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It is almost useless, I wish everthing was done through secure credit&debit card payments, even between people.1) Paypal blocks my transactions about half the time when I'm not in the country where my account is registered ("sorry, it is our algorithm, can't do anything about that!"). Making it less useful internationally than the average bank.2) Fees are so high making the whole thing Shylock-like. My bank(s) assfuck me a little bit less in total (I think), ah well not...
Most websites are wed to paypal, hence the problems. If all these wre forced to be compatible I'd always choose a different option. I'm pretty sure I had my account for a long ass time too, dunno how to verify that but they cannot say i've been a problem client.
Paypal truly deserves the Union Carbide prize for corporate evil, I wish there was an alternative in use, I'd prefer to send my money to someone relatively more honest like El Chapo or the KKK. Keep in mind I have never dealt with Comcast.
Hey maybe this is why I've been on fashion forums for around 10 yrs? I'm hurt they do not have a plain logoed Nike, they should pay me for a redesign.
Except that I have plenty of pieces that would match very well with a brown leather jacket (say navy or grey slacks), what is important is the way I perceive brown leather jackets. If I watch a movie set in the UK in the 60s or something like that, I'll love that sort of grey slacks/brown leather styling, I just can't wear it myself.
Really, who the fuck cares? Clothing looks better on transvestites riding skateboards, time for a lifestyle and hobby change everyone.
Yeah, square like this but no swoosh and not angled if that is possible.
Leather jackets can be any colour as long as that colour is black. There are beautiful brown leathers but they feel too retro by default, I just wouldn't know what to do with them.
The whole model would have to change, of course not all online businesses present information with the same wonderful precision as Yoox so I'm assuming their return rate is much higher than most. They don't call it yooxroulette for nothing.
Sure, I was just imagining a future with no B&M and no or very little possibility of returns and it is not pretty. I guess we haven't adapted our thinking and practices to e-shopping yet, this model calls for a way for potential clients to try quite a few garments before selecting the ones they will buy.
New Posts  All Forums: