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Have at it @RegisDB9
That watch has taken on a life of it's own, but I'm sure the extremely low production numbers has a lot to do with it.
Not intentionally, but the color gets lighter with use and the wet conditions probably didn't help either. Still keeps my feet dry though:)
These had a hard week and earned some TLC
The Mrw-200 series from Casio is great and comes in a wide selection of colors. I use it when I go on holiday. Goes through security at airports without having to remove it is also a plus. Great legibility and robustness is another
Jumped on the bandwagon. i have to say the smiles per buck factor is great with this one:D
I am tempted but have a hard time deciding between the brown and black. Curious to see how you rate them @bl@ster
Great choice! One of the models that works best on the bracelet, and it gives the luxury of the display caseback
"Purchased my first Grand Seiko and it is simply the best watch I have ever owned or handled, bar none. I cannot believe these don't retail for 2x what they go for, and the deals one can get on the secondary market are simply crazy. This is not watchmaking, it is art." Congratulations! Which model did you go for?
Gave my 8111s a new layer of black Saphir and a light cap polish for the weekend.
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