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By Iceland no less. Now if the Poles could beatup Portugal and France keeps winning it'll be fun time.
Yeah those jackets would have been much nicer if only the fabric had been weird, cut+fabric is just too much.
#disruption #yawn
Ireland is already in the EU, what will happen is a renewed call for a united Ireland (Northern Ireland + Ireland) in the EU and using the euro. Scotland well why not, it isn't even a matter of revenge, that is basically the will of citizens over there. I don't think the EU authorities will be vengeful btw, just rather stiff in their negotiating positions as they want to avoid other countries leaving. They won't give UK the same status as countries who elected not to join...
The referendum isn't binding but going against it would be too high a cost AND EU would not allow it, to avoid further defections. Course-correction will be done through negotiations.
Even the most pro Brexit knew there would be a temporary fall, this isn't an argument unless it continues for a while, markets aren't very good judges of anything beside the immediate (and even then).Britain will absolutely have to "pull the trigger" on article 50, however the 2 yrs period for nego might very well be used for a re-work of certain EU arrangements that would bring back UK into the fold.
Well Medwed is also highly esteemed in his field, here's some amazing work he's published:https://www.amazon.com/Trump-Temptation-Billionaire-Elijah-Daniel-ebook/dp/B01AX111Q2/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1466800523&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=the+billionnaire+and+the+bellboy
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