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It's called yoox roulette for a reason.
I like the cut too and it is, indeed, flattering accross the board. On the other hand I'm notmentirely sold on the print.
Construction was usually fine except from the people sewing buttons who just didn't give a fuck. I'm still wearing my cloak heavy trench very regularly and I have two other trenchcoats/macintoshes.
Superbobo is tall AFAIK and he already like a lose fit, I'd say don't go down sizes too much, maybe 1 down from usual. Of course measurements can help because yohji sizing is all over the place. You just have to avoid getting a too short and skinny jacket from someone who makes cool oversized stuff. Of course I remember trying on a size 1 jacket and it was just too big on me and not in a good way so YMMV (and greatly so).
This thing is dutcher than a tulip anyway, some moron just thinks every blonde northerner is swedish...
Briefcases in college look retarded, ushankas almost always look retarded. He probably thinks you're a goofy looking fellow and he is entirely right, maybe he's on a website somewhere saying some freak is looking at him weird and it irritates him but semester thankfully ends mid Dcember.
Grey suit is nice and not "in your face" at all, wtf you talkin about?
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