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Good tip about the eyeshadow. Any particular color? The look's supposed to be that of a band.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton You have to add the milk a little at a time. Start with a very small amount, then add more, then eventually stream the rest in. If you just dumb a clump of roux into the full amount of milk, the sauce will not work. I always add the entire amount of milk at a time, or most of it, then will decide on the consistency based on what I am making (stuffing crêpes, making lasagna, stuffing gougères, etc.). I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Add the milk to the roux -- not the other way around -- either off heat, or over a water bath on low. Don't do it on the flame until you get really good at it. I have never heard of a commercially made bechamel, veloute, hollandaise, etc. Most commercially made sauces are terrible, anyway. Oh, you think that's what he meant? Yes, of course, you add cold milk to the roux. Knorr had a decent hollandaise...
PS: All I have at home is a pair of jeans that could pass for 70's style pants, numerous necklaces of the era.
No need to scald the milk.
Everyone, I need to dress up 70's style for tomorrow (photo shoot in the late afternoon). I plan to go to a couple of vintage stores this afternoon. What should I be looking for? I have a few ideas, but am interested in something a little more original than the norm, or the detail that will make it all work. Reminder: I'm female and slender, hair shoulder-length. Thanks? Fabienne
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I agree that the kids need to be well behaved, and I am not sure I'd take my kid to a place where the average price was >100 bucks a head - I've come very close to that, we've taken my kids a lot to places where the average price per head was around 75 bucks. I think that kids have to be tought to behave in the adult world, and the way to do that is to allow them to visit the adult world. we have taken my kids...
Can't remember, something slowly sautéed in butter and mouilléed in lemon juice and stuff. I'd better straighten out for the Italian carnevale on Saturday. The Italian crowd is unforgiving.
I happily removed annoying people from my facebook page today (they say those being ditched don't get notified, I wish they did), what a relief.
Naptown? "The" wife? "The" girlfriend? Like most American cities don't look like the other and any other and boring to death? Let's see, where am I going with this? Boys and girls? Boys vs girls? No, wait, men vs girls. That's more like it.
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