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Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus There's a new townhall? Huh. OK, new is relative, I meant, not on the square, City Hall, Showers Commons.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus Bloomingfoods is a good dirty hippie food store. I also remember a nice farmer's market on Saturday or maybe Sunday mornings by the (very nice) public library. Otherwise, I only remember Kroger. IU's transportation system is relatively good, keyword being relatively and also depending on where you want to go. I wouldn't want to go grocery shopping without a car. The farmers' market is now by the new...
What type of grocery store? Not too far from Kirkwood, there's a couple of good asian/middle eastern stores and a blah Kroger. More choices further away, like Bloomingfoods (health food). You should have tried one of the Tibetan restaurants. Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist I was there this weekend... IU is a nice university. Everyone wears sweatpants which I guess is a mid west thing. Kirkwood was definately nice. If I go to school at IU...
Quote: Originally Posted by Merlino His wife is also entitled to her opinion but, and I honestly don't wish to generalise here, I have experienced that women would rather get screwed over in matters like this in order to keep the peace than to stand by their principles and get into an argument. You haven't met me: I'm a terror when it comes to putting people in their place. In the US, they're typically not used to such behavior, I always...
Our small wine cellar is full. We discovered that one of our coat closets remains relatively cool year-round, this is where we store a few bottles we plan to drink in a couple of years.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt We started with a pizza, then pasta with pumpkin, then a soup recipe from the 16th century and finally a lemon meringue pie. From where, in the XVIth century? Yesterday, I watched a program on Blandy les tours, and a cook demonstrated a recipe from the XVIIth, except he adapted it so as not to subject contemporary tastebuds to as much lard and spices. If your recipe is from England or Germany, the amount...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Who can read Russian? Cat vs catfish. Rusty Russian, but: the cat weighs 15 kg, is about 1m long, 40 cm in height. Alexei (4th comment) isn't happy, basically states it's a wild animal, that what they are doing is akin to purchasing a lynx. But the first comment had someone interested in buying one and enquiring about the cost.
Any forum members on secondlife? If so, have you experimented with business ideas or used it for training purposes? I hear it's difficult to get dressed... Fabienne
Headache and scratchy throat, suffering from lack of sleep this morning. I looked at myself just now in the mirror at work and I obviously picked my clothes without care (I won't subject you to the description). When you feel bad (physically or psychologically), do you tend to dress nicely so it acts as a pick me up, or do you not even attempt to put together a coherent outfit?
Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 So, I was at Costco today. Amongst my huge bounty I now have a whopping 5 pounds of mussels on ice in the fridge. Problem is, I have no idea how to cook them. Could someone out there help me out? I bought mussels at Costco once: warning: Mine were full of sand. I would highly recommend rinsing several times. Once cooked, you can use them cold in salads.
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