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Which mid level brand offer the best finish and quality feel? Omega, Iwc, Rolex, Jaeger? Any other contenders out there? For metal I would say Rolex, but my Iwc had a nicer dial or atleast a more interesting structure or finish to it. Panerai and Jaeger offer really nice polished watches.
At that price I would not even think twice about it. You could probably make money on the 372 if you decided to sell and had some patience. The 372 was way to big on my wrist with the raised crystal, but it was really nice. That said, the Cartier has to be the perfect gentleman's dress watch. -V
My two cents in the water resistance discussion. Here is my Omega Speedmaster Pros pressuretest results. First it's subjected to a -0.8bar vacuum test, then a 10 bar pressure test.
I alternate a bit between the stuff I have. I use a saphir renovateur and black and brown kiwi polish to get a good rich color. A good horsehair brush is also a plus:)I snowseal the welts 2 or three times between october and march to keep them waterproof:)The laces are the standard Beckman laces which I prefer over the standard ones.
Thanks! They are Amber Harness 8111
Ready for winter number 4
All streetcred gone when you play with a left hand technique like that He's good though.
Yeah. The tone pots were changed because of the shift in popular music through the 70's and 80's were guitar got more and more in the background. Alot of jazzplayers actually preferred this but they also played Roland Chorus 120s
Looks great! Norlin era guitars were quite different animals and although I've never tested any some people swear by them. One of the best guitarists in my home town has a Les Paul from around 1970 and it's incredibly heavy in both weight and tone.
That is weird, but ES models from that era had an extreme construction. I have heard that feedback is less prevalent than earlier and later models. That said, my friends 335 is probably the most delicious sounding guitar I have ever played and it feedbacks all over the place, but when you get it just right, nothing can touch it.
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