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Dunno,I usually like the ones they have in Asia, depends on the batch though.
Had salted snails and fried frog yesterday, go Vietnam!
I just buy Uniqlo crew neck white tees one size up and they look fine. I don't like designer tees but those LA tees might be something you can check out in person.
"Allowed"!!?? I don't get jobs where people don't chose what to wear according to (obvious) social standards and need some rule book. Well outside of say places where you need specific equipment like a factory.
Yeah mine is brushed wool, very easy to wear and falls at belt line. I had to get it reweaved because of an enormous cigarette burn I got from a random at a party.
Did they change the cut? That jacket is super short in the body, maybe the model is really short.
Doubt it, Italy is one of the only country enforcing it's "made in" label (part of the four Fs strategy) and they require 100% of the work to be made there, unlike other countries where the % is ususally much lower and enforcing is less relevant (made in Italy has as much brand capital as some major brands).Anyone that thinks SLP 5K relatively pedestrian leather jackets are priced ok is deluded. Doesn't mean it is not ok paying it if you want it but c'mon. For the record I...
Kilgour house style is absolutely not that though, I assume it is some rtw work or a special project/demo of their capabilities. Their house style is much cooler IMHO...
Ya, made a similar remark a few days ago about another one of his outfits. Ties are cool though, I'd just dress up a little bit more to wear them. I also love the denim on denim on its own, I look a little bit fake when I do it but he's on point.
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