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Balenciaga looks cool if the girl is tall with long legs (i.e. usually not asian), rick will look great on her.
Hey! (ok sweden but similar climate)
Honestly they're fine unless the pants are really tight, the shaft is soft enough that it folds nicely. I'm selling mine but prob not your size (40).
The women's is now nerdy whimsical and sorta nice looking.
Is there honestly much of a difference? Is it artisanal if the work is separated through "jobbers" (like many bespoke english shoes) instead of being done on-site by different people. Still no single old man making your shoes/jacket/etc
I've had him on ignore for yrs, didn't know he was still around. Isn't he some white expat ├╝bermensch appreciator of azn beauty or something of the sort?
The people contributing to the thread make it what it is, considering there is a core of like 5 I'm sure anyone could easily change the vibe.
Lacking in Alessi juicers and I don't like the cabinets, rest is ace.
It's not Matt's fault most people in this thread have shitty taste. Considering he's the last person to act like having good taste in buying furniture makes you some amazing aesthete, you should chill.Note: I like the throne and sink, my toilet paper dispenser is as useless and really fucking ugly so his is better.
New Posts  All Forums: