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To be fair my pic is more playing dressup with a friend's clothing (it is not my CdG skirt). He wears a lot of Thamanyah nowadays so I guess he continued in that direction.
1) The classic tailoring proportion are EXACTLY what these guys are not doing. They're pursuing a singular vision of aesthetics that doesn't include classical notions of beauty inherited from the Greeks (as we perceive it now, of course, ancient Greeks were very Eastern in their outlook and prone to stylistic flourishes we'd consider tacky).2) Your perceptions about drop crotch pants and the wider aesthetic notion of beauty through proportions and cut is not universal but...
I usually can't stand ties with jeans but this is great. Same problem as usual applies, as the casual level is too segregated (bottom casual, top more formal) instead of being mixed, but it doesn't bother me too much.
Why would you say it is pretentious? If you knew anything about these designers and their work you would understand that they're not concerned with "beauty" in the way classical tailoring would be. It is a very simple statement that properly explains why your post doesn't make sense in the context of these pieces. Someone like CCP does not reject bourgeois good taste but rather has absolutely no concern or relation to it.As for CCP well I certainly wouldn't say it is out...
MA+, CCP etc are not concerned with bourgeois good taste (what you call true elegance), it is not something that enters into play.
People like Carol Christian Poell actually PLAN for their garments to be uncomfortable, they never want you to forget that you are wearing the pieces/being bonded with them, it is more like an alien presence than some sportwear notion of not feeling the garment, we're talking Germanic stiffness here not Italian body-consciousness. In a similar veins CCP leathers bear the trace of the suffering the animal went through, you can never forget it used to be the skin of a living...
The point being I can't say shit about Visvim pr and marketing aside from the fact there is a big fuccboi/hypebeast demand driving the sales/prices but I really dunno where it comes from and who, if anyone, had anything to do with it.
Give me an example, considering his PR in the US is not done by Visvim employees but by Williamson PR.
I wear this Jan Jan Van Essche tunic a lot in warm climates, people just assume I'm going to the mosque or am in some sort of traditional costume, works in asia, ME and west africa. Purely fashion in the western world. Note that it is a bit longer than the pic shows, this model is probably tall as fuck.
Raffi wears Paul Harnden
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