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I'd say doing rocker cosplay in your bedazzled designer jacket and 70s french rocker santiag is more idiotic. This is especially true if you have the nerve to dress like that and not smoke.
I like fashion but if you're semi-broke in college please spend the money on girls, gigs and drugs.
If you're feeling indecisive
I can totally see Foo getting it in some electric yellow tabletop and silver-painted metal with wooden legs. Is it available in the USA?
FAT stuff is cool. In the end though I may complain about individual pieces in here but once I see them arranged in someone's interior I am very open-minded and mainly care about the overall results.Not much of a furniture nerd like Goomba or an obsessive like foo. Not sayin' Gomba or Foo are wrong or anything btw.
Chair is nice in black but I don't see you buying a black chair...
The B&B marble table is just the kind of knee-busting bullshit I wish didn't exist. It looks nice as a coffee table though...Fuck the Bouroullec though.
Just a simple country wood table, nice aged wood but nothing particularly impressive or jarring. I used to put my cutout of Jean-Louis David's portrait of Napoléon in its hidden drawer when I was a kid so I like it.
That's Bape camo, have some respect.
To match the car.
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