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Raffi wears Paul Harnden
While you're at it you might as well check out Belgian shoes and look like a NYC art dealer.
Dunno about the particular piece you are looking at but BV generally matches Hermès in quality. Hermès shoes are not at the level of their bags and other central items (they own John Lobb Paris for that) but they're decently made although a little fragile IMHO. Everything BV/Hermès is absolutely, ridiculously overpriced but you can be assured it's not shoddily made.
Who makes the sweater? Look is A+ perfect.
Yeah I know, merely commenting on the absurd theory that Slimane designs only certain pieces sold in SLP stores while the other distributors get cheaper pieces designed at the production facilities (wut?). What happens is quite simple; his studio designs the garments and he has more or less involvement in some pieces, like every other big designer. Stores come to the showroom and they order what they're interested in, following certain rules (i.e. minimum order amount,...
It was one of several Klein blue pieces, I bought the light cotton blazer which is a warm weather favourite (unlined, super light, nice colour)
I merely offered one of the multitude of definition of freedom, the takeaway point should be that there are many, they are often contradictory (Nietzsche himself offered more than one) and they are related to the system developped by a specfic thinker, they cannot be seen in isolation from that system, making our discussion sorta pointless.
The problematic of money is that, inherit, steal it, get it as salary or in a capitalist role, it is never just money but sign of our belonging in certain social spaces which determines what is possible and within that very reduced amount of choice, what we can perceive as possible. In this sense money does not give us space to manoeuver, it just part of what places us somewhere on a social chessboard.
The minimum amount of money needed to remove the lowered happiness brought by not having it has been shown to be significant, when viewed through the prism of worldwide economic level (i.e. most people on earth don't meet it and suffer accordingly, a great shame for us all) but from the point of view of a 20-something westerner with a lower-middle class and up background it is entirely met. I find it interesting that freedom seems to be defined by SF users through the...
Boot are great, tanker top and aggressive sole make it work.
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