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Anyone here has any thoughts about shorting the EUR/USD? I was contemplating entering the trade at 1.33 for optimum price but the more news I see the more I doubt it will hit that level. It also seems that the EUR/USD pair is grinding lower very slowly. Or should I just short the EUR against the JPY?
Go for a solid navy in 2 button.
A while dial Air king or an Oyster Precision. The most beautiful watches by Rolex.
Thank you! This will be very helpful in reducing the chance that the shoe won't fit.
It depends on your budget. Iris and Dylan are relatively well priced. Kevin Seah on the other hand, runs quite high in Singapore standards but that said you should check out their works to see if you are satisfied with what you get.
Actually I like a few of the fits Moo posted except the ill-fitting suit. I detest it so much, it just gives off a bad hobo vibe. Don't really like the 6th picture either, feel that it doesn't match/complement his facial features. The rest are good and seems to gel well with their feature. Clothes are meant to make you look good and accentuate/complement your features or proportions. If you had killer looks or could project the right vibe perhaps you could get away with...
I cannot discuss that at this time.
Ah I see why our views differ now. You trade stocks while I do currencies. For stocks as there is a set market cap for individual stocks, the price is more liable to plays by big players. I do currencies which has little to no market cap so it requires an insane amount of capital to be able to move the market in your favor.Actually on the contrary, I am more of a fundamental trader who utilizes technical charts to refine my entry prices. The stock market and FX market are...
That same logic will apply to people taking long positions as well. So according to you, you may as well lay off trading because hedge funds or market making brokers will hunt your stop loss whether or not you long/short.This so called "stop loss hunting" occurs everywhere whether you are trading with a market maker or ECN or interbank market. The only difference is who the market movers are. All you need to do is be smart about it and know how to time your entry. You also...
New Posts  All Forums: