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Aesthetically speaking, I'd go for the Carminas. Go drop them an email on the fit!
Oh boy 38R? It fits you so horrendously. Look at the shoulders and chest! Too damn small for you. You needa size up to 40R buddy, so sell them to me.In all seriousness though, it fits really well. Perhaps just need to alter the sleeve length. The slim trousers and strong shoulders are fine, wear them in good health.On a side note though, what was the damage on these? Were they on sale?
Ahh my bad. I was under the impression that the shoes Freedom got was the G1 line.
Damage? Is it as listed on MrPorter ? 397GBP?
+1 to fit. If both fits well, follow your heart. Quality wise, I assume they are on par but I've yet to receive my AS exclusives yet so I can't really comment much. If it's of any importance to you, AS exclusives are AS's benchgrades.
If you do so.Lookout especially for "The Russian girl from St. Petersburg". Bet she's going to be overwhelmed by the sudden attention.
Proxy a 38S navy for international anybody?
Grenson's are £397 for Singapore. I hope someone will buy them and tell us how is the quality compared with similar level shoes.
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