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Not the first time I have one and post a pic here but I don't think anyone followed last time. Many of my friends do sport unironic moustaches from time to time.
I stole Kim Jones' apple system remote (by accident) but I can pretend it was for revenge...
Loden greenCollar can be buttoned turned upremovable lining80% virgin wool/20% cashmereraglan sleevesVery easy to wear.
@Superb0bo Fit of the loden coat:
Those aren't ancient greco-roman values they're Christian protestant values...
I use Mauviel, honestly buying this stuff online is kinda weird, best is if you can try it but otherwise handling it in a store is really worth it. Theoretical quality is much less important than how it feels in the hand,
Top quality goods are still made elsewhere (i.e. from Italian motors to British speakers or french shoes etc.) so I'm not sure that statement stands when looked at critically. Your general point (MiC can be at various quality levels from high to low within the same category of goods) still stands.
Nice look for some people, a little bit too assholish on me, especially since I currently have a mustache.BTW I got a Schneiders grey-green long jacket today, I believe that's totally your kind of thing. I think you're pretty tall and size 52+, my friend's father wears a lot of that stuff and he's 2 meters burly Russian. On me the size 44 is sorta Yohji (looks good) but this is made for big guys.http://www.schneiders.com/de/index.php/en/collection/
Some designer friend told me "asians" when we had this discussion. I'm assuming he means it is a Red China(tm) plot to skimp on fabric but maybe he meant the new cuts are more flattering...
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