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You look like a complete twat in this outfit, I mean it in the nicest way possible, that chest hair and vest is so douchebag it is genius. You really love those high-tops, some boots would also work here.
Really nice outfit, great fabric on the slacks and the ankle showing is negated by boots so everything is oki.This is clean, however you have round hippie glasses, maybe get less "minimal" and start wearing some 70s shirts.
Your environment is begging you to wear a jacket, look at those sad trees.Dude, stop with the ankle showing, I'm getting vapors.
Those collegiate jackets just look funny to me when they're black and with lots of leather, it is almost like a bizarro universe where goth wore that stuff in the 80s.Ditch the loafers, the rest of the outfit is like cold weather and sorta rough/country.Nice silhouette but would like it better with lighter shoes, maybe trainers.
Really nice shirt here you pant-roller.WTF is an underground bar, like it is literally in a cave? Bottom out the outfit is fine but the rumpled linen shirt just looks messy and not so interesting. Maybe wear a jacket so it isn't so central
I was gonna be super critical of the facial hair but then I saw you're scandi (swedish?) so it turned into a cool black metal reference. You seem to be into "real" workwear so you should post more fits, nw that the craze has died down it is nice to see what people are currently into.
This jacket is really cool, friend ended up with something else but def a good option.
For those that buy their trainers in pack of twelve?
There a correlation between type of phone used and education level (in America)? Age I get it,although there might be surprising exceptions (i.e. let's say iphones are more user friendly than Samsung so better purchase for the over 60+ set-I just made that up-). Truth is nowadays you have 40%+ more people who attend college in western countries. I have to say most of em aren't necessarily more stupid than you or I or anyone else but it is pretty clear to me that they don't...
Thinking your way out of a wet paper bag by LA Guy?
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