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I'd second the MTM notion. Like you I have a V shape, 38" chest drop 7 with a 15.75"-16" neck. Most of my shirts had to be taken in due to it being too big if it fits my neck. My Finamore and Borrellis don't fit me at all and had to be taken in at the sleeves/waist/length. Negating my savings. Although, SF-ers forgive me for saying this, fashion labels fit me perfectly. Shirts from Gucci, Burberry, Dior etc fits me perfectly both in the neck and the waist because it is...
WOW. I've never been a fan of black shoes but the Holden just makes me want to purchase one. If I was gonna add a black shoe to my collection it would be the Holden no doubt. So sleek and it's elegance is understated.
Oh mother of god....The damage on those sweet things?
Yeah, my academic institution taught all of us(Business students btw) to wear black suits, black pants, black ties, black shoes, black belt and white shirts. Essentially wear what you would to a funeral to an interview/meeting.But needless to say being me, I rebelled and got a navy suit because black was just not me.I always felt black suits were too boring.
Not my size.
Being the nice awesome guy that I am, I would say I played no part in it and did not use the code.Would have been tempted to do so with RLBL but god bless they weren't part of the deal. My conscience is clear
The code for EPREFA(Random 6 digit) works but RLBL stuff are not included. Which makes me sad as I wanted to get a suit.
If the Rugby suits were fully canvassed by Caruso it is so bang on the buck. Still waiting for a final verdict on the Rugby suits before I use a 3rd party shipping site. Or is anyone able to help proxy a suit(Outside US)?
Beautiful shoes that I would kill to have if not for that medallion. It looks pretty incomplete from the first picture. So I kindly request more pictures for eye candy.
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