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Minimalism as an aesthetic and pairing down is so pervasive that I can't believe someone would self-congratulate for being into that shit. More is more!On the other hand I don't think the article is about that, there is a (moving) personal story of compensation followed by a happy balance. You could also say he moved from being overwhelmed by consumption of fashion (up to the point of taking a hated high paying job for it) to involving some creativity and production (he...
1) Craig Green, Junya2) Check selfedge for stuff like iron heart
I haven't bought jeans in years and I think I paid Uniqlo prices for the Taralis and not a lot for Margiela either. I don't really care about fancy jeans and trainers prices anymore.
Haha, go to jeans are Uniqlo slim, Taralis and Margiela. Don't wear jeans very often these days though...
With suede jacket?
Boots look great but not sure black jeans are the way to go with these...
I probably look at decorhardcore once every 30 mins in case she posts something else I like.
Overcoat:Paul Stuart Scarf: Stephan Schneider Shirt: Uniqlo Sweater: Margiela Slacks: Peir Wu Trainers: Muji Bonus shot: Jacket and tie: Dries Shirt: Uniqlo Slacks: Branquinho Boots: vintage
Any comments on what is acceptable or not should always be taken with a grain of salt, I certainly hope people understand that. However I think we've reached a pretty certain saturation of the sporty-lego-overcoat+nike look. I really can't do that shit anymore.With that said we're in a world where all the past can be in the present at once, nothing is discarded so you can truly wear what you want.
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