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It's a leather jacket, don't do anything to it and wear when it is raining, don't be a fucking pussy.
Well it is in creepy sect mode, booking agents are furious, there was an article in a trade mag about this and, since I know the principals, it was hilarious. You have to understand these girls arrive in Paris, barely have any money for food and don't speak good french or english so some guy who speaks russian and pays sandwiches is seen like a really cool guy (the mdma also helps). He's really rambling and talks about mathematics and god.
Hahaha, that guy is an insane guru surrounded by around 10-20 russian models every season who hang out in his abandonned shop and pop mdma and skate.fashion raspoutine:
Dude, move ASAP.
I have 10 pairs, some of them quite a few yrs old (my APCs are from 2005).1) APC new standards2) Cloak black raw3) Cloak black stripped4) Dior Homme grey5) Dior Homme black waxed6) Taralis light blue slim7) Taralis black with leather inserts8) to 10) = Uniqlo black slim T-somethingConsidering Cloak folded a few yrs ago and the Dior waxed are from luster not re-issue I don't think you can say I buy a lot of jeans. I mostly wear the three Uniqlos and rediscover the other...
Yeah for some reason I figured it would be denim and nothing else.
Imagine if you only bought stuff from brands that have big/huge/etc in their name. Not sure it can be done.
Wearing a pair of Cloak jeans today along with a neighborhood flannel with motocross print. Don't really care about who makes my jeans anymore, Uniqlo are fine. Would care if I wanted a new pair of indigo ones maybe cause some of the japanese makers are cool in that nerdy way that William Gibson is cool. Note: Neighborhood flannel is this one (looks way less contrasted in person, everything blends in...
Local area cis man doesn't like studded leather jacket.
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