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Looks great. What size is it?
TheWho This is a place to start your research if you plan on going to Norway. Some nice photography as well.http://www.visitnorway.com/us/March is pretty glum as it's quite dark and cold and there will be snow most places above 500meters.
Should have gone with TOJ lamb. Human skin takes forever to break in.
Good outfit for a dude who is proficient with his ninja kicks
You should only feel bad if you never buy anything. But seems like an inconvenient way to run a business in this day and age.
Thanks man. Both the jacket and paella looks great
@colmdawson how is your a2 coming along. Always loved the fit on yours:)
The Enfield is on my list as well. The smaller collar makes it. Love it in black with the brass hardware. Need to decide if I go for a slim or a regular.Are there any good pics of the Enfield out there which shows the difference in fit from a slim to a regular?
Different brands have different ideas about what waterresistance rating makes their watches safe to swim with. Also watches from well reputed makers are usually overengineered to quite an extreme degree. My speedys easily passing 10 atm tests is a good example of this. My iwc aquatimer chrono is rated at only 12 atm and that one passed a 30atm test and there are several more examples available. As a tool the dive watch is outdated but it's always nice to know that they are...
Here are a couple of my current favorites. Thank you photobucket for crapping up the quality to an even worse standard than they already were.
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