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subscribed! Great stuff in this thread.
I have the Seamless down parka and it does a good job alone down to 0 degrees celcius. Lower than that I add a sweater or the ultra light down west for extra insulation. The Parka is a great piece of clothing, extremely light and great quality compared to other down products that I've had in the past that were more expensive.
And probably all too true.
I like the veinyness of the jacket as I think it adds life and character to the leather. But I know this is highly subjective.
Hey man.I understand your concern. My boots had the same imperfections when I got them 5 years ago, but they are still going strong. I wouldn't let it bother me from a great pair of boots.-V
All this talk about the Explorer II made me realize I should wear it more often:) Put it on a Nato leather this morning.
Ween was one of my favorite bands when I was young. Great to see Dean still being hilasrious:D
Looking forward to seeing the jackets in this thread. Good on you guys for finding a sustainable business model which is beneficial and transparent for everybody. I might even have to get one for myself.
My local shop put out a blanket 40% off on all 2015 models, which is pretty extreme. I only played a Les paul Special double cutaway and that was an extremely nice and resonant guitar. -V
Good lord. I was having such a good time in this thread
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