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It's the Rothschild to be specific.I find myself wearing UK8.5 due to a wide toe box which makes UK8 shoes tight upfront at the toe width while having more than enough room with the length.Well most of one's shoes experience around here belongs to the Englishmen. It's a fate we cannot escape.
Hello my fellow friends. With regards to sizing for the F Last, how does it compare to say the G&G DG70? I'm a UK8.5 on DG70 and a tight UK8 on AS lasts. Would hugely appreciate your kind assistance.
That's what she said.But in all honesty one should always play to his body's proportions. I also feel the shape of the shoulder plays a part in the width of a lapel one should go for. Whether sloped or square could affect the whole overall aesthetics.
Time to buy before a price hike anybody?
Wow if they do provide sizing services based on feet measurements.Amazing service.
I would actually be in depending on the minimum length required
I've placed my order a week ago and have just received a shipping notice this morning.I think they are really busy over the sale but if you have any concerns, drop them an email.
Hey folks who did an MTO with EoM, need to check whether you were issued an official invoice stating your MTO order. Or were you, like me, requested to complete the transaction with gift vouchers and only received the order invoice for gift vouchers?
Got a reply from Mark regarding the Rothschild in chestnut and St James II in another color.Apparently, I will need to have both done up as MTO and the cost is 890GBP(before discount). Just a heads up to the rest!
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