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hmm thanks for the replies - maybe you're right and it will slow down once i break them in... just kinda freaked me out - the cobbler i took it too showed me a really crappy looking nylon toe cap thingy - maybe ill look for someone who can install a flush metal on if the rubber sole also looks like it wearing out quickly the shoes do a have a rather long toe that tapers off which is probably where my problem is coming from... oh well
hmmm I was thinking that, the cobbler seemed to suggest that rubber soles would be more durable than toe-taps - i guess it is just the way I walk... but its weird becuase none of my other shoes have wear consistent with the wear on these shoes I guess it'll remain a mystery
So I got a pair of La Salle's here on the forum and finally got them and wore them for maybe 4 hours to a presentation, had to walk there maybe 40 minutes of walking - odd thing is there was crazy wear on the toe of both shoes, like 1/2 way through I researched a bit online and found this can happen if the shoe is too big (I dont think it is) and I can't really find any explanation of accounts of this happening to anyone else? Dropped them off a cobbler today he...
Im surprised at all the conversation over whether shoe trees absorb moisture! I have worked for fun at a small guitar store repairing instruments for a number of years - solid wood instruments require humidification the wood absorbs moisture and if it is left out in your house it can dry out and crack - thats why theyre kept in the case with tiny humidifiers, same with cigar humidors, lined with cedar to absorb and regulate moisture, would this not be the same idea with...
I want to just offer my support for hermes man here - I am a constant reader of your blog and gleefully await every single update - its definately good entertainment
are you kidding me? Man 20 bucks for those pants? I was in the store at union stations in toronto today... best sale they had was buy a tie get another one 25% off... Mind you it wasnt an outlet, but more to my point was in Canada..... Seems we always get the shaft price wise haha
is a big heel not a primary indicator of the shoe being straight up too big?
ahh fish the mystery is solved
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