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Received my shirt, fits like a charm. At this price point there will be more to come.
Alright. Looking forward to it.It seems like the previous attempt was short of just a little bit. Just a few more subscribers or a minimum subscription of 5m should solve that pretty easily.Til then I'ma get back to lurkin.
I just get tons of the exact same thing so I never have to worry about wearing it out.
Still keen in the slewfoot fresco. I missed that run.
I've taken the plunge. Hopefully it works out considering I have a borderline 15.75 - 16 neck with a 37 chest which they so coincidentally recommend for that particular size. Hopefully the fact they are asians mean they make shirts that fit asians and their weird proportions.
Looks good but the sizing guide is a whole new ball game. Will probably wait for more information and reviews on sizing.
I wear the beret almost all the time recently as a stylistic choice. I usually pair it with a pixelated uniform and a M4A1.
This.Having creases on shoes are normal but that leather looks cheap and bad. Reminds me of corrected grain.
Wish this thread came up before my trip to Taiwan. I was hoping to find some local shoemakers but left disappointed. I did however, visit some of the RTW boutiques in Taipei. Needless to say I'm better off ordering from the forum affiliates.
In an efficient world, we now turn to inefficiency for luxury knowing that not everybody can afford inefficiency.
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