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There is no best bespoke service IMO. The top few all offer nearly the same quality and from then on it all boils down to emotions. It all depends on the style of the house and whether you can connect with the house(Their history). It also depends on the connection you build with your tailor.
I think there should be this rule in dressing where if you doubt your ability to pull something off, you probably shouldn't try it.
I never wear whatever that doesn't complement my features and physique.
Just dress up the way you want to. My friends don't dress up while I make it a point to look at my best every time I am out. Doesn't bother me at all that I am the best dressed out of the lot and neither should it bother you. If they are your friends, they should know you well enough that you like looking good and accept you for looking good.
I would ditch the tie, swap the shirt for a white shirt and unbutton the 1st 2 buttons. That tie is just not working with the ensemble. The shirt color doesn't have enough contrast with the suit and comes across as dull.
It actually looks pretty good except for the button stance which you have addressed as well as the sleeve length.The jacket length is actually alright, it covers your rear but most importantly, it looks balanced and proportionate. The only issue I have though is the sleeve pitch, may want to address that with your next commission.
I wouldn't blow 3k on a tailor who outsources his work. Where is his tailoring pride?
Nope they don't. Last time I checked they had cream and wax but in all the weird funky colors like, BLUE and GREEN.No brown, no cognac, no oxblood.I would be interested, PM sent.
FIrst ever WAYWRN picture. In the midst of transitioning from hoodies and jeans.
We need a back shot. The front looks ok except for the fact that the rise of the trousers. It needs to be worn higher. You may need to tweak the rise of the trousers to make it higher or shorten length of the jacket to make it more balanced. You'll definitely benefit from higher rise.
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