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It's not Matt's fault most people in this thread have shitty taste. Considering he's the last person to act like having good taste in buying furniture makes you some amazing aesthete, you should chill.Note: I like the throne and sink, my toilet paper dispenser is as useless and really fucking ugly so his is better.
You can also check out Stephen Kenn
Helmut Lang did some Palladium copies that were pretty cool.
Went to a wine bar with a friend yesterday, was wearing green Nike roshe, black nike sweats, black Supreme arabic hoodie. People looked at me funny.
HOAs are one of those "only in America" thing that I'll never understand, most of those that do (i.e. Americans) seem to despise the arrangement but then the people I know aren’t a representative sample. Taking some of the very few things even some libertarians agree should be left to government and privatizing it so you can be tyrannized by your crazy neighbors seems both stupid and horrible.
I'd organize garage sales to sell old pornographic magazines and sex toys. Blast 80s hair metal and make small talk with my neighbors about the legitimacy of Daesh.
Wait, you can do that? Can I buy a house in the middle of a lot, pay a good leech to help me secede, then proceed to paint my house garish colours and store old cars on my lawn? I would totally pay to do that.
Isle of man!!
Franchouillard merely means typically/cliche french and related to working class people. Envision red wine, berets, baguette and sausage + no interest in other cultures. When I used the term "franchouillard modasse" to talk about someone's look I basically perverted its use. I merely meant someone who dresses in a typical creative class Parisian look and used the franchouillard term to relay how pejoratively I saw it (I fucking hate that look). A few yrs ago it was Lanvin...
Franchouillard modasse just means frenchie fashion (although franchouillard can have some bread, beret and salami connotations they don't really apply there). In other words wearing something in a luxe but slightly rumpled and totally inoffensive/consensual way in a country where variety show anchors wear their tight DH or whatever suit with a white shirts two buttons undone to look like Gainsbourg-bearded cokehead intellectuals who go clubbing after the program ends....
New Posts  All Forums: