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Was at a SLP shop and took a quick look, some shoes were awful (bad patent, bad leather, 90% sure glued-fake blake) while others looked to be quite ok. I honestly don't care about the solidity of fashion shoes but they looked cheap.
I think his request is retarded, wtf is a non-smoking apt? Don't smoke in your apt and BANG non-smoking. I'm about to start marketing a non fish smell apt. You just have not to cook fish in it.
-Thom Browne usually offers a nice cotton, half-lined model that I wear a lot in the safari pockets/beige version. It is stiffer than what you'd expect from other brands so unless you like that don't look at their offerings.-I have an unlined cotton one from Margiela that I also wear a lot-CdG/Junya also does a lot of great summer jackets, usually with cool fabrics/cuts-EG bedford in cotton is very nice though, if you can get over the high buttoning point.I recently got an...
I've never seen an apt smoke.
Paypal is the worst piece of shit service I have ever used and I have mobile contracts. I can't fucking pay because I'm not in my country, you stupid motherfuckers I travel the whole year, that's the whole point of this piece of shit service being available online!!
Cantonese is cool cause of HK triad movies.
Some of the shoes I looked at were slapdash glue jobs with cheap couch leather, others pretty good. It is weird. I really like those zips (higher version) so I don't think it is a bad choice. People that say it is rare/always sold out are crazy though, I mean it makes good money but I recently stopped at the Saint-Germain store and they basically offered the stuff at 40% off for advanced sale (before the sale actually goes on, usually for regular clients only) even though...
Like the colour and the idea but the shaft is too low, can't stand those proportions. SLP is the most overrated label right now, even more than say Givenchy and Balmain. If you want to expand I'd say look for a brand that is body conscious (you like a form fitting fit) but more athletic. D&G (high end) honestly has more to offer to you than fucking SLP. They're good when they do those traditional Sicilian sweaters or all that southern italian throwback masculinity thing....
Ok, do you need a minimum number of orders for the rider/some advance payment after prototyping? Maybe the forum has to start evangelizing...
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