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PEAK Good to Great
Quote: Originally Posted by limping_decorum with any luck it will be the end of dewey. Who is dewey? That detective who is recovering from being shot a season ago?
Quote: Originally Posted by FozzyBadfeet I didn't like Sammy during the first two seasons...But so far this season, I like how they developed his character as well. I was in awe at the scene where Nate died. This is probably one of my favorite shows and it's sad that NBC took it off their network...Glad TNT picked it up and hopefully it continues to have a greater following. Yeah since they have on TNT, i think they can push a little...
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym That was a really intense scene. Anybody think the gang might go after Sammy (e.g. gunning for Nate's family)? He's acting really reckless. This season has been really good so far. Sammy finding out that baby is his own ...I wonder if that will change his behavior. Hopefully he just sits around babysitting Nate's family..because his wife is a trainwreck waiting to happen. His character has...
AF - can you speak more towards Healthcare consulting? Currently I work for a hospital corporation in mergers, acquisitions and start-ups of outpatient clinics. How can I work towards jumping in the consulting role at a consulting firm?
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni Very cool. Does the Nook Color have free 3G wireless that continues to work when running this? not sure how it could do this.
friekin coolness
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel Hmmm....we have a far superior offence, and passing defense. While pit defensively was just slightly better than atlanta, and far behind philly. Sorry, but we've already put out 2 of the 3 best teams in the NFL,pitt isn't the 3rd. I like our chances me too. cant wait
Say what you say abt Big Ben...but what is this is his 3rd superbowl within 5-6 years?
I so wish I had the money
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