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I don't particularly like the sound of my voice, but I'm asked to do voice-overs on a relatively regular basis, so it must be pleasing to others. I'm not too fond of my slight French accent in English. I sound wonderful in French, though! I'm told my German is sexy. Pffff.
Tasted lentil soup while preparing it, otherwise, nothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek No kidney's? I guess you are french... Actually, the reason why it wasn't steak and kidney pie is because I happen to have an American husband who's not too keen on offals, so I don't want to impose it on him. otherwise, I'd be making kidneys more often.
We're lucky in a sense: out of the 20 kids in my son's classroom (he's 6), I'd say only 5 parents organize kids' parties where all 20 children are invited. We're not one of those families. Generally, everyone seems to respect others when it comes to sibblings: unless specifically invited, they are not brought to the party. I agree that the mothers who imposed their other children on you lack savoir vivre. For my son's 6th birthday, my husband and I put together a sort...
Last night: steak and mushroom pie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Fabienne...sounds great! And nice to see you back! Last night we made a cheese fondue with some steamed vegetables. We also had a nice roast beef from the Paul Bocuse shop so we sliced it up and threw it on top of some salad greens. I am trying too lose some weight so...no wine or bread! The Paul Bocuse shop?
And where do you place the "cash"? Roth IRA? Savings account? Short term CDs?
Pan-fried orange roughy with very lemony hollandaise sauce (I guess it's no longer called a hollandaise at that point...), steamed broccoli, fingerling potatoes in their skins. Austrian white.
Last night was marinated shrimp (olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, shallots, dried hot peppers from the garden...), then a tian de courgettes, roasted eggplant with tomato garlic etc topping (all baked till almost caramelized), spinach and mozarella ravioli. A bottle of unassuming meritage type from Chile.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro bacon , egg, and cheese sandwhich with a cup of tomatoe soup. Dan Quayle alert!
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