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Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex holy shit 24 assists for rondo tonight. The guy's a monster even if the Celtics kind of clunked past the knicks. shows importance of Rondo. If he wasn't there, Celts wouldnt have any offense.
Quote: Originally Posted by origenesprit Do tell do tell ^ 2
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint just found out my new girl is a die-hard mavs fan boo Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh All right, Lakers - Rockets coming up. Who do you think will miss more time this year due to injuries? Kobe or Yao? as someone from houston..i hope not Yao
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 spolestra will be fired in a week so riley can take over You know it'll be framed as "Spolestra has decided to spend more time with his family" call by Riley. All jokes aside, its only game 1 of a long season. Come on Lakers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo I don't know why you Dallas fans are so upset. So long as Wade Phillips is the head coach every team will be dead in chute before the starting gun goes off. One of the worst coaches of all time. Actually, its a testament to how much talent was on that team that they were even able to win 8 games or so a season. I couldnt agree more. Him and his non chalant way. What exactly does he get upset about?
Quote: Originally Posted by soxpats I hope Favre is ok to play next week so that Patriots can kick his a$$ all over the field. Would love to see him get sacked and intercepted up in Foxboro. How anyone can stand him or root for him is beyond me. Especially now that everyone knows he cheats on his wife. What a scum bag. LOL. I'm not the biggest fan of the guy right now at the moment..but why all the hate? Quote: Originally...
Cowboys season is.......going..going...GONE! yay! I love the misery.
Quote: Originally Posted by WhateverYouLike Shit ain't cutler's fault. He gets no time whatsoever to throw. He's getting hit like 1 step into a 3 step drop. The Bears O-line isnt worth crap. Cutler is going to look like David Carr after all this is done.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Adebayor looked hopeless today. I hope we sell him and use the dough for another experienced striker, or another commanding fullback. Although we are very deep, the EPL is very strenuous on defenders, and with our (hopefully) long participation in Europe, we'll need more cover. Completely agree with that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Gareth Bale is magnificent! What an exciting final few minutes. Would have loved to see VdV out on the pitch as well, but I doubt that would have done much to quell that absolute embarrassment of a first half. Glad to see all the English clubs going through so far. Despite the Spurs' piss poor defending, I enjoyed watching their performance much more than what Man U put on. Seeing Sneijder and Coutinho play at such...
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