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I seem to remember Lang collaborating with Palladium but they might have been merely a source of inspiration.
Well it is maybe tohype/touristy for purists but I'm not a foodie, I like food. Important distinction. Blonde girl left, asian all alone. Sad. Girl just told her man: "can you not do that;it annoys me."
Ok, ordered a bottle of nice American wine and been told I could bring home if I didn't finish. As if! All bullshit aside I might be a corny white girl but I like Silver oak and price is relatively honest even in restaurants.
I am please to report oysters are fine and Sancerre too. Not too clear on the crowd but one chinese dude looks like he's going to win over a blonde Stacey so go Asian underdog!
Always do...
Since you guys like live fuuma blogging I'm sad to report I've just been served flat prosecco. Oyster are good though.
I'm sure some of the graphic tees are ok but the all over "A" boots and tees are a major nono.
I have a few Supreme pieces but that cheap anarchy shit collab isn't for me (or anyone else).
Your type's technique is to beg the question and paint the adversary in broad but meaningless gestures. Fuck off.
Isn't it a well-off redneck brand in Australia? I guess it is a new international positioning.note: I like RMW.
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