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AFAIK flare just means the pants start widening at the knee while bootcut would start mid-calves (to accomodate boots).
I'm all about the flare right now, got some super flared jeans (more than these) and can hippie-wear them with joy. Margiela flared dress pants would be an excellent addition but right now the only ones I can think of have a slight bootcut feel but that is about it. I do have some rather wide, white cotton Margiela pants that are perfect for summer.Boots are size 41 MMM so probably men's but I got them at the (rare) Margiela sample sale and they might have been prototypes...
Lapels are good, what do you dislike about them? Rounded make me feel it is more country and casual.
Like the first and third fit (starting from your last post), hate the sneakers on the second fit. Maybe list the brands?
Many shops have gotten extremely pricey in recent years but, yeah, a must.Latest puces acquisition:
Lemaire has a store, will have a showroom during PFW.
Orgueil means pride but is purely pejorative (i.e. arrogance).
There are several good high-end vintage shops, my favourites being Thank God I'm a VIP and Pretty box. You also have some more regular ones full of Chanel and Hermès.
The Broken ArmTom GreyhoundL'Éclaireur people are nice when they know you well, I often meet friends at Hérold before going to a few of our fav restaurants in the area and we just shoot the shit, try silly stuff and trade banter. They serve you champagne/coffee/whatever and it is a relaxed atmosphere.
Sunglasses: Wayfarer fakes Coat, slacks and boots: Margiela Shirt: Nina Ricci pour homme (vintage)
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