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What do you guys think of this list to visit and see? - Fishermans Wharf - Pier 39 - Alcatraz - Napa Valley - Union Square - Goldengate park/bridge any other famous spots?
Quote: Originally Posted by Abraxis Yeah and it's hard to find parking. The muny I've heard is quite good, but I'm pretty anti-bus. I just walk anything under 3.5 miles and cab anything over. The city is really small something like 6 or 7 miles end to end so if you don't mind walking a lot then it's a good cost effective if not timely way to get around. interesting. i didnt know that.
What'd would the best mode of transporation to go around the city? I have a car, but parking is going to be expensive I'm assuming.
All, I'm in San Fran for 3 days this upcoming week: Thursday - Friday staying in the Fisherman's Wharf area. - Can you all share some eateries in and around Fisherman's Wharf. ? - Things to do? Thanks,
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander That was our italian made six fold line. I had a falling out with that manufacturer over the quality of an order I placed. The six fold line that featured the tie in that was crafted flawlessly. The next ordered I receved from them featured some shotty construction, and didnt meet our standards. I had to fight with them to get my money back. We took about 6 months off to look for a quality manufactour and we...
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander Whoa, those six folds are a blast from the past! I remember when we used to make those. Do you still carry this purple pin-dot? That's sexy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Lol at the Cowboys. Such a good way to end my weekend. HAHA. me too! But seriously, did anyone ever believe Wade was a good coach? Geez.
friekin a! love it.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex I remember Bill Walton would always say shit on the level of "They're going to have to play defense if they don't want to get scored on" "To win this game they're going to have to score more points" hahahah. exactly.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex holy shit 24 assists for rondo tonight. The guy's a monster even if the Celtics kind of clunked past the knicks. shows importance of Rondo. If he wasn't there, Celts wouldnt have any offense.
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