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Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac Dude you win bcos thats FUKN hot. but this is my hottest shirt, I'm the guy on the left. But I dont mean the shirt Im wearing, I mean the shirt the guy on the right is wearing, we traded for last night. HAHAHAHHAHA. what forces people to brush their hair like that. geez really
yeah first check your body fat %, and then drop some. important to remember that your genes come into effect as well.
just went through this entire thread from the first page. friekin awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by blank Just a quick heads-up, but I stopped by my local Macy's and they had a clearance table of ties, mostly Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Sean John and the occasional Alfani, but there was also a pretty large selection of Polo ties, all marked originally at $95 and discounted to $71.50, but the table had a huge sign that said $12.99. I picked out a few and walked up to the clerk expecting to haggle the tagged price versus the...
Quote: Originally Posted by insp86 I live near Minneapolis/ St. Paul. yeah look for http://www.brooksbrothers.com/storel...ing_stores.tem
whats the total budget?
what do you guys think of http://www.thetiebar.com? I've read their publications in some magazine..and I've actually ordered a tie from them. very nice actually. quick shipping as well. anyone else have any experience with them? good or bad?
So I noticed above people were talking about peak lapels. is there is do/do not list for peak lapels on suits
hmm interesting.
what's wrong with the peak lapel exactly?
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