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Decided to take the plunge after reading the resident leather addict, rach's, review. Given that I'm not a very tech savvy person, I hope I've done the multiple perk choice of wallet and briefcase correctly by inputting a custom contribution. Looking forward to receiving the goods
Looks really good as a first jacket. Singapore could really use a trunk show or 2.
Looking forward to seeing them Haven't seen too many standard lines to accurately judge the finishing and waist treatment, am still on the fence right now
Assuming those are Bonafe's I'm keen on knowing the last the extreme right one is on. The brown wingtip.The finishing on those pictured looks great.
Remember seeing the latest post that he would increase Aurum line to EUR1100 this year, EUR900 was his prelaunch price point all excluding test shoes or modification.
Hi guys, Is there a consolidated information on all the lasts offered by Enzo Bonafe? Aside from the lasts listed on Skoak there seems to be many other lasts such as the 2102B, 773 and even an unmodded 363.
New Year, new shoes. Would love some advice from people who are knowledgeable about Antonio's work. From what I gather, the Aurum is the higher grade compared to his RTW line especially in terms of leather used. Are there other noticeable differences between them and how do they stack up against each other?
Thank you for your input guys. Looks like it will all boil down to what I prioritize.Comfort in heat, durability, drape or a versatile cloth.
Any thoughts on cloth comparison between the Minnis Fresco, H.Lesser Superfine tropical, Finmeresco and Crispaire? In the market for a travel suit that will stand strong in the navigation through the treacherous weather of South East Asia. Am leaning towards the Minnis Fresco, it's at decent price point but making a 3 piece fresco seems to be an oxymoron considering the coarser cloth texture when compared to the other 3 options. Thoughts?
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