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Sure but I think that it is basically a lot less prevalent than your beloved MSM would have us think (I include Fox and all in the MSM, obviously). Of course since it is a US-centric phenomenon I'm also far away from the epicenter...In other words I think a lot of pundits merely enjoy the ease with which they can fight the windmill of a SJW otherkin.
My point is that the way it is currently setup using current cultural norms, that is men in one and women in another with a little exception for those marginal cases like trans, does work and is pretty much a non-issue. We can call them unisex if you want but, as you know, people will, in 99,9% of the cases, continue to go in gendered bathrooms but those trans kids will get to to the bathroom of their trans-sex or whatever these people now call it. The only issue is...
Doesn't California already have laws stating bathrooms are unisex (might be just LA or whatever)? It is a non-issue, just let trans people go where they want and cultural norms will keep those ultra-marginal men's right activists or whatever, wanting to prove a point by going in the women bathroom from doing so. You know full well the current war is not about bathrooms anyway, Breitbart readers just want to show they're anti-lgbt and are using the "protect my daughter" or...
The fault line happened even before (during modern art) and didn't wait for contemporary art (what you call postmodern art). This is an old and tired debate. Everyone likes modern art now, even though the general public is suspicious of contemporary art, mainly seeing it as a fraud. Of course, as you point out, it doesn't expand to all aspects of someone's life but only to certain ones. I'm somewhat classical in my food taste. Hell I prefer macarons that don't mix weird...
I even have the sunglasses...
I saw this one, almost projectile vomited. The Guardian is still the UK newspaper I read but lots of boring crap in there. Best article ever is from Telegraph though:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/10049454/Dont-make-fun-of-renowned-Dan-Brown.html
Most super successful Silicon stuff is silly and can only be explained by our cultural decadence. Economics can rarely explain success in the economic field, cultural shifts can.
I travel all the time and knowing the prices in many countries for short term apts. this is both a ripoff and a great way to confirm your asshole status and meet other assholes. I'm sure it will be successful, it speaks to the international self sovereign networking startuper douchebags, Silicon valley jerks off to that stupid shit.
You're looking for a sweater to wear all summer? Move somewhere else. Sweater is a little bit ugly IMHO.
American society is also incredibly segregated.
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