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Went to see the Tedeschi Trucks Band last saturday. SG into a Super Reverb is a bloody great combination. -V
Facebook made me hate most people.
I got them on mine and they work well enough. No problem with tuning or intonation.
Anything with Steve Coogan. Alan Partridge and The trip
Not that he needs it, but I'll leave it anyway. Great service from a very generous man. -Vegard
You guys should lurk more.
Shit got deleted so I'll just leave some pics! My 2 guitars. Rig for rehearsing with the band Amp for homerecording and rehearsing Great thread guys! -V
What's the sizing like on these? Would a M fit at 178cm and about 80kg?
Got the Marlow yesterday. It's incredibly comfy and well made. It's gonna b perfect for spring! some pics:
All the facets that make the beautiful game
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