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I don't get it....1) This signing is not final, it also has to be ratified by the European parliament and by the national assemblies*.2) The LOL I can see is how many Canadians see themselves as European-like (i.e. nicer than Americans) and are pissed, not understanding that having none of these geographical indications:http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/quality/door/list.html;jsessionid=Jm4YWG8fBvHnpPYJRJTD150Vk34L38XTXywB8wddnryYhNygJdvb!-1853504095and only recognizing 145...
Yeah support is mainly that but there have been some sporadic fighting.
You do realize that France and the UK are/were also active in Syria and coordinating with the Americans? FYI Americans aren't actively fighting (definitions get fuzzy sometimes) so it is not "the usa" attacking Mosul directly, merely leading the strategy and providing support, training etc.
You know that boots on the ground shit is such a thorny media issue when we can say that troops are deployed but they're not boots on the ground etcetc.
You don't agree that the Iraq first strategy existed? WTF!!??? Remember the stats on bombing before the recalibration in 2016?Editorial (from the end of 2015) against IFS:http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/11/obama-isis-strategy-afghanistan-war-213380See "The Syrian Dimension" section (interesting how he says retaking Mosul would have to be done after the OBama admin):https://www.csis.org/analysis/us-strategy-and-war-iraq-and-syria
I added something about that above, maybe you missed it. I know this is a process and at this precise moment in time it is not a possibility, that was not the point.
The idea being that attacks happening in Europe will more easily receive technical assitance and even individual involvment through Raqqa than Mosul so it should have been attacked first for that very reason. You can look at recent comments from the French minister of foreign affairs to see he's scared of the Mosul consequences (large contingent of fighters fleeing toward Raqqa and some of them going to Europe).As I understand it, even after recalibrating, Americans have...
Reagan was such an amazing man of the people I mean, 1988, are you fucking serious?
Representative democracies are all oligarchies...
I'm not saying Putin and Obama had a sit-down and traded combat opportunities but it feels like the violence in Aleppo is the price to pay (going to look like Grozny soon) by the Obama administration to get their crowning major victory before they leave office (taking Mosul).European diplomats are privately (and sometimes publicly) complaining the fight should have happened in Raqqa as it is the way to Europe for Daech terrorists. I dunno how you guys see the focus on Iraq...
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