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Thanks! They are Amber Harness 8111
Ready for winter number 4
All streetcred gone when you play with a left hand technique like that He's good though.
Yeah. The tone pots were changed because of the shift in popular music through the 70's and 80's were guitar got more and more in the background. Alot of jazzplayers actually preferred this but they also played Roland Chorus 120s
Looks great! Norlin era guitars were quite different animals and although I've never tested any some people swear by them. One of the best guitarists in my home town has a Les Paul from around 1970 and it's incredibly heavy in both weight and tone.
That is weird, but ES models from that era had an extreme construction. I have heard that feedback is less prevalent than earlier and later models. That said, my friends 335 is probably the most delicious sounding guitar I have ever played and it feedbacks all over the place, but when you get it just right, nothing can touch it.
Yeah, I got that:) Are you considering putting them into the ES? That would be an interresting experiment IMO.But in the long run wouldn't it be simpler to get a specific guitar for metal?-V
I can't think of a player who uses active pickups who has a guitar tone I like. Thinking back at the EMG era and Lace Sensors which a lot of great guitar players used Clapton, Guy and Knopfler to mention a few, I've always prefered the tone they got when they weren't using them. Musically racist of me, but all metal guitarists sound alike to me and I always wondered if some of the admittedly great songs they produce would sound better if they had a more harmonically...
They told me this thread was full of enablers But I think your reasoning is sound, because my connection is to MY watch as much to the Speedmaster itself. Now to find a cheap Explorer I.
The thing is, they are so readily available (even though mine is a LE from 2003) that it would be quite easy to get a new one, but I'm really attached to the one I have now.
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