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Lighthouse's motto?
Why don't you yoox roulette the linen pants? I'm assuming most Italian brands offer that and unless you're really after a specific cut you could be pleasantly surprised. My white summer pants are Margiela, straight leg and I like them but they could have been offered by any menswear brand so...White jeans I don't give a damn, just enter any shop that has your cut, Uniqlo, Balenciaga whatever.In other words, no recs, that stuff seems easy to find. Do you have some specific...
#luxury #style #gqlife #dapper #igent
I misspoke, I meant fire extinguishers, quite banal really.Crap like this:Stockholm Moderna MuseetBangkok Grand PalaceParis Centre PompidouI also take pics of other great wonders:BostonParis Fondation Cartier:
Maybe it was a dig at my actual life though, or maybe the 30 friends my IG (that's how you're supposed to say it?) is directed to think it is boring. I haven't solved the conundrum yet...There's a lot of fire hydrants taken in art galleries, surely someone, somewhere cares about that?
It's hard to separate the different strands of IG fascination, from "visual info/keeping up with a particular topic" to fascination and going through taskrabitting your life to people dedicated to "cool living" or whatever. Amusingly enough, mine is apparently less "pretentious/flashy/look at my lifestyle" than my actual life, a feedback that I found quite flattering (or is it?).
Wear boots and tone down the dressy elements. Don't look like some dad who lost his slacks and had to borrow jeans.
Intentional renaming we owe to Iammatt (can't find his alias, did he change/leave?). Let's face it if you're too lame to pick your own sofa you might as well not have any.Just googled "taskrabbit", great way not to follow any employment laws and make every exploited person into some sort of entrepreneur of their own dissolving quality of life.
What if that someone is "yelp", an interior desecrator and some stylist who "knows the dress codes of every company in the valley"? Are you cool yet?
New Posts  All Forums: