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Doubt it, Italy is one of the only country enforcing it's "made in" label (part of the four Fs strategy) and they require 100% of the work to be made there, unlike other countries where the % is ususally much lower and enforcing is less relevant (made in Italy has as much brand capital as some major brands).Anyone that thinks SLP 5K relatively pedestrian leather jackets are priced ok is deluded. Doesn't mean it is not ok paying it if you want it but c'mon. For the record I...
Kilgour house style is absolutely not that though, I assume it is some rtw work or a special project/demo of their capabilities. Their house style is much cooler IMHO...
Ya, made a similar remark a few days ago about another one of his outfits. Ties are cool though, I'd just dress up a little bit more to wear them. I also love the denim on denim on its own, I look a little bit fake when I do it but he's on point.
Well the "L" version is slightly elongated and might be to your taste (mine is 36L), it is somewhat bulkier than you'd think by looking at the pic (but then this picture makes me look like I'm balding like Bruce Willis in Die Hard I so not a reliable portrait) but that's part of the charm. I think I'd also be ok with a 38 or 38L, this isn't tailoring. I'd avoid the versions with military (?) patches, a little bit too much unless it is a real one and grandpa served.
I got it after reading Pattern Recognition so brand/connotations. However it is one of my fav piece of outerwear because it is the perfect MA-1 shape: bulky and relatively hard not all slimmed down (fashion MA-1 tend to be too fashion and not enough MA-1).
Bomber: Buzz Rickson X William Gibson Shirt: Uniqlo Sweater: SNS Herning Slacks: Peir Wu Trainers: Margiela
Yeah, a friend of mine lives right in the worst area, he put his phone to the window and you could hear gunshots and sirens.
I already have a cape, Banderas is so last year.
Well everything is casual even most of his jackets, I'd wear the ties, just not with these outfits. I can't stand casual ties so maybe my tolerance is lower but I think if you go ties, hat, pocket square, fancy scarf in a casual outfit you are overdosing the menswear.This is especially true when I'd define his style as "My dad was a firefighter." i.e. working class third gen american city pride or something of the sort. The beard, tattoos, denim and wearing something rough...
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