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Btw: Great game!
If it is new with stickers still on wouldn't they be able to take it in a trade? If you came in interested in the plat Daytona that would make sense for everybody.
"What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss."
Thanks man! Yeah,i have pair of iron rangers and im aware of the perils of the cork sole:) Im after a pair of the hawthorne muleskinners which are available in europe, but i guess i just need to suck it up and just buy them:)
Has anybody got any pictures of the Blacksmith? I'm considering these, but have a hard time finding pictures of them worn. -V
This is great! "Saving the world. One text at a time!"
And at least one too small for me. Can't believe he's selling it:D
Mikey. What about the wjk in NN's signature? Great jacket, but possibly too big?
New "vintage" arrival this weekend. (Watch is from 1992) Tritium is dead, but the dial and hands are in perfect condition.
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