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That same logic will apply to people taking long positions as well. So according to you, you may as well lay off trading because hedge funds or market making brokers will hunt your stop loss whether or not you long/short.This so called "stop loss hunting" occurs everywhere whether you are trading with a market maker or ECN or interbank market. The only difference is who the market movers are. All you need to do is be smart about it and know how to time your entry. You also...
Shorting is just the opposite of going long. There is no difference if you take long positions on a margin or short positions on a margin your risk exposure is still the same.I agree in that day trading should be avoided until you have sufficient experience. Also derivatives trading should only be attempted if you fully understand the product.However none of them have any relation to your amount of capital. You are the GUN and capital are your BULLETS. It is up to you on...
There are outlets for the retail investors to trade. There are loads of online brokers that offer trading accounts that allows you to even trade with mini contracts. Brokerages such as, FxPrimus, IGmarkets, Interactive Brokers etc do not require 25k. They even offer you high leverage. So I don't get you at all.
The cut of the suit doesn't match your body. Try another designer.
Indeed that maybe true in many cases but I am just presenting the options available to him. The rest is up to his own evaluation and discretion.
First things first, it is a whole different ballgame when you have money on the line. It's no more about knowledge but about the state of mind.I don't really remember any restrictions present for investing in BRIC. You just need to find a broker who has a presence and offers their services within the respective indexes. The other alternative if you can't find a broker with services to BRIC stock indexes are ADRs. Hedge funds are not middlemen, if you invest in a hedge fund...
I actually recommended the usual suspects in HK til I saw the OP's budget. OP you do realize that at your budget, you are looking at a garment that is glued together with meh fabrics? I'd even doubt that at that price point it is going to be bespoke in most places. You are pretty much going to get the same garment regardless of which tailor you go to. You could try Peter Lee in HK though. I remember seeing in his price list that he does fused garments(glued together)...
You seem to be confused about the job scope of the IBD. IBD focuses on raising capital for companies, M&A and restructuring of companies. They don't manage portfolios or conduct trading of securities. They pitch deals for possible M&A targets.You mixed up IB with WM, S&T and Research.
Send it my way. I could dispose it for you at a nominal fee.
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