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My MTO G&Gs from EoM took nearly 6 months and it got sent back for a refund due to bad QC from G&G.The discount was attractive to use for testing out the fit on the G&G lasts but don't think I'm ever patronizing G&Gs again. Bad QC, doesn't matter if it's dirt cheap.
Hi guys, a friend of mine who works at Dunhill gave me a Dunhill suit from the previous season. Interestingly, when I checked the tags it was a Caruso tag that was Made in Japan. Does anyone have any information about made in Japan Caruso?
It is the culture of the region in general. The suit & tie was never deeply embedded within South East Asia and its culture.Now the suit & tie is gaining traction amongst the new generation of business leaders there who are replacing the previous generation of senior management. As mimo has mentioned, it was 10 years ago and 10 years ago in Singapore/Malaysia, the generation of senior management were probably men who were brought up by parents who had experienced both WW2...
Well, granted it was just the base cost not an all in with trees/shipping.
I remember the price of Vass direct is approx EUR350-420 for the Italian models (U/F lasts).I would be keen on similar pricing and even a discount stack for group buy.
Many thanks my good man.I'm looking forward to the updates and I'm pretty sure we won't mind, at least I won't, if you took some profit for the trouble.
Well, I'm a farmer and I would totally make up the tobacco as a suit. In fact I will!
Received my shirt, fits like a charm. At this price point there will be more to come.
Alright. Looking forward to it.It seems like the previous attempt was short of just a little bit. Just a few more subscribers or a minimum subscription of 5m should solve that pretty easily.Til then I'ma get back to lurkin.
I just get tons of the exact same thing so I never have to worry about wearing it out.
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