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I use it mainly for phone calls with Taiwan and Singapore, but might start using it for Europe as well.  The sound quality is good, you get used to the slight delay.  Only once have I had a person whose voice was totally distorted (and mine was to that person as well).  Yesterday, I received two strange calls from persons I do not know.
Does anyone else use Skype? What do you think about it?
Strange term, this "French manicure". My nails naturally look like they have a French manicure when bare, so I'm a little confused about the concept. I usually only feel like wearing nail polish once my nails are a certain length, but this time around tried it on relatively short nails, and I like it. And I am wearing dark red today, to go with today's browns and ecrus. See how I listen to advice?
Quote: Quote: (LA Guy @ June 14 2005,14:29) Like Black tees more though. black t-shirt with the slogan...Not Acceptable For Business I do like that one.
Quote: Quote: (Fabienne @ June 14 2005,16:04) Shoot, now you tell me: I saw a beautiful Drake tie in the Netherlands two weeks ago, brown and cream, and did not buy it because I didn't recognize the label and wasn't sure of the quality.. Fabienne... This was where? In Maastricht perchance? MtB Yes, in Maastricht exactly.
How about a collage of quotes from Styleforum posts. A string of humorous, technical, interrogative sentences, phrases put together in an artful manner (use of various fonts, font sizes, stored in a rectangle in front of in the back, etc, etc...)? So that it be democratic, everyone willing to participate is allowed only a certain number of quote picks. For an overall "stream of consciousness" effect.
I'm wearing bright pink to go with my pastel paisley dress. But I usually wear darker colors in the winter. I would never consider designs or fake nails.
Today, I was in the mood for a splash of color on my fingernails and toes. I notice that the eyes of those I have conversations with are drawn to my hands. I'm unsure of the impression it leaves them with. What are your thoughts regarding ladies wearing nail polish?
Quote: The Corthay and Aubercy shoes are so beautiful, I can't bear hitting them on concrete pavements.  I'd probably collect them as object d'art. My thoughts exactly. The MTM shoes in their display case looked like emeralds, rubies, saphires...
Mais de toute évidence, ca se pense.
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