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I wouldn't blow 3k on a tailor who outsources his work. Where is his tailoring pride?
Nope they don't. Last time I checked they had cream and wax but in all the weird funky colors like, BLUE and GREEN.No brown, no cognac, no oxblood.I would be interested, PM sent.
Frigging genius. All birds beware!
FIrst ever WAYWRN picture. In the midst of transitioning from hoodies and jeans.
We need a back shot. The front looks ok except for the fact that the rise of the trousers. It needs to be worn higher. You may need to tweak the rise of the trousers to make it higher or shorten length of the jacket to make it more balanced. You'll definitely benefit from higher rise.
Yo dawg, I heard you liked darted shirts, so we put darts in your darts, so that you can wear darted darted shirts with darts.
Adding value is so passe, too much work and under appreciated.I'd stick to being a "con man" brings in the dough and we all know the $$ is all that matters rather than some measly societal value that people will take for granted.
You don't need a college degree to be successful. Just be able to identify opportunities to make money, that is life, to see who can pull of the biggest con job. It seems you have some entrepreneurial spirit by living off ebay, so why not look for opportunities that can allow you to expand on that?
It would be a sin if you didn't even try to bring that striped chick home.
New Posts  All Forums: