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You are not alone, QC at G&Gs have slacked off either that or they aren't wearing glasses.Mine were MTO and had leather damage in the form of a small indent which seem to be a tear on the upper.If one were to be truly picky the broguing on 1 pair was off in terms of punching size. Pretty disappointed with G&Gs but thankfully the folks at Edwards were a pleasure to deal with and we will be conducting an exchange. Hopefully all goes well.First and the last G&G that's for...
Pretty interested in getting some Rancourt as the Alden LHS is way out of my budget. Any ballpark as to how much an MTO by them may cost?
Oh... boy...
Vox wore boxers to school to showcase his immense wealth. Damn plebs.
Thank you Patrick.Will Renomat do the trick? If not I'll probably have to get some Lexol.
Hi folks, checking in whether these are creases or cracks in a shoe? I'm seeing them on all my dress shoes which have been routinely conditioned, creamed and polished every 3-4 months. The shoes are about 1.5 years old. And mere polish doesn't seem to remove/hide them. URL=][/URL]
I wish I could help you but..I'm not able to discuss that at this time
I would think that's the most logical way to go.It's easy to make a non staple interesting but not so the other way round. It is a good test of a makers skill to create something simple yet beautiful.
I must say, from what I've seen so far Marquess and Emori's style are right up my alley. Marquess style is so understated and elegant that it is very hard to appreciate unless one looks into the details of his work/shoe. Beautiful!
Oh damn I was hoping to it won't be as high as UK. 5 thou is too much for me to drop at this point.I find European makers(Eastern Europe) a huge hit or miss for me. Some have puke worthy patina while some have too aggressive lasts and some have too clunky lasts.I just like deep rich mirror shines and a well balanced last between sleek/classic.
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