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what a statement game!
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. OMG indeed.
512 MB only?! what the heck
LOL. Did Bosh just whine about his role in the Heat? How about whining your missing all your defensive positions.
I love
Yeah then I think about it...on talent alone..they should be able to do amazing things..but who actually thought this season was Heat's "Season"... They dont have any pieces that make championship teams. Role Players, a bench, big men.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Heat should trade LeBron. Just like everybody said he and D-wade don't really compliment each other. Go looking for a big and a true point guard. Rob some down market team that is desperate for a big name. The Kings could send Cousins and Evans and maybe a couple of picks or some quality roll players. Or maybe work a three way trade to bring John Wall and a nene, gosal, or lopez. Maybe send him to NJ for D-Will and...
The world is a better place with the Miami Heat losing... haha....grow up seriously. Guaranteeing championships, dancing like rock stars...what did you think was going to happen.
if one wanted to pays for data and wants to use it on the iPad, can they do it on this model...or is this strictly wifi only.
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