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Oh and guys no down jackets and no zip sweaters EVER!!
Collar too stiff and whole upper body part too formal for the relaxed belt + jeans + footwear.
Congrats, you were treated like a car being assembled on the factory floor, zoomzoom!
Should A MAN splurge on cuckoo clocks?
Not as much as your mom, the whole neighborhood is talking about her wanton behaviour.
What to splurge on: a pimped out segway what tp save on: vitamin juice Here you go, glad I could help.
I copy pasted from what I got....
Congratulations! Here are your results. You're a Mystery No feedback to display.
Jacket: Margiela Tee & Jeans: Uniqlo Sneakers: Raf Simons Response trail w. Adidas
Only speaking for myself here but I try to block all ads here and everywhere else and am not interested in receiving stuff in my email. I know as far as marketers are concerned this website is just a way to provide available brain time but I fucking provide "content" and want to read other people's content in a less regimented and mercantile manner. Oh and I now wear Rafdidas with nike sweatpants everyday ;(
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