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They ban people who return stuff? They should open a B&M and shut the fuck up. Online shopping should be all about 50-75% returns or people will look like shit in the future.
TOJ most likely buys odds and ends and not directly from one or several tanneries. Leather for the same jacket models will thus be from different sources and could vary wildly in quality.
On the CM side there was this guy who wanted to start suing people, it was a case you'd find interesting. His handle was drsomething I think, @LA Guy would probably know.ps: your avatar is another great example...
Nice, not the same pics though, I think the shoes had a reddish tint or some red wax.
Do you have pics from one of the royals where you see closeups of his patched lobbs? They look really great but I can't find it.
Amusingly enough the body shaming often happens to dudes who could direct their burning stares at you, shirtless, in firemen's calendars.
Belt no good :'(Alter sleeves, rest ok. Japanese sararymen just wear ill-fitting black suits in cheap fabric so you'll obviously be fine. No need to do too much, I have some nice (CM-ready suits - by CM's own admission a few yrs back) but I still like to wear a loose fitting Jil Sander suit better.note: I don't understand your body shape though, pants seem to be worn quite low but not sure, maybe wear higher?Long jacket debate: CM is wrong, longer jackets were in fashion...
Ok I sometimes scroll quickly and had never looked at Jabonator's vids. woah, nice piano skills man (followed your youtube link).
It is not a unisex brand, smaller sizes are very evidently cut for women and bigger ones for men (i.e. not unisex in the sense that there is a cutoff and the sizes Bene wears are proportioned for men not just cut bigger). I have some really oversized stuff from him that would pretty much have the same look on Bene and I. I agree that many pieces are cut rather straight instead of tapered (so for slim dudes not muscular ones) but it is not a constant. @gdl203 would know...
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