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I'd wear actual service boots or say an old jacket but not insignias or identifying stuff, that's just me though, not trying to make it a universal thing. I'd also wear a bleu de travail but not with a name tag/factory identification/etc., same principle.Now the only military thing I wear is an old F2, I'm not much of a gear queer and people in full anime military cosplay make me a little bit uncomfortable although I like it in pictures:
Your pictures are unacceptable, you're not René Burri or Paolo Roversi, stop this blurry shit
San Francisco is a wanna be city so it fits.
How lobster got fancy http://www.psmag.com/business-economics/how-lobster-got-fancy-59440
Architects will wear turtlenecks and interior decorators something funky. Both will think you're a boorish cunt and aim for your wallet with glee. They might help you find stuff you hadn't thought about so YMMV.Most archis I know have taste so narrow and specific they couldn't help you pick something (everything sucks except these three things you see) but they don't help people re-do their interiors.Does foo have a nice twee basket filled with marble eggs, maybe he needs...
http://www.europe-consommateurs.eu/en/consumer-topics/buying-of-goods-and-services/sales-period-in-europe/Britain does not have a set sales period.
Don't conflate pre-sales and sample sales though. All it means is that SLP/MMM/Balmain/whatever will soon have sales and invite their good clients before everyone is informed (so before the official, fixed by law, sales period). If you're a walk-in they might like you and give you access anyway. It is at most 40%, more would be illegal. Unless you mean american sales...
I have a Vincent Van Gogh kokeshi doll at home, once of the only cutesy object I leave hanging around. Yes it is cutesy hipster semi-kitsch.
I was once told that the message my interior sent was "implicit culture", that's def not a compliment. With that said I'm in agreement, I know a perfectly happy couple that live with gf-chosen, colourful accent walls and, beside making their interior abominable, visiting them is quite an enjoyable experience. If you can live with accent walls you can accept anything in those you love.Dopey is apparently quite ok with his wife throwing away his furniture so, anything can work.
You should try jerking off under a wooden staircase.
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