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It is too short to wear slacks: I suggest shorts, short sleeve shirt, trainers, a lollipop and this nice hat:
Well nothing works on the first fit with black tee, the second one is acceptable but nothing more. That jacket just isn't made to be worn with jeans so you'll never get a nice fit that way. You need to wear some slacks, something in light grey (summer weight) or maybe burgundy or even purple. Another option would be to get flashy patterned slacks like Bless tapestry or Dries printed.
Nevermind, you said woven...
You look like an IT guy who found a jacket on a bench. No
Going by their clients they're not very good but hey:https://*****************/drycleanonly/grail-fits-24
Why do you know this? There's an instagram named "grailedteamstreetstyle"?
Spalla just means shoulder, you have various ways to attach the arm to the shoulder of a suit, hence different spalla. The soft one often discussed is "spalla camicia" or shoulder like a dress shirt (camicia=dress shirt).
You look like a complete twat in this outfit, I mean it in the nicest way possible, that chest hair and vest is so douchebag it is genius. You really love those high-tops, some boots would also work here.
Really nice outfit, great fabric on the slacks and the ankle showing is negated by boots so everything is oki.This is clean, however you have round hippie glasses, maybe get less "minimal" and start wearing some 70s shirts.
Your environment is begging you to wear a jacket, look at those sad trees.Dude, stop with the ankle showing, I'm getting vapors.
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