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Pretty much perfect representation of this design for me. The silver horizontal zippers adds so much. Oh yeah, and the fit is spot on.
First day of the year so far without freezing temperatures. BLKDNM HAANKJOBENHAVN HM REDWING
Yeah! Who wants to wait 6 months for this, right...RIGHT?!Awesome!
Pretty good at only 23 years of age.
My bad Seems to be some cheap wood made for shelfing or something. The sides are warped etc:)
Found this shitty plywood cabinet loaded with some old looking speakers behind a pile of firewood today. Can anybody tell me if they are worth keeping or should I just throw them out?
Any decent $500 jangly acoustics out there you guys would recommend? I'm thinking about fingerpicking my way into the new year:)
All this talk about Esquire customs got me jonesing for one... Anybody worked with Warmoth parts? I'm thinking these in combination with some choice hardware. http://www.warmoth.com/Showcase/ShowcaseItem.aspx?i=PT3835&Body=2&Path=Body http://www.warmoth.com/Showcase/ShowcaseItem.aspx?i=PT3835&Body=2&Path=Body
You'll get to the brown note soon enough
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