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Quote: Originally Posted by SField It's probably what street kids do. It actually makes sense. It builds a bit of trust, they can get a ton of these rings for nothing, and they trade it for at least 1 Euro. I doubt anyone would give them less than a Euro, and I'm sure that 5 is common as well, given what they just gave you. They can do that at least 10-15 times an hour, and that's as good as working a real job. You're correct about the...
Within seconds of meeting him.
Sounds like a conversation at our house. Of course, it helps that we have separate accounts. Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 And a sure sign of a good marriage is this exchange: Me: I'm really annoyed about the car and the $1300 we're going to have to spend on it. I know this is stupid, but I was hoping to save some money and in Nov. when WW Chan comes, have a suit made. It looks like it would cost about that much. These repairs aside...
Bonjour tout le monde ! I decided to show up for a little while but will try to stay away from threads on politics. On the subject of marriage, I would say that mutual respect is essential. I hear some colleagues make unsavory comments about their husband or wife and find that particularly distateful.
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 I fell for it twice. Which city or cities?
A wedding band on the pavement. An "episcopalian-type" runs to you saying "is it yours", it isn't, you (at least I) proceed to walk away, while the person tells you she can't keep it because of XYZ religious reasons (I know, very strange in Paris, all in English), lets you have it, you stand wondering what to do with the thing for a second, the person comes back asking if you have money to give her for a Coke. The ring is obviously a metal other than gold.
Did anyone walking around the place Vendôme (such as walking away from Charvet) ever fall prey to the gold ring scheme? A close source assures me it is also used in London. Not terribly clever, yet interesting in its own way.
6 year-old with 6 Valentines to date, which he refused, as he prefers to become an archeologist and lead an archeologist's life with Sasha (she apparently agreed).
Pure bliss.
Toasted sourdough bread topped with Matjes and sliced tomatoes. Blanquette de Limoux. While watching "La cuisine au beurre".
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