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Plutôt beau gosse... he looks like that American (or is it British) actor; help with the name anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Merlino His wife is also entitled to her opinion but, and I honestly don't wish to generalise here, I have experienced that women would rather get screwed over in matters like this in order to keep the peace than to stand by their principles and get into an argument. You haven't met me: I'm a terror when it comes to putting people in their place. In the US, they're typically not used to such behavior, I always...
what was that I heard on NPR this morning about destroyed C.I.A. Torture Tapes?
Our small wine cellar is full. We discovered that one of our coat closets remains relatively cool year-round, this is where we store a few bottles we plan to drink in a couple of years.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt We started with a pizza, then pasta with pumpkin, then a soup recipe from the 16th century and finally a lemon meringue pie. From where, in the XVIth century? Yesterday, I watched a program on Blandy les tours, and a cook demonstrated a recipe from the XVIIth, except he adapted it so as not to subject contemporary tastebuds to as much lard and spices. If your recipe is from England or Germany, the amount...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Why don't you get a nice Citroen 2CV? He drove his mother's car, 'twas a 2cv I was most impressed by his casual dress I was most impressed Inside his rented room colored deepest blue I suppose we found some kind of happiness To fill the emptiness We were simply wasting precious time Hiding from the cruelest summer sky He took his mother's car to get away from me Heaven knows that i, I can...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma hahahaha, I can just imagine the RJcatmaster getting his suit pants caught in the wheel and screaming "God damn you, proletarian strikers, I'll have my revenge!!!" First, he'd have to fight for one... I was also imagining him being pushed and pulled, trying to get onto a metro train. No, I think he'll opt out and decide to walk. But his soles? Would he subject them to several km a day?
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman comme une chance, comme un espoir... Combien de joies Bien des drames Et voilà ! C'est une longue histoire Un homme Un... autre homme... Ont forgé la trame du hasard. 20 ans déjà, tout a changé... sauf leurs passions.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Je vois les photos de GWB et Sarko et j'entends une petite musique dans ma tete... chabada bada... mon coeur fait chabada bada... Moi, c'est plutôt : « Au suivant, au suivant » (Pauvre de Brel).
Bon, je crois que je vais me la fermer. Pour une fois que des Américains du forum font des courbettes devant un Français, mieux vaut ne pas trop faire la difficile.
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