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Isn't the PKK entirely justified in using violence in Turkey, considering the general situation. Very hard to blame them if they're using a "distasteful" strategy, outside of judging its effectiveness.
Those jeans look like what the half-hipster half-bro dudes tucking their blue button downs wear, too slim for their big legs and asses, looks ridiculous.
WWI, WWII, multiple extreme groups, terrorism (left and right) was common until recently, now you have a new kind. Have you ever set foot in Europe you fucking idiot?
Unless you wanted to resell the jacket how would it matter? For a family living hand to mouth a stupid fine or unplanned expenses in the hundreds can make the whole edifice fall but a teen not getting a leather jacket...I can't believe I come to this forum and still see this thread...
Drew and his associates who were unpaid? Can't see how anyone else might have been ruined...
Uranium is gluten free...
I went to the IMF website and was told it exists to foster global stability and reduce poverty...
Hillary doesn't make your skin crawl, she just has the ethics and aggression of a Gauleiter. People dislike her for factual reasons, which is a lot easier to overcome, as funny as it sounds.
I'm pretty sure Ted's wife would have voted Clinton, I mean look at the guy, he's just repugnant.
Putin is a good geopolitical tactician, his fatal flaw is exactly that he is weak on strategy.
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