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Gats worn in Masai Mara, dunno if I have a pic taken right before I threw them out but yours are in perfect condition. All the inside was ripped, the sole had holes and the whole upper was a creased, dirty mess.
Casual means streetwear now? I thought it meant jeans + dress shirt + boots or something.
Don't remember the season but I have some straight leg light cotton white slacks from Margiela that look similar.
Manton has called me the exemplary illustration of radical leftist bourgeois disingenuous treatment of the right or something of the sort, not sure that I can contribute.
Well Manton has written extensively about nuclear threats and deterrence in published articles. I don't think his private bar exchanges with friends should be a matter of public scrutiny as the tone of the CE often has to do with experimenting with extreme/out there arguments and not about definite positions.
Don't be too naive here, indexing and searchability and the ability to recoup is way more important that the data "existing" somewhere. Let us reduce risk by a large margin and let time destroy the rest.
I'm sure we were all aware of that but there is a long way between rational understanding and rational action. I knew the chicken would come home to roost at some point but I'd really appreciate if the forum administration took energetic measures so it doesn't affect Manton more and won't affect anyone else in the future. I dunno how indexing works but nuking it now might be quite effective over the mid to long term.Let's not minimize this, I don't think the forum interest...
Guys, this article leak is a serious thing for some of us. I'm currently thinking the CE should be nuked. There are always remnants but making it harder to access the archives would solve 95% of the problem I believe. Indexation is entirely unable to follow the speed of information production so it should get lost in the flow.
Don't leave me hanging, what are they?
Cold climate and hot climate measurements, the materials selected are subject to important thermal expansion.
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