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Underrated here you mean? They had a big installation at le Bon Marché earlier this year and seem to do very well for a niche brand.
Wait how thick/exact colour (can pantone :P)? I have an old one in reg cotton but this looks better.
Leather shoes maintenance is pretty simple.1) Put trees after use for at least one hour. It won't alter the shape of your boots unless the trees are too big or something of the sort. A company like SLP should give free trees with their boots but they apparently don't give a fuck. Trees have to be wood and they'll absorb moisture and minimize creasing.2) Shine boots from time to time (also good for protection) using saphir products. No need to attempt mirror shining or...
Ok, I usually come in this thread to look at the car-crash looks of awkward users but this is pretty sharp, those boots are much better than other SLP I've seen and the jeans have a great tint.
No idea, quite silky but tags are gone.
Are the brown boots in the pic Sutor cause I think I own this exact model.
Shirt: vintage Jeans: Uniqlo Boots: Balenciaga
That's an artisan popsicle from Berko
Current look:
I wear kurtas, Berber jewelry and some African stuff, TBH I really don't give a fuck about cultural appropriation because it posits culture is a dead/unchanging thing. Sometimes I just think it looks ridiculous but then wearing a suit can look ridiculous on some people. Maybe watch statues also die by Chris Marker?
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