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At this point I think you'll have to assume that they are just fucking with you and having a laugh at your expence.
Any Vanson Enfields in stock or are they on order only? -V
Getting good at running is incredibly difficult for some people (me) and it took me some in depth research to deal with the issues I had both mentally and physically. Most people have an incredibly low tolerance for pain and discomfort, but to become a reasonably accomplished runner, dealing with this is the most important. After running the same three mile stretch back from work every day with little results both in quickness, stamina and weightloss I started to do a...
Anybody here have any experience with the Transatlantic series from Mesa Boogie? Got some cash burning a hole in my pocket and no dealers stock them where I live.
This girl set a new world bench rec today with 228kg. This clip shows an unnofficial WR with 225. She's currently gunning for a 700kg total.
Jack Pearson gets amazing sounds out of different Squires and he uses a Pro Jr. a lot as well.
Some amzing sounding custom shop Fender videos on wildwoods' youtube channel.
A playing buddy of mine and his band posted some bits on Soundcloud. I have only listened to the parts he's played and I have to admit he's a better player than me He also has access to great gear. The demos I heard were played on a Fano with P90s and A 70's plexi and a tweed of some sort for the rhytm part.Search for "Harvest Wwho's gonna tell you" to listen.
This is the point exactly. So easy to offer a replacement pair (if possible) or a refund if not. Can't believe a big brand like Buttero don't accept returns on damage on a product that clearly has never even seen the outside. Online reputation is so easily lost.
Such an idiotic way to lose a customer
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