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Euro bumpers will be a huge lift. I think the color looks great and if it drives good as is, i think making a list of the most critical stuff and tackle it in stages. W123 has always been a passion and I've owned several and the ride is probably the most important aspect of that line of cars. Sort that first and it will be a lot more enjoyable on longer trips. The 240 and 300d are great for just slowing down the pace and enjoying the ride. How do you find the gearing for...
Stanley. You should check out Kent Bergsma or "Mercedessource" channel on youtube. Informative and zen at the same time:)
subscribed! Great stuff in this thread.
I have the Seamless down parka and it does a good job alone down to 0 degrees celcius. Lower than that I add a sweater or the ultra light down west for extra insulation. The Parka is a great piece of clothing, extremely light and great quality compared to other down products that I've had in the past that were more expensive.
And probably all too true.
I like the veinyness of the jacket as I think it adds life and character to the leather. But I know this is highly subjective.
Hey man.I understand your concern. My boots had the same imperfections when I got them 5 years ago, but they are still going strong. I wouldn't let it bother me from a great pair of boots.-V
All this talk about the Explorer II made me realize I should wear it more often:) Put it on a Nato leather this morning.
Ween was one of my favorite bands when I was young. Great to see Dean still being hilasrious:D
Looking forward to seeing the jackets in this thread. Good on you guys for finding a sustainable business model which is beneficial and transparent for everybody. I might even have to get one for myself.
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