necks, the one they have in right now are pretty cool and quite cheap.
I'd like something around that weight or just slightly heavier.
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