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People ordered and got their jackets AFAIK
Actual Junya.
Nope but they're very slim so it doesn't really matter, doesn't overflow on anything. I'm too lazy to hem jeans, only do it for slacks.
Jacket: JunyaXVanson Shirt: Uniqlo Jeans:Taralis Trainers: Margiela
Sz 44...
Definitely old YSL or new SLP "Jimmy Hendrix" like collections. Iguess new Gucci would be fine.
We met so you can guess how big I am, I have "S" in both my SNS and would say they fit fitted on a 46(it).
Basically you're ok with it if it is completely different? I agree
I'm not down with the MMM full zip stuff (aside from certain jackets like the 5 zips and some wool ones) so I can't really say much. Your angle is also weird and when I can't see hairstyle there's not much left. I like pretty much all your suiting and tux shirts variants though and you're perfect for the wide shouldered jacket they sometimes make. I tried on the new suede jacket you have several times at the boutique and also liked it a lot, very easy to wear and one of...
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