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Quote: Originally Posted by blank Just a quick heads-up, but I stopped by my local Macy's and they had a clearance table of ties, mostly Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Sean John and the occasional Alfani, but there was also a pretty large selection of Polo ties, all marked originally at $95 and discounted to $71.50, but the table had a huge sign that said $12.99. I picked out a few and walked up to the clerk expecting to haggle the tagged price versus the...
Quote: Originally Posted by insp86 I live near Minneapolis/ St. Paul. yeah look for http://www.brooksbrothers.com/storel...ing_stores.tem
whats the total budget?
what do you guys think of http://www.thetiebar.com? I've read their publications in some magazine..and I've actually ordered a tie from them. very nice actually. quick shipping as well. anyone else have any experience with them? good or bad?
So I noticed above people were talking about peak lapels. is there is do/do not list for peak lapels on suits
hmm interesting.
what's wrong with the peak lapel exactly?
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