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Hi folks, checking in whether these are creases or cracks in a shoe? I'm seeing them on all my dress shoes which have been routinely conditioned, creamed and polished every 3-4 months. The shoes are about 1.5 years old. And mere polish doesn't seem to remove/hide them. URL=http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/Kiton12345/media/20130502_122713_zps5037934a.jpg.html][/URL]
I wish I could help you but..I'm not able to discuss that at this time
I would think that's the most logical way to go.It's easy to make a non staple interesting but not so the other way round. It is a good test of a makers skill to create something simple yet beautiful.
I must say, from what I've seen so far Marquess and Emori's style are right up my alley. Marquess style is so understated and elegant that it is very hard to appreciate unless one looks into the details of his work/shoe. Beautiful!
Oh damn I was hoping to it won't be as high as UK. 5 thou is too much for me to drop at this point.I find European makers(Eastern Europe) a huge hit or miss for me. Some have puke worthy patina while some have too aggressive lasts and some have too clunky lasts.I just like deep rich mirror shines and a well balanced last between sleek/classic.
This thread is making me rethink my holiday plans. Japan seems to have such a vibrant artisanal community and I would really love to visit them. Are prices more affordable than the European makers though? Considering the large amount of competition of artisans in Japan.
This shall be next on my shoe conquest. I enjoy working with people who provide fitting/sizing advice based on feet measurement for that reduces my risk of ill fitting shoes.
Your love and dedication to your shoes is amazing.
It's the Rothschild to be specific.I find myself wearing UK8.5 due to a wide toe box which makes UK8 shoes tight upfront at the toe width while having more than enough room with the length.Well most of one's shoes experience around here belongs to the Englishmen. It's a fate we cannot escape.
Hello my fellow friends. With regards to sizing for the F Last, how does it compare to say the G&G DG70? I'm a UK8.5 on DG70 and a tight UK8 on AS lasts. Would hugely appreciate your kind assistance.
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