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They told me this thread was full of enablers But I think your reasoning is sound, because my connection is to MY watch as much to the Speedmaster itself. Now to find a cheap Explorer I.
The thing is, they are so readily available (even though mine is a LE from 2003) that it would be quite easy to get a new one, but I'm really attached to the one I have now.
I love my Speedy and it's been a part of my collection for years. Always wear it on july 20th. But I'm having sinister thoughts about trading up for a 36mm Explorer I. That would leave me without a chronograph though. Really lovely on a dressy brown strap. Or casual on a Hirsch Carbon.
It's a spectacular looking watch, just a little "out there" for my taste Handled the black dial/green crystal in denmark last week and I have to say it had me seriously tempted, but I always go for the boring choice
I think the regular black dialled Milgauss along with the black dial ExpII are the most underrated watches from Rolex
It's the only way to keep the hoards of tourists away:D
This summer I've set myself the goal of being able to do a one arm pushup. And although I'm destined to never succeed I will enjoy the challenge and what I hope will give me a hint of masculine muscularity.
Anybody here have any experience with the oysterdate precision 6694? These are getting a bit old now, but I love the simple clean design of them. How is the 6694 regarded in Rolex folklore? Pic from passions.com
TheWho This is a place to start your research if you plan on going to Norway. Some nice photography as well. http://www.visitnorway.com/us/ Oslo has a lot of great museums. http://www.munchmuseet.no/ http://www.nasjonalmuseet.no/no/museumsbygninger/nasjonalmuseet__arkitektur/ http://www.nasjonalmuseet.no/no/museumsbygninger/nasjonalgalleriet/ http://afmuseet.no/ March is pretty glum as it's quite dark and cold and there will be snow most places above 500meters.
Looks great. What size is it?
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