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This girl set a new world bench rec today with 228kg. This clip shows an unnofficial WR with 225. She's currently gunning for a 700kg total.
Jack Pearson gets amazing sounds out of different Squires and he uses a Pro Jr. a lot as well.
Some amzing sounding custom shop Fender videos on wildwoods' youtube channel.
A playing buddy of mine and his band posted some bits on Soundcloud. I have only listened to the parts he's played and I have to admit he's a better player than me He also has access to great gear. The demos I heard were played on a Fano with P90s and A 70's plexi and a tweed of some sort for the rhytm part.Search for "Harvest Wwho's gonna tell you" to listen.
This is the point exactly. So easy to offer a replacement pair (if possible) or a refund if not. Can't believe a big brand like Buttero don't accept returns on damage on a product that clearly has never even seen the outside. Online reputation is so easily lost.
Such an idiotic way to lose a customer
Should be a great upgrade. I ordered the Seth Lovers from Seym. Duncan. Does it get the "Greg Koch approval"?
I have an Epi Les Paul and a mediocre Fender strat and the strat slays the Epiphone. After 14 years I'm getting some new pickups for the Les Paul and with a change of tuners I hope it will get a lot better.
...But he wears bootcut jeans...
Usually there are tutorials for just about every song on youtube. Having invested in a comfortable chair for playing and a stand for the Ipad for easy back and forth has made learning new songs very easy. Also very interresting how different people play the same song differently.
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