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It is critical to modernism, yeah. I'll grant you it is absurd nowadays where sampling and a subjective experience are the current paradigm.
I usually keep my knives in ok condition, maybe not as much as some more dedicated people but I'll be all right. It should be obvious that anything discussed here is "good enough" and that the more important thing is how you like the weight/shape/handle. I also have a strong dislike for the James Bond lifestyle, only the best (like there is one) bullshit I sometimes see on SF (lots of fat kids with the best dunks on our basketball court), although I'll readily admit it is...
No, people who go to shows looking like time-travelling cyber-fisters also wear Rick runway pieces.
SLP thread is my fav place on SF, this is where you can read Hedi turned the industry around by having classic pieces he releases every collection, which is basically what we call non-runway pieces with other designers and it has been around forever but hey, don't try to talk sense to these people. Owenscorps make all their money from bold runway pieces and not from drop crotches, bib shirts and stooges leathers, like we all know.
Yeah that.s true, my father has one of those really old (19th or early 20th) cleavers and he uses it a lot if he cooks asian food. I just like it to chop some herbs.
Cleaver=shopping parsley and some bones (can be done with a chef knife)...
If you want to collect knives or are a pro chef, maybe but in reality you basically need two knives (chef+paring). Allows two people to work on diff things too so perfect.
Quoting myself from another thread: I'm definitely not using Japanese knives (usually don't like the shape, weight etc., doesn't feel right for western food, didn't grow up with them and blades are a bitch to maintain) as beautiful and cool as they may be. Paring is somewhat irrelevant I guess so I just bought a W├╝sthof classic chef and paring and will complement with another chef knife (old Sabatier Carbon in new condition) for when I want a nicer shape (German is fine...
epic meet, no pic?
Ok, joke outfit but nice flares.
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