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Well as the German stats have shown this just isn't the case (I posted in some other thread earlier) so chances are that you are wrong. With that said my opinion is that Europe mismanaged this crisis in the worst way possible by not having a real common strategy. I am all for welcoming migrants (unlike you guys) but 1% pop increase (what Sweden had, I think) is impossible for logistical and cultural reasons, they were basically set up to fail. The awful welcoming...
All my fucking regular Uniqlo tees seem to be super short now, same with Muji. I think I need L or XL for them to remain ok over the long run (note I have asian and european uniqlo so I might mistake one for the other).
So having been named in the Panama papers invalidate her feminism and by extent feminism?Schadenfreude...
None of those stats having to do with the prevalence of rapes in Sweden as far as different ethnic groups are concerned (The Swedish state does not posess that information -see articles posted earlier).
Thread is LOLOLLLLOLLLL.note: I tried watching star wars a few weeks ago, feel asleep mid-way and haven't felt the need to continue. I obviously don't have an opinion on why some character would hold hands or not...
Give me a link!!Migrants are basically the bad guys in Lord of the Rings, I get it.
TBH, their cartoon attempts at masculinity leads me to believe there's some sort of lack of social success and masculinity complex at play. We all know soy causes a testosterone reduction and makes wimps of our youth, this has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt.
Real girls?http://thedailykirk.blogs.com/.a/6a00d83441de5253ef0115724e686d970b-800wi
I had him pegged down (haha) to a T. The masculinity-deficit in our young men is really making them act-up in weird ways. I blame soy and Ayn Rand.
Everyone knows European people aren't really immigrant immigrant, Reggs and his ilk mean darkies with a rapey God and culture.
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