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question - can anyone start using the kindle or is the device linked to one owner?
where did you get $150?
holy sweetness..
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre jets and pats wow wtf that's one way to put it. The hoodie wasn't going to lose this one. So much for Rex Ryan talking his Jets up..Pats are having their way with them.
The English cant catch a break. they can't win anything.
how many times were the shutter clicked?
good luck on the sale. #6 is a beauty
I got the whole shpeel about wanting the game to grow in locations where it isn' Russia and Qatar were chosen. Before I even get into why in my opinion those were the wrong locations....why the hell does FIFA feel the need to hold a bidding process if the locations were decided already by some indicators. FIFA and Sepp Blatter are barely credible as an organization. I love the sport..but dislike them.
Quote: Originally Posted by bare bodkin All 8 seasons of 24. Indeed.
It's interesting how Lebron is a polarizing figure now..and honestly it is all self- created. He can't stand accountable for anything . I respect his talent, but there are limits . He's creating a pattern with 2 different teams and different coaches as well.
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