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Hey man.I understand your concern. My boots had the same imperfections when I got them 5 years ago, but they are still going strong. I wouldn't let it bother me from a great pair of boots.-V
All this talk about the Explorer II made me realize I should wear it more often:) Put it on a Nato leather this morning.
Ween was one of my favorite bands when I was young. Great to see Dean still being hilasrious:D
Looking forward to seeing the jackets in this thread. Good on you guys for finding a sustainable business model which is beneficial and transparent for everybody. I might even have to get one for myself.
My local shop put out a blanket 40% off on all 2015 models, which is pretty extreme. I only played a Les paul Special double cutaway and that was an extremely nice and resonant guitar. -V
Good lord. I was having such a good time in this thread
Wow! These look great! Will be fun to se the evolution of this leather with wear and I have to admit that the only gripe I have with my 8111's are traction in slippery conditions.You mentioned a japanese version of the Blacksmith that came unstructured, do you have the model number or pictures of that one?
Your pictures remind me of Timothy B. Schmit from the Eagles. A great bassplayer with the voice of an angel:D
3 novels in fact... And a truly brilliant story. Theodore Dreiser is one of the best storytellers in history.
I've found that the biggest culprit in failing water resistance in vintage watches is perishing rubber gaskets within the crown. i had a datejust in for service recently (70's) and the crown looked perfect from the outside and it screwed down perfectly. When I removed the crown and stem I noticed some black gunk on the crown tube and when I removed the gasket from within the crown it came out as a black paste. Regular pressure tests is important and newer gaskets doesn't...
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