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Jacket has no place here due to colour (navy vs black usually doesn't work when fabric is too similar) and it being too rocker-multiple buttons slimane loves the Beatles or whatever type shit. For once bomber would have been great or maybe some worker's shirt in diff fabric.
Top needs no dress shirt and less sleek bottom fit. Nice colour though.
Jacket )( shape combined with soft shoulders make you look a little bit too wide-hipped. I know it is part of the charm of workwear fits (less attention of building up some sort of ur-masculine shape) but not sure it works here. Maybe if the shirt was looser and longer?
I guess most forum members would find it easier to be Tom Ford nocturnal animals cowboys than actual cowboys, hence my cowboy-lite comment:
I guess I was lucky in 2016 cause I found a pair of vintage side zips with cuban heels. Not that great quality to be honest but apparently deadstock from 70s-80s. Not the thing I wear the most but looks good under Branquinho wide legged slacks.
Stuff like the side-zips you posted a few weeks ago or maybe just ropers?Here is the Jasper is chocolate goat
Last two are fine, not sure you're not better off with cowboy-lite. Last shape of real cowboy boots is hard to deal with. I sometimes search for cowboy boots and look at those types but I dunno, just wouldn't work for me, I guess you area/background is a little bit (understatement of the century) better for them.
I know the cat is out of the bag but I wish retailers would stop pushing a lifestyle and just sell clothes, their selection speaking for itself. I don't need "content" or at least not a lot of it.
Yes, why? Light blue jeans+black boots all the way.
Not many brands make side-zips. I guess Margiela is the best bet.
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