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I don't like Macarons but Pierre Hermé I can't stand, still I'd recommand it to others. I think Sadaharu Aoki might be even more to everyone's taste. The mochi place I listed is ace and has some weird 90s luxury japanese look that is puzzling so good experience. Tea is also excellent.If someone wants nice pizza or best ramen or whatever I can add.
Some recs I recently sent some people, I put Marais places in bold. Coffee: -Fondation for a small, nice american style place (they're aussie but who cares). -Neaby you have the broken arm (coffee place of the shop of the same name, more on that later) -caféothèque (the most choice...
I have Massaro. I own several pairs of black zips.Side zips I own (going by memory):Massaro black suedeVintage black cuban heelMargiela black captoeMargiela white perfSutor Mantellassi cognacH*MMM black (beaters for rainy winters, they're about to die, ok for $50 but get MMM instead)Some brown knockoffs I got in OuagadougouCCP greyI don't really feel like adding more boots to my rotation as I also own several chelseas, laceups and even jodphurs.
I'm assuming it is an article about "airspace", this thing is becoming more common pretty much in every relatively large city. There is a standardization of many commercial spaces like cafés, shops etc and it is not for the best IMHO, especially with the same fucking food being everywhere.You don't see a café nowadays with Raygun-Carson type typography, do you?
Is it MrMoo?
SF isn't cool anymore, it is filled with the most uncool people on earth (bro-nerds)... If it gavce that Hitchcock Vertigo feeling now yeah.
Went up a little bit but nothing scary yet, well lots of startups there now so maybe they'll fuck it all up like they do elsewhere. Prices are nothing compared to Paris where €10,000/square meter is quite common.
No, really. Just move, being around these people is toxic enough as it is. If I was 'Murican I'd go work in a scrapyard in Iowa before living in SF (sorry guys).
You can only buy bagels in NYC and Montréal and maybe Boston if you're feeling really lucky (do you, punk!) anyway and they're like 50 cents a bagel. Anywhere else eeewww.
TBH the heavy shawl cardigan thingie that I have mostly gets worn at home so very dad-move.
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