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Everyone who has read a fucking newspaper article knows that but they aren't the same thing....
You've been ranting and raving like the senile lunatic that you are about blacks and thugs for a few yrs, I'm pretty sure everyone who has been here for a while doesn't need to start a big investigation to know your views.ps: Al Sharpton watches you when you sleep.
Unemployment and recession aren't exactly the same thing so did I miss something?
Oh please, why don't you fuckoff back to Popovistan you dumb Pollack? More seriously you have a very skewed vision of american society because you seem to approach it through some net echo-chamber. Outside of some people tagging stuff about #microaggressions on their facebook most americans have about as much white guilt as you do.
The second part is extremely accurate...
Sashiko sides are ugly as fuck and not in an interesting way. 70s coke dealer jacket looks good, would wear.
I dunno who that is, I merely said thinking, say, the new school dudes in Europe are more "authentic" than the lone wolves white boys is dumb. In fact the whole current conversation is patently stupid because people are talking about salafists like they're a problem (there's talks of banning salafists mosques and imams in France) even though these guys are quietists AND any new school or lone wolf terrorist is basically not religious and doesn't go through some sort of...
I'm pretty sure the "getting in your head" of hate crimes, just like with any other getting in your head with the law, is done through outside evidence and is a reasonable assessment and not an actual mind-reading but hey...Is having curly hair and a big nose and getting beatup now being victim of a hate crime? I thought it'd be linked to the assailant past, some declarations, type of actions taken etc.
No, I'm just telling you the stuff about "policing thought" or some other bullshit of this ilk is what net-retards say not a real argument. Once again I don't have a final position on hate crimes (except for stats collection) and I mainly see this as an american situation (anglo-saxon if you want...).
Both cases of getting in your head, ya? I'm not trying to have a deep understanding of the reasoning here, merely to say that the laew is already policing your thoughts, if you want to call it that. We can add precisions if we want but that's somewhat beyond the scope of what is being discussed.
New Posts  All Forums: