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Nope, an appeal to authority is when instead of explaining your argument you say "famous doctor X says cancer is caused by drinking petrol, so ti is true." Maybe famous doctor is full of shit, maybe not. We'd need to see some detail of his argument and have a convo about it.Note: I'm not an idiot, I am aware that your studies probably make you more qualified to form opinions on medicine as a social field than say the average person or a doctor.
You know you're in trouble when a lawyer calls someone else trash.
While I do believe the USA should have English as an official language it is def used as anti latino rhetoric and not much else in US politics. Dog whistle and all that (well not much of a dog whistle if everyone can hear it).
I thought he identified as an otherkin otter.
I wouldn't know, I mean everyone has a death drive but maybe we don't want it to be in the intellectual driver's seat?
I won't bother watching, "funny" conservatives commenters do not exist in contemporary society, especially in the USA. Which is sad cause people like Philippe Muray were amazingly funny and def right/far right. The way I see it the mark of a lesser mind is to like or respect people just because they agree with you.
He does sound like an asshole and not the good kind. Never heard of the guy before but there is a new breed of conservative commenters that are really a product of the net, the real life trolls. Basically they'll act like styleforum dudes in the feminism thread but through media channels and everything is just for LOLs. They don't seem to have a real ideological core which is just sad and nihilistic.
It is a rejection of the two "governance" parties in favour of two aspects of the protest vote so yeah, shitty way to present it.Note that the Presidential function is largely ceremonial in Austria.
Florida live action swordfighter anime-cushion fucking Trump fan. Wow. I think Florida is actually the most offensive element of that impressive list...
Average size of behind favoured by males? I love how the "IQ and blacks knowwhatImean, I'm so courageous I've talked about it teehee!" dudes are coming out of the woodwork once again. They basically get a little erection everytime they get to do that.
New Posts  All Forums: