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Interested in the aquascutum. Pm me please. Thanks.
Whats the best note-taking app on ipad 2? I have a stylus and I downloaded Notesplus. Wanted to hear opinions on users who have used it longer? Thanks,
yeah this is exciting stuff. every game has come down to the last few mins.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos The reason for all the outdated tech in BSG is that Cylons could hack into open systems, so everything is closed and intentionally low-tech. I believe this is even explicitly stated in an episode somewhere along the line. yeah it was in one of the first episodes .
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 It's a good popcorn movie, nothing else i dont know if I'd sit through this again.
I'm not a Mavs fan by any means, but I've always felt the Mavs havent done enough to get Dirk a ring. perhaps this could change. As long as the Heat dont go anywhere, I'm happy.
This should be good. I'm going for United.
I absolutely loved AOE from the beginning to maybe the 3rd one. After that..too futuristic for me.
catch all the theatrics that one can imagine in one football game at 2:45 ET in US. Can't wait.
Honestly Barca played great and Messi was magical. We should not have stayed back and been content. Well done Barca..nice acting Alves. Thanks for ruining the game ref.
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