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You don't need a college degree to be successful. Just be able to identify opportunities to make money, that is life, to see who can pull of the biggest con job. It seems you have some entrepreneurial spirit by living off ebay, so why not look for opportunities that can allow you to expand on that?
It would be a sin if you didn't even try to bring that striped chick home.
Du! Du hast! Du hast mich!
How does AE's fit in comparison with AS's?
I'm not sure if there are any decent tailors in Singapore for sub $500 suits. Get quality over quantity. 2 well cut and made suits would be more than sufficient. Go check out Ed Et Tal in Singapore for shoes, he is a Singaporean shoe maker and carries RTW. Well priced.
Anyone here has any thoughts about shorting the EUR/USD? I was contemplating entering the trade at 1.33 for optimum price but the more news I see the more I doubt it will hit that level. It also seems that the EUR/USD pair is grinding lower very slowly. Or should I just short the EUR against the JPY?
Go for a solid navy in 2 button.
A while dial Air king or an Oyster Precision. The most beautiful watches by Rolex.
Thank you! This will be very helpful in reducing the chance that the shoe won't fit.
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