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Boom England, this keeps getting funnier and funnier...
Those are too short, real ones I usually wouldn't want to wear the fabric (same are cool but my skin tone strongly differs from those of most kurta wearers). I wear my JJVE tunic a lot and just want to add a few.
Yeah, the thing with Lemaire is that he seems to enjoy using the colour palette that was most common in times when dyes weren't as advanced and most clothing more muted (1930s sportwear/colonial past) but I don't think he borrows from asian cuts directly, more from 80s Issey...
Similarities are the 80s hexagonal shapes, the nods to womenswear and the ensuing similarities between men and women's collections.The long top, short top versus high waisted thing is also quite often used by the two.I like Lemaire in theory but I've tried some stuff and it doesn't look good on me, too bad cause I wanted to kop the Kurta when it was on sale. Who else makes a good kurta?
My pants are really sharp and cut too short and I'm wearing a zebra cap with my lego sandals. I AM A EDGY NONCOMFORMIST!!!!!! And so is like Justin Bieber and his drop crotch shit or OH DAMN
Is being an edgy noncomformist (whatever that is) a matter of pants anyway?
So it turned into San Francisco?
It's pretty mind-boggling to see someone named Adorno using a Zizek avatar ask these questions...
That's because your mother is a whore.More seriously do not quote images right above your post, everyone will understand anyway.
There are several designers offering variations on that theme, or at least relatively light long jackets that border on that. Not really compatible with CM wear if you ask me, like most interesting looks you have to go full retard for it to work. Ah well there are some Corthays in the first pic and Vass boots in the last...Balenciaga long cotton jacket:Ann Demeulemeester (x2):
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