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That's why lah.
I probably have a full wardrobe of those, I recently gave some stuff to friends. It is normal after a few yrs because you don't like to wear the exact same style all the time. I need to keep more than I wear though cause my taste varies. Right now I like slacks (not jeans), long coats nothing hip-length, little black and more earth tones + gray. This may change in a few months.
You want to wear suede in the rain?
I know this isn't you. I'm just saying to avoid styling it like that. Oh and black and tan almost never works except for real colonial troops.
I feel exactly the same way, the eurotrash influence is way downplayed when it comes do gothninja brands. I mean Italians will be Italians...I once had a LUC beanie but had to let it go after two tries. Watchcaps are better IMHO but very scandi COS safe dressing crew. Ah well I don't wear hats often.
Makes you look like you have this guy's proportions:Not sure that is bad, maybe try wider pants just in case?
Have a great trip to Berlin.I know it is a "comfy flying outfit" but when you wear this hat outside of a plane you should style it with a white shirt and a more dressed up look, basically avoid any sportswear item. Something like this:
Awful styling is awful. WTF is this look? Techbro who loves sensible chinos reads GQ, decides to dandy-up (for the ladies) and goes shopping at Isetan?
Get some tech overcoat like this one:http://veilance.arcteryx.com/product.aspx?language=EN&gender=mens&model=Indisce-3-4-Coat
Trousers are
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