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Some unarmed people prefer to be shot in the back by amateurs.
Scandi workwear style (second look) will be made cooler by jacket, go for it.
TBH both of them would look cool with a "light" 70s style, Beige and browns, large slacks or nice printed shirts. I mean that in the Margiela sense, not some Gucci frou-frou 70s posturing.Oh and if you look like Marvin go for it:If you're going to Visvim that shit don't buy any of them. Get a parka or whatever in forest green or some other nice colour.
No, really? I meant what will you wear it with.
One question as I´ll bet for yes looking at his tainted hair , is Wilders homo as was Pim Fortuin , the one that was shooted by a socialist ?
Yeah, his custom denim getup in the vid is also cool (pair with linen shorts and Saint Laurent flipflops to go to a fancy Miami poolside party).
I don't follow his Instagram and am hardly in Canuckland so I wouldn't know. His gov first few measures were fine TBH.
What I find more interesting is that I have been seeing anecdotal (yeah I know) evidence from people you'd call SJW disliking Bernie and finding him lacking even compared to Hillary. The real global divide is here is between a new "left" unwilling to go from singular, community/group based struggles to a universal, socialist, global one. The 80s Foucaldian turn has basically made a large part of the more radical left completely disenfranchised from older far-left inclusive...
Well the incoming presidential election is pretty much already won by dems at this point so there will be some regular gloating from the average dem-leaning newspaper editorial and high-minded, insufferable gloating from the bastion of urban, semi-literate, dem-leaning elites (NYT). Can't wait to see what #ameridad David Brooks has to say about this and decency.
Are you kidding me? If Paul Ryan had said that, "libruls" (MSM media lolllilollll) would have been even more overjoyed. BTW no one likes Ted Cruz and any 30 sec clip of Ted Cruz will tell you why.
New Posts  All Forums: