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They do great landscaping at Folsom Prisonalso thanks for the house thumbs guys, and @einstine the outside is pretty bland but the yard is nice [[SPOILER]] [/quote]
For me they have had some homeruns in their heritage series. I tried both the Greenlander and the Arctic Explorer reissue when I was in Switzerland but I just couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted the most. Now I can't find them anywhere.
Hey Roger. How are these Heritage models priced compared to the rest of the Longines models. My dealer haven't got anyone in stock except for the Heritage Diver which is priced quite a bit higher than the Hydro Conquest.-V
It's a great and very responsive guitar for the money. I personally like the Tex-Mex pickups that comes with it, buth those are easily replaceble. And yeah...Go for the 60's version in Olympic White. There is a great video on youtube with a french guy demoing it.
Only models with leg tattoos can do that with a straight face.
It is very faux
That's why you want the 372 then?
Yes, I was primarily asking about the exterior finish. There seems to be a lot of different takes when it comes to choices in finishing. Rolex has seemed to go for a finer grained brusing on their latest models where the previous genereations had coarser circular brushing (lugs). My aquatimer (prvevious gen.) didn't have the same quality on the brushing and the movement of the bezel felt cheap compared to watches I've owned previously (sinn u2, planet ocean and seiko...
Which mid level brand offer the best finish and quality feel? Omega, Iwc, Rolex, Jaeger? Any other contenders out there? For metal I would say Rolex, but my Iwc had a nicer dial or atleast a more interesting structure or finish to it. Panerai and Jaeger offer really nice polished watches.
At that price I would not even think twice about it. You could probably make money on the 372 if you decided to sell and had some patience. The 372 was way to big on my wrist with the raised crystal, but it was really nice. That said, the Cartier has to be the perfect gentleman's dress watch. -V
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