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Thanks for the heads up! Any comments on the DG70(Rothschild) and MH71(St James) lasts as well as their fitting? Keen on pulling the trigger on both but I have pretty wide feet. Only have AS exclusive shoes for reference so any experienced member do hit me up!
From what I've seen from him, his stuff are more fashion forward and not really catered to the conservative/classic stuff. It's a modern interpretation to bespoke and certainly one catered to the youth with their fashion influences.
This poor n00b shall bite with his small wardrobe to see what can be improved. Forest green tie. Pardon bad square puff, it's a cream color.
[/quote]I have this as a SB jacket. It feels and handles well, what a shame it is discontinued.
Sounds very dangerous for the wallet.
I am one of them. Unless your body is going to go through drastic changes in the future, I don't see the problem.
I came
Is this an expensive process? I am contemplating returning my suit because of that ugly roll.
Bastings all in tact except for the pants which are hemmed. Jacket has not been touched. Item location in Singapore. Asking USD450 shipped Measurements for the jacket(Inches): Shoulder to shoulder - 17.5 Pit to pit - 19.75 Waist - 19 Length from bottom of collar - 29 Pants(Inches): Waist - 32 Length - 39.5 (With 1+/- inch to let out) Buttons for finish the sleeves were lost and will not be provided. Feel free to ask me any questions. EDIT: Photos added
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