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Isn't intl. shipping a little bit excessive on ebay, maybe people expect you to adjust, I know I'd prefer that.
In order2001-2003 Solitaire/Reflexions/Luster @ DH1998-2000 YSL Rive Gauche2004-2007 Victim of the Crime/etc @ DH2013 First season @SLP with lots of references to old DH work2014 Etc.In retrospect Hedi isn't a very good designer and more of a stylist. He was really in tune with what was happening in music at the time so it just worked beautifully for him. I have a few DH pieces left but the only one I wear regularly is just a basic burgundy cardigan with some nice...
BTW I have two pairs of Taralis jeans (made in France I think) and they're nicer than SLP (better washes on one etc.). It doesn't really matter as obsessing over SLP and buying Taralis wouldn't give you the right feeling. I'm the other way around in that I like a few SLP pieces but the brand image/clients make me buy something else almost every time.
This as a day bed.
No, leaving everything as is. No white paint on the brick and beams. TBH don't touch your place, it is fine as is.
Tech runners are ok quality (say a nice Adidas shoe so very good in a sense) which means they're probably leagues above the cheap stuff you see on those sites. I'd say it is probably something like fake Nikes versus real Nikes: make a lot of diff if you've ever seen the fakes...
Ralph Simpsons is a hack, why did they retire Mr. Dior!!
I should check that thread more often, good times!
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