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Russians are trying to help Antonioli which they see as much more pliable to their agenda than Mr. Porter.
Too much manifest destiny?
Most recently, during his December 6 Oval Office address on terrorism, Obama said: “My fellow Americans, I am confident we will succeed in this mission because we are on the right side of history.” It’s a phrase Obama loves: He’s used it 15 times, in debates; at synagogues; in weekly radio addresses; at fundraisers. Obama is almost as fond of its converse, “the wrong side of history,” which he has used 13 times; staffers and press secretaries have invoked it a further 16....
Why not apply Orwell's concept of common decency? Those that don't qualify get denied the right to vote. :P
I'm talking about politics not management. Representative democracy creates a system where professionals handle politics while "voters" get to vote in the oligarchy that will accomplish the will of powerful special interests. Citizens should be able to participate in policies instead of voting in their current elite. This requires a complete overhaul (i.e. revolution) of the system.What we have now is the NYT praising Clinton's mastery over the intricacy of policies while...
I am totally arguing against that thought. The problem is that the population does not get to participate in decisions and the political process itself aside from voting, which is a totally different problem. I'm guessing you think this bullshit tyranny is exerted against poor hospital managers who don't get to keep anough money toafford a plane or whatever?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breed-specific_legislationNot that special, no? BTW I think Montreal is less than 60% french speakers.About bans in the USA:http://www.americanbar.org/content/newsletter/publications/gp_solo_magazine_home/gp_solo_magazine_index/pitbull.html
Isn't Black Swan some sort of pop culture econ book? Like a long tail but written by a smarter person. Tell the person to read Anna Karenina instead of war and peace and some other classic like the red and the black.
Just get margiela grey sweat with elbow patches. Overpriced bullshit like every other designer sweat but the fit is nice (I have mustard yellow and navy and they get worn a lot). TBH My Uniqlo sweat is also nice.
New Posts  All Forums: