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I rarely curse, but I did this morning as I scratched my nailpolish while attaching my son in his car seat. I heard his little voice: << C'est quoi, merde, maman ? >> Good going, Fabienne.
Quote: Originally Posted by jakejake I'm going to Orlando, FL (2nd week of December) for a job-related conference. I'll be there for a week with 2-3 days free time. I've never been there before. What places in Orlando or nearby should I check out? Renting a car is an option but I probably don't want to drive more than 2 hours one-way. You'll probably be at the Orlando convention center? I was attending a conference there recently, thank...
+1 on L'express sur St-Denis. For good mussels and Belgian beer: au Petit Moulinsart dans le vieux Montréal Le restaurant Cocagne sur St-Denis
Good to Great by J. Collins Les Déferlantes de Claudie Gallay Espresso, corso di italiano, Luciana Ziglio, Giovanna Rizzo
Going All the Way, not necessarily my favorite, but set in Indiana and written by an author I've had a few cups of coffee with (the only reason why I know about the movie).
Do you have a ball-park idea of the tastes at various aging stages? I'm asking, because the extravecchio can be an acquired taste, so before you invest 100-180 euros for 100ml...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Is it worth the price? Been looking at for the last day or so and some of it looks pretty good. Which variety should I get? 1, 2, 3, or 4 leaf? It depends on the fate you intend for it.
I'm completely confused by that dish, there are so many variation on that recipe. Has anyone ever had it in Spain and can describe it?
Get the girl back, that'll make you feel better.
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta there is a movie out right now called 'la vie en rose'. it is the story of edith piaf and i highly recommend it to everyone. the story is great, and all the actors are good except for gerard depardieu. If I ever saw a French movie made for an American audience... Couldn't get through it.
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