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Quote: Originally Posted by sexandcandy i doubt that. riley will only step down if he feels they can win a championship, like he did when SVG was coah. and with the lack of chemistry, bad record and all the injuries, it doesn't look good for them this year. of course there's still a chance, but it's looking unlikely. riley put this whole team together and everyone thought they'd go that it's not panning out, at the end of this season he will be...
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent I got mine, how about you? Jordan was worshiped. It's only the few actual sport fans that know what a huge ego maniacal shithead he was/is. ofcourse. I'd agree that Jordan was more liked than Kobe. Kobe is a polarizing figure
Loved how Jordan on a sports radio show called Kobe Bryant his modern day equal in the player with the same passion, work ethic and killer instinct...this when asked to choose between Kobe or Lebron. Ofcourse ! Why wouldn't you choose Kobe!
sorry. Just looked at the amazon link .. saw this was a different model with specs good luck on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by sygyzy Like-new Amazon Kindle 2nd Generation, 6" screen. Includes 3G data, no monthly service costs. In pristine condition and kept in a brown leather case for the duration of use. Brown leather case is also included. Price: $130.00 shipped Payment: Paypal pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi I noticed that ODEN is an anagram for DONE LOL Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Miami got lucky tonight then. LOL. you should have heard Bosh's post game interview. what an idiot.
that first play was awesome. geez Andy Reid has done a good job with Vick
I dont know if this fight will happen, as many would like to. I'd like to see a fast defensive boxer like Mayweather go at it with Pac. Either Mayweather doesn't want the beatdown or he is too focused on not going to jail..
Quote: Originally Posted by phreak +1 The only benefit of hiring Gruden as a coach is that we won't have to listen to him and Jaws on MNF. And those 'interviews' with players where they watch tape, Christ HAHAA.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Probably the most likely scenario, but I still think Irvin would be fun. Cause he just don't give a damn. Plus, he's never (to the best of my knowledge) coached before, so there's a step up from Wade right there! if Jerry Jones wants a winning team, hire a head coach and not a "yes man"... will it make them a winning team overnight? probably not..but it'll solve the interesting dynamic is what is always in...
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