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I dunno, a know several girls who own them and many find them quite comfortable (boot, shoes and sneaker versions so it varies). They're very "fashion" though and fashion people are sorta not in the mood for anything that looks fashion or try-hard right now.
Balmain safety pin jacket, I know a girl who has the bag and it is cheesy but goes fine with many street looks. I know you guys are being ironic but still...
Home reno, the great american disease.
Well there are many variations like the scandis have one etc etc so I'm sure there is something less harsh you would like. I like smoked and pickled fish or even the Lao/Viet etc dried fish so I'm pretty open when it comes to peasant fish.
People that don't like borscht or seledka are weird.
@spacepope The second picture is Leonora Carrington with Max Ernst and Paul √Čluard By Lee Miller.
Margiela boots are often quite thin. I can also go full douchebag and wear Berhard Willhelm for Camper sandals, you have to wear like really colourful CdG, Raf or Margiela with them though otherwise it's just too jarring.
Bottega got you covered and the ladies in Vegas love it.
I don't understand this engagement crap, thumb comments are well-liked by a few, they don't bother anyone else, let's keep them and move on. Should I start invoicing styleforum for my contributions? There is a community aspect where 10 randomguylookingfornewdressshirts aren't worth 1 stanleyvanburen. Maybe they are when it comes time to sell shit but to get a community moving on you need your big contributors and they all like thumb comments.
New Posts  All Forums: